How do you stay consistent with your exercise routine every morning when there are tons of things to finish and rush out of the house?

Andrew C.
Productive things to do besides study
Schedule your study for the week
Drink water and stretch
Organize your desk
Review your notes
Listen to podcast
Cook a healthy meal
Joaquin N.
Because I accomplished to create a timetable that allows me to be productive and give me enough time to exercise in the morning. I wake up and I only know that I need to follow such timetable.
Kathy P.
My morning exercise consists of an 30min walk. I start this after my other daily morning habits have been completed. I turn the habit into a challenge. Instead of focusing on a time I focus on laps and distance. My goal is one lap around the entire apartment complex. This typically takes me 30min. I then proceed with my other day time routines i.e. shower and work (currently working from home)
Shreya F.
So I wake up early and that gives me few extra hours before my actuall work starts and these extra hours and beneficial to me
I do excersise
Sometimes even go for a walk and meditate.
I bath daily with cold water and that help me reduce my stress and anixty back at the end answer to all our suffering is inside.
I make sure to sit under sunlite
and read a book for some time
And all there activities just take 2hr extra of my day and help me feel good about my self .
Every day is beautifull to make changes in you and there is nothing such perfect try learning and I had been doing this from last 4yr now so it seems easy to me now but remember it's the start which is need to made and journey continues it's way.
Okey byyy .
Compliment your self
Hare krishna