Does anyone else sometimes feel too hungry? What do you do to not over eat?

Leah C.
I haven't been feeling over Hungary lately as I have had better and healthier food and have word one portion sizes . I suggest working on your portion sizes and healthier foods .
Adam T.
I am using an app called noom. They talk a lot about this. They call it the inner elephant, and they say we are the rider of this elephant. The question is, who is in control? If you let the elephant get too hungry, he just goes hogwild and extremely over eats. If you can keep him happy, the driver can maintain control and make sure the elephant is getting the right food at the right amount. The key is to eat low caloric density foods, which fill you up with very few calories. I would recommend checking out noom as I have already lost 12 lbs in a month in a half and going strong. I feel like I am able to control my elephant, eat well, I never really be super hungry. It’s sustainable change because they use psychology to change your relationship with food. Nothing is off-limits.
Herbert U.
Yes it is quite normal. Sometimes you just want to eat and that is just because of your metabolism that day meaning your body has burnt more that day so it need to be contemplated. Or it may be because of the harmons in your body . Talking about foods to avoid is high carb and high sugar diet . I just say no no every time when it comes to that because it not only is a reason for obesity but effects other organs of our body too. Hope this answer will help❤️
Math O C.
I think the best way to stay full is to have light snacks between every meal. Let’s say that your lunch was at 12:30, and Dinner is at 6. You’d want to have a light (yet healthy) snack around 3:30 to keep you satisfied until dinner. And perhaps it might make you want to eat even less. Your best bet for snacks would be a digestive cookie, a granola bar, some fruits (like a banana), or maybe even a handful of nuts if you’re not allergic.
Faith A.
When I want to avoid overeating I go through some some steps. I first ask myself if I’m actually hungry or just bored. If I’m just bored I will watch a TVs show or study or exercise. If I am hungry then I wonder if am I ready for a meal? Am I unsatisfied from a meal? Or am I just peckish? If I’m just peckish I drink 1 glass of water before getting my snack. If I’m ready for a meal I will just make one rather than snacking on foods that won’t help at all. And if I’m unsatisfied I make note of what not to do for a meal and have some a fruity dessert
Izzie N.
In order to not overeat, I drink water so I can automatically start feeling full. If that doesn’t work, I’ll grab a small portion of something (healthy or not). Once I’m done with that, I’ll brush my teeth. Who wants to eat after they just brushed their teeth?
Aynur R.
I eat my meal slowly when I don't want to eat much, so i have my time enjoying my meal then i feel full and no need for more food 🙂
Nazar C.
Yeah, I do feel hungry a lot. A reason might be your diet isn’t sufficient in some categories. In diet I mean whatever you eat. You might lack things like protein while having too many carbs, causing your body to make you eat more because you are missing a vital part of your diet. Hope this helped!
Anna W.
When I’m still hungry after eating a full meal, I usually snack with an apple or some walnuts. Also drinking a full glass of water 5 minutes before you eat can help a lot.
Raquel F.
I downloaded the MyFitness app. It helps me keep track of my calories but when I feel really hungry I'll have some celery or apple, it's got less calories and it fills me up .
Mike F.
I make home made smoothies to drink instead of eating. For example: Banana🍌Blueberry, Strawberry🍓,Kiwi🥝, Cucumber🥒,Apple🍎 with Organic Peanut🥜Butter🧈😋
Rejane P.
I always stop when I'm starting to feel full as I don't want to overdo it. You can try using smaller plates instead of your usual and eat quality and nutritional food.
Katie N.
Always! I ignore it for a while and either have a coffee or drink lots of water. If I'm still hungry after that then it must be 'true' hunger and I'll eat. I will also try and have balanced meals (carbs/protein) so it keeps me full for as long as possible.
Iolita Q.
I eat my meals off of a smaller plate to trick my eyes into thinking I'm eating more than I actually am. I also eat a lot of very flavorful, well spiced, or spicy meals. They tend to make me feel full faster than food that is more bland. If I'm still hungry when the meal is done, I drink water and wait the 15-30 minutes it takes me to clean up and put away dinner. If I'm still hungry after that and I'm hungry enough to take all the food I just put away back out again I will eat a little more. If I don't feel like going through all that, I won't eat anymore and just continue to drink water.
Lasc Via N.
During breakfast I try to eat something with protein so I don't feel that hungry until lunch. These helps me maintain a good energy during morning
Richard E.
I personally know the feeling. And the bad thing is because we don't want to eat too much food we grab the sugary snacks….what I do is try to eat nuts and fruits or drink water or tea or on occasion I will go for a savory snack rather than a sweet one. Like original pringles or chips. The sugary snacks do not but give you empty energy and then you hungry again in a few minutes.
Mila Y.
I try to keep my snacks low carb. I snack on seeds and nuts. Be sure they are low in carbs and don't have sugar. Also if I get really hungry I drink tea with stevia and have a vegetable bowl. Be careful to choose low carb food. Jello is also a low carb no carb food that will help curve your appetite.
Dem N.
Yes, this does happen sometimes! Drinking a glass of water before a meal, eating slower, and waiting a bit after finishing my plate to see if I’m still hungry, helps me make sure I don’t over eat!
Donna Z.
I guess I usually eat only breakfast, and supper, so I fast most of the day, so at the start it's hard, but after a month of that habit, you will not know the difference, also you could try short term fasting try not eating for a week, but stay hydrated, than continue with just breakfast and supper, when your week is over. It has been scientifically proven that short term fasting has all kinds of benifits, such as increased brain function weight loss, and just all together better health, so take it of leave it, just my opinion.
Karl Peter T.
I try to choose foods that will nurture me for a longer period of time. Some foods give you a quick sence of feeling full but that lasts only a short while. I also try to not eat too quickly and take the time with my food. This helps me know when I'm full and not overeat,l. Personally, overeating for me leads to wanting. Ore food later on. Lastly, some people say that you can eat once every 4 hours. I recommend taking the time to read on food nurturing capabilities and taking the time to plan a overall nurturing, sufficient and diverse diet.
Rowan N.
What feels like hunger is sometimes thirst so I drink a glass of water and wait 20 mins. If I still feel hungry then I’ll have some fruit. Also what feels like hunger is just appetite so if you only ate a couple hours ago it’s not genuine hunger -however if it’s more than 4 or 5 hours then you need to eat something -healthy if at all possible!!