Is it better to do one long workout or a few short ones with time in between?

Kevin F.
Definitely a short one everyday is best. 10mn in a day is nothing really so that lowers the barrier for getting started

Roland F.
I prefer to do one long workout a day. However, any exerc she is great! So you just have to figure out what works with your schedule and your endurance.

Vicki O.
Bearing in mind that this depends on what you want to achieve, I'd say shorter but more frequent workouts. It's easier to get motivated to do those, you can squeeze them in before or after work, and they can be really effective. Have you ever tried Freeletics? They have really nice short workouts

Margie F.
You workout sessions should never have to take 1 hour long. Try to focus on making a 30-40 min (max) schedule if you want to be consistent. You can burn many calories in a shorter, high intensity workout rather than an hour long of a relaxed workout.

Try breaking up your workout session into reps. Make a list of your workout moves and take a 30 second pause between each cycle. (Ie. 15 squats, 10 deadlifts, 1 minute plank, 30 mountain climbers — 30 second pause — repeat!) You can change/add/remove any workout moves you want!

Candice T.
I prefer one long workout. Because I spend time before and after the workout to prepare for it and shower etc. So a few short workouts would take more time.

Karl Heinrich Y.
I would mix it up. Having a routine of short exercises helps me to stay fit. This is my must-have. Once a week I go for a long exhausting workout. This is optional for me.

Floyd S.
It depends really. Sometimes you don’t have the time or energy to do a long workout, so short ones with time in between are good. But, when you do have the time and energy it’s good to stick out a long workout. I also believe it’s better to do both, so as to change it up so you don’t get bored or to work different parts of your body.

Anton X.
I would say a few short ones because your body has time to recover and you are still burning calories as you rest because your heart rate is up still. Your body won’t get used to the workout since you aren’t doing it continuously either!

Alexander T.
I think it’s better for me to do a few short ones because I don’t have the stamina to do long ones which makes me very discouraged. I have a much better track record doing a few short ones which gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Kathi O.
One long workout works better for me. Long workouts makes me feel I have been exercising more. Also I can concentrate more on exercising in one session rather than several sessions.

Roberto O.
Short ones with time in between are better to me personally because it gives me times to rest a little before I jump into something else.

Amado Z.
As a pregnant Mom of 2 toddlers I say short workouts 😂 but it probably depends on what works best for you! Every body and life is different and what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for my Husband or my Mom or you or anyone else. Tailoring your workouts to work FOR YOU, I think is the best way to make it stick and make it enjoyable.

Lucineri P.
I prefer doing a long workout, this way I can shower right after and not have to stay all sweaty. Longer workouts are usually more intense also. Unless it’s something like walk + abs in the morning in addition to an afternoon workout.

Ma L Z.
It depends on how much time you have & how you feel about exercising.

If you don’t have a lot of time to exercise all at once or if you don’t really like exercising, then doing short exercise throughout the day would be good.

If you just want to get it all done & over with, then the long exercise would be best.

Either one is good, some exercise is better then no exercise.

Liam C.
For me, it just depends on my mood and how my body is feeeling that day. If I’m sore or tired, I’ll do some short ones with breaks in between but if I’m feeling strong, I’ll do a longer one.

Brandie Z.
Sorry I can’t give you a detailed answer, but I do know that jogging with intervals is better than running without them. Long time exercises might be an excuse for me to ignore it.

Darcivana Q.
If I have a class, or a trainer to be accountable to, a long workout is better. But when I’m on my own, it’s too easy to make excuses why I can’t spend an hour exercising – but I can always find 10 or twenty minutes here or there in a day to get in at least a little movement, stretching, heart pumping action. And then sometimes those “I’ll just do 10 minutes” sessions become longer once I’ve started.

