I’ve always wanted to exercise regularly in the morning, but don’t usually find the time to exercise, or do anything else before heading to work, on weekdays. What time of the day do you believe is the best for exercise? How do you find the time to exercise in the morning?

Silje P.
When I wake up, a good stretch always feels nice. Yoga can take as little as a few minutes every morning. And once I’ve done it, I feel awake. It gets rid of all the grouchy, yawning tiredness from rolling out of bed. You don’t need anything to do Yoga, not even a mat. While recommended, you can still do Yoga directly on your floor.
Mary C.
I get up very early to exercise. I have to do it before my husband logs in for work. I do a 30 minute workout which gets my joints and muscles going and really helps my brain function better. I find I do not have time in the afternoons or evening to work out so prefer to work out in the early morning before all the chaos of the day sets in.