Why are you exercising?

Cm Q.
I am exercising first and foremost because I love to dance, to skip around the house, and to walk outside and absorb the world around me. I am fascinated by motion- The way it feels, the way it looks, the way one can move in sharp motions like a hummingbird or soft, flowing motions like a wave or smooth, graceful motions like a cat. There are times when, yes, I sit too long while working on the computer or caring for children during mealtimes and craft time, but I can feel it in my joints when I do. I wind up stiff and my joints crackle. And I'm only 20 years old. My grandmother has lympedemic swelling in her legs, and it is hereditary. She also has bad knees, which she uses as an excuse not to walk off the water in her legs. As a result, she doesn't get to spend time with the family anytime there is a long walk, even across a parking lot. My second reason for exercising is I want to keep myself from being unable to move and go places. I'm too independent, and curious. I want to be the kind of old lady like a neighbor of mine, who at over 80 years old kept a horse ranch in the morning and a garden in the afternoon. She was able to lift bales of hay and ride horses, and go dance with her friends who played vintage classics at the mall. I may not have a ranch at 80, but I want to have that strength and tenacity. I want to be wily, and spunky, and able. That is why I exercise.
Rachel S.
From the start i was Under weight and my body was quite thin due to which i was picked up by many other school boys. I want to see Improvement, Changes and Gain Nice muscles.