Roberto S.
I think it’s better to do one workout that is about 30 minutes long. Then stay active during the day. Don’t try to cram in a workout that’s too long. But don’t expect yourself to fit a bunch of workouts into a day that’s busy. Get in one good session that’s the right intensity and then for the rest of the day take the stairs, lift your groceries, hold your core solid at your desk. Stay active and fit in your mindset and then your whole day supports your life choice to be in shape.

Ravi Q.
The handset thing about doing a workout is starting the activity itself. So in my opinion the best way is to say to yourself "I will do a small workout now and we'll see". After you have done the hard part it is extremely easy just to extend the all ready started workout. So start wit a small workout and just keep doing it until you feel good

Evan T.
I think a few short ones with time in between, will give you the upper and lower cardio as needed per 8 minutes extensive or extreme depending on your age.

Charlotte S.
Depends on my schedule. When I have a lot of back to back events, short ones work the best. Otherwise, a long single workout is ideal.

Greg Z.
I would say shorter ones because of the rest in between. It would allow recovery time therefore a better effort on the next work out.

Elmer E.
I think few short ones with breaks are better than long workout because short workouts won't make you that tired as person would rest for some time and recover before doing it again

Paige U.
I find when I end up working out my workouts tend to be on the longer side, because I've already gotten started and can use my momentum as motivation.

Caroline O.
It is better to start small and build up . So start with 3minutes of doing something then move to 7minutes and take time to measure your progress

Amalie P.
I really don’t know for sure. I think a long work out once in a while is excellent it pushes you to the max. But a couple of workouts throughout the day of shorter links might be more sustainable.

Lukas I.
One long is better. You can focus on single activity for a longer period – I think, it trains concentration and dedication.

Gustav A.
As a beginner I am doing things tiny but consistently and with time I will do more. I started with 10 push ups every morning, just ten push up and that it’s.
After about one month it became a routine and I am on 20 push-ups now each morning.
If you start with something bigger it’s probably gonna discourage you and maybe after 2 or 3 times you’ll abandon it because you will spend a lot of energy.
Tiny things keeping on track will make you reach the highest level.

Mathilde Z.
I believe you should have a good mixture of both. I use the 7 minute and eight minute apps when I’m on the go and like an hour to two hour long when I’m at the gym.

Lilian E.
I like splitting my workouts into two sessions because it makes me feel like I’m active “all day” instead of “part of the day” if that makes sense. My favorite way to work out is walking to work in the am and home in the pm. The am walk gets me ready to go for the day, and I work out the stress on my way home!

Johnny U.
Definetely the short one because it won’t seem that long and hard to do it but if you have just a little time to do your workout than it’s better if you do it the whole.

Adosindo S.
For me its better to do one long one, short ones spread during the day will distract me to much in my opinion. That said I just started the excersise challenge, so I just do one short one in the morning. Answer long enough? 😉

Math O U.
I don't think it matters as long as you get your heartbeat up. That's the key to an effective workout. Something like doing high knees in place combined with push-ups or burpies works well.

Maria Theresia U.
I try to work out about 5 days a week, for about an hour each time. What works best for you is something you'll have to figure out yourself. I recommend trying both approaches, and choose the one you find the most motivating and fun!

Nicole T.
Interval training will burn more calories than an extended cardio workout. Try to bring your heart rate up to max effort a few separate times while excercising rather than trying to maintain max effort for a long period of time.

N Via Q.
A combination of both is good to keep variety as well as provide options on busy days when a full workout is not possible. I have come to enjoy 30 day workout apps so I can spread smaller routines mornings and evenings

Albin J.
I believe it is better to begin with a few short workouts with time in between. For one thing, committing to a short workout means you can fit it in your schedule easily and pretty much anytime. It will be easier to not make excuses of skipping a workout due to “not enough time”. Also there is no proven benefit to a longer workout vs several shorter ones. The important thing is to work out and to make it a regular habit!

