How do you ensure you’ll take time for thoughtful reflection?

Hans Josef Q.
I guess keeping a priority of celebrating your wins! That has been a huge encouragement and also its created a sense of pride in my morning routine. I feel good about keeping promises to myself and it feels even better to look back and feel proud!!
Joselindo Q.
I use any free time I have. Stuck in a line? Go inside, reflect. In traffic? Reflect. Waking up in the morning? Reflect.
William Y.
I find that writing my reflection is more helpful than just thinking about it, but when I go to bed before I fall asleep I will reflect on my day
Rayan Q.
Right now, I am really inconsistent with this. I put it in my schedule and plan to do it. I’m hoping to improve my consistency.
Carla U.
No matter what the day holds ahead, with all jobs to do and calls to make have o schedule time every day to reflect and this will become a habit . Have to find a quiet place away from any distractions , preferably out of the house. Place phone away for a good hour around time of reflection.
Alfred U.
You set a time to just sit down and think of all what you have to be grateful for, all the things you have done for yourself and others, what can you do more in the next coming days. No matter how small, all counts towards a positive approach!
Samuel F.
I like to wake up in the morning and first thing meditate before anything else fills my mind space. It's the easiest way to go deep into my unconscious thoughts and feelings. It sets me up for a good day by letting me know did I am balanced and any important issues have Bubble to the top
Travis F.
I sit down somewhere comfortable but is also a place for writing (e.g. at a favorite desk with a comfortable chair). I like to keep my space organized, but occupied to make it feel more comfortable and less tense; like, I'll close up my sketchbooks and put my materials back in their respective containers, but I will still keep them on the desk (to the side) so I don't feel pressured or not-at-home. This allows me to relax and truly think. And I can also flip through my sketchbooks to remind myself of my progress, what I've been working on.
Felix Z.
I schedule 15 minutes for reflection on my phone. Adding it into my daily schedule gives me a break in my day to breathe, to walk or write or stretch while reviewing my day.
Jayden T.
I set aside time each day to journal and write, in a spot where I can look back on it in the future. I do this right before bed. Before I sleep, I unload my thoughts while lying in bed and put them into my memories.
Camille E.
I need to priorize me put myself first and give myself plenty of time. Take deep nurturing breaths and try to center myself in the present moment, finding a place that is quiet where I can be by myself and with my thoughts.
Jessica N.
I try to reflect before bed each night. As well as when I’m walking to/from anywhere. I don’t cram that free time with audiobooks and stuff. It’s more beneficial to get lost in thought in my opinion
Ian E.
Set aside an exact period of time to reflect on my behaviour and to reflect on the need to at long last let go my anxieties about loss and wanting from others.
Erwan Q.
It doesn't always happen everyday but you have to be aware and mindful of your day and go and sit somewhere quiet and where you will not be disturbed. Normally i will sit by a window because it gives me better perspective of the world and is easier to focus. Looking at the clouds is really relaxing and calming and can make it easier to think. First i like to think of my current situation in the present moment and think of 5 or more things i am grateful for. Then i will think of 5 things this week that i am looking forwards to then 5 things in general that i am looking forwards to. Already these little activities make my mood better and give me some perspective on my life. With each thing you think about you can sit and just think about it and reflect on it or just see where your thoughts take you. When reflecting it can be good to take notes so you can look back on how far you have come in the future.
Sebastiana Q.
Now that I have a new job with a work out space and sleep pods, I can take time after work before hopping on my bike 2x a week to lay and reflect! Maybe I can also take a picnic blanket out on the park and journal? I’ve never liked journaling, so maybe thinking would be most relaxing. I’ll experiment!
Martin J.
I sit in my car right after work, before I pick up my children, and meditate. Getting rid of all the negativity of work and becoming present to spend time with my family.
Vianei P.
Link it to other activities or habits: to your yoga routine, your walk to the subway or washing the dishes. Pick one activity and link mindfulness to that.
Len Cia S.
I wake up really early. I love the mornings bc I don’t need to rush things and I can reflect on yesterday and the day ahead of me
Mathilde O.
I generally use my commute time back home to reflect upon my day. I’m generally on light music to support me concentrate. I also use this time to connect with my folks and friends to discuss our days.
Allie J.
I am trying to build it into my morning routine. After I exercise I make my journal writi part of my celebration followed by a 10 minute meditation. I don't always get through it all but I'm trying
Mandy U.
I detach from everything literally, from social media and anything technology, inclding my watch, sit outside where i can only see the clouds as they move focus on them and think about my life and everything am currently working in and if I could do it better.
Julian S.
I’ll make sure I set time so I can make a set time to do this for myself. I’ll set an alarm to make sure I remind myself why it’s important
Alexandre E.
I've started bullet journaling about two years ago and I find it the best way to reflect on what I accomplished during the day. That's of course when I actually make entry into my journal – to be honest, I still have troubles keeping up with it daily, but when I do, it really helps with self reflection.
Jeppe F.
You actually don't. Thoughtful reflection is key, you either have it or not and the door won't open until you have. Like water searching it's level your spirit will seek for contemplating reality, but you allow your body and mind to be distracted by things designed to entrap the body and mind.