What exercises do you do to invigorate yourself in the morning?

Ivan Y.
Through various means, I have shifted my powerlifting routine to the mornings. It includes variations of squat, bench press, deadlift, upright row, and shoulder press.
Raymond A.
I take 2 minutes for a full body stretch and then I do 10 minutes of simple exercises (jumping jacks/plank/squats/pushups /lunges/high knee marching in place). Then jog for 20-30 mins.
Mae J.
Each morning before breakfast I do a combination of leg, neck and back stretches, core building exercises and yoga postures, and then I finish by planking for the count of 60.
Ilija Q.
First I make some exercises. Just simple exercises with a couple repetitions. After that I like to do meditation and this is the part with I love. Meditation put's me in a good vibe and refresh my mind. After meditation I'm feel much