Do you exercise as part of your morning or evening routine?

Laura F.
I usually do in the evening because I am more likely to find it de stressing at the end of the day after eating and fueling my body. In the future I would like to add a morning working and a evening workout
Dawn J.
Personally, Both! I started riding my bike to work after the pandemic to avoid the bus, so if you are able to run/walk/bike to work it's a great way to get your body moving before and after working! Plus I always feel so good about myself after getting moving before work!
L Andre I.
I find morning exercise sets me up for the day and helps strech out the achy muscles. Low intensity morning yoga had been brilliant for me
Stacy P.
I exercise in the mornings, I would prefer evenings but time and motivation have gone by then. If I just get up and go it's easier to fit exercise into my life.
Niko O.
I used to exercise in the evening because doing it in the morning seemed too arduous or difficult to accomplish. However, I do light exercise in the morning, just enough to get me going for the day without exhausting myself. Then, in the afternoon or evening, I will exercise 2-3 hours after my last meal and this round is always more intense.
Bertram Z.
Morning. Evening time I feel off and lazy to do anything. I face some difficulties exercising in the morning because I have kids below 2 and 3 years. I understand it’s not a good justification for not exercising but I need to change and make it a mandatory habit
Macie P.
Morning! I'm a firm believer in getting my workout in before everything else because if I wait until the evening, I will find an excuse not to complete it. But if evening is what works for you, go for it!