Joana S.
I think you should do whatever is good for you. Some people don’t have the time to spend on a long work out, and simply break it to shorter workouts throughout the day. Others find it better to do it early on the morning, at lunch time or right after work when they have more time for themselves. If you aren’t sure what works best for you, you can try one week with a single long workout, and the next breaking it into shorter ones, and see which week it felt best for you.

Mirella O.
The best way to workout is how you can fit it in your day! Shorter more frequent workouts rev your metabolism more often- like our ancestors who moved all day out in the fields or doing manual chores before the days of washing machines, dishwashers, etc.

Nothing wrong with shorter more frequent sessions if that works for you! And if one longer session is your jam, then go for it!! 🙂

Gernot F.
I prefer to do one long workout. When I say long I mean about an hour. I like to get my exercise out of the way early. That way, no matter what happens for the rest of the day, I have already worked out. I take the group classes at the Y, they are an hour long and I’m careful not to do anything else after so I don’t burn out or start slacking on my other responsibilities.

Nikolaj Z.
The most important thing is to do what fits in with your schedule and your needs. I have read about the benefits of interval training however if this not feasible then a longer one that fits in with your schedule is better than nothing. I also try to remain "athletic " in everything I do. For example, if I'm standing I check my posture for good alignment, the same if I'm walking, sitting, relaxing and even lying in bed. This will take time to become a natural habit otherwise all the good work will be undone by becoming an obsession

Ma L G.
I think it is all upto how you want to go about it. After all the exercises you should feel more energetic rather than fatigued. So it is better to go in small portions of exercises and build your endurance levels to train on a higher level later.

Leah C.
Depending on how you like the workout. But having few short ones does not make you bored. E.g. short rounds of jumping jacks and squads together is better than a long round of jumping jacks or squads alone. Additionally with short ones you have the benefit of working out different areas of your body

Liam Z.
Short ones. Exercise is a foundation habit that many other habits or behaviours can be driven from. Try something every day. The seven minute fabulous workout is a good start point for each day.

Bill T.
If you're just starting it's better to have 1 small workout. If you do a very long one or many throughout the day, you'll make this an exhausting experience, and that takes away your motivation. Now, if you already have the habit to exercise ingrained, you can start doing more workouts or making them longer. I recommend doing one long workout because that way your mind is always on the workout mindset. If you take long breaks in between the sessions you'll be distracted.

Jerome S.
In terms of getting a good workout, I think a longer one is better because my body will learn to function while being tired. I tend to do more short ones now because that’s what my body can handle, but I’d like to be able to work out and build enough endurance and stamina to do longer workouts.

Tiffany U.
I have found more success with shorter workouts because it has been easier to build a habit and maintain it since it fits my schedule better and is as daunting of task that way.

Jill T.
One long workout because you are more likely to get in the zone rather than having to adjust at the beginning of every workout.

Jamie Q.
Either! It depends on how busy you are. If you have free time, try to get up and do a workout. If you’re super busy during the day, do a few things in between. Like squats while waiting for food in the microwave.

Noah W.
Consistency is the key when working out, especially when you’re just starting out or getting back into the habbit. I am personally a fan of keeping a workout short and sharp. This helps me stay focused and engaged during the session and doesn’t cut to much into my day. It also helps to reduce burn out – if you have a goal to work out for 20-30 mins each day, that seems a lot more achievable each day then have to complete a 1 hour session.
It comes down to what your goals are in the end, if you’re training for body building comp or to run a marathon, you’re probably gonna be looking at different types of training styles and lengths. But if you are just trying to keep active each day like me, i would recommend starting off with just a 15-20 min focussed session each day.

Hedwig X.
I think it depends on what your goal is. For cardiovascular health, you want to be at something for a longer time to keep your heart rate up, but when you are working muscles or exercising for an energy boost, the short workouts interspersed through the day work well!

Elya O.
It really depends on your time constraints. For exercise it is better to do short sessions on a regular basis but if on a few days you are able to book classes but limited at other times you will soon see benefit.