How do you choose your morning exercise ?

Everett N.
I have chronic illness that causes my abilities to vary day to day. As I go about the first hour of my morning routine, I listen to my body & what it needs, what would put the joy in my joyful movement. I choose an appropriate activity based on what my body tells me.
Alison J.
So I start off with the morning yoga routine that Fabulous provided me with. First, I choose a 5 minute meditation on YouTube and then do all the poses in the yoga routine from fabulous and then a circuit of 8 lower body exercises I found online to target my legs and gluteal region and then end with the Fabulous sore back stretches! It’s a start and I enjoy it. I was sore the first two days but I pushed through it. I also found the fasting method to be a lot easier for me because I don’t eat breakfast or lunch. So I just needed to cut out the sugar in my hot tea and have water for the day! It’s about commitment and I am really trying! That’s all I can ask of me is to do my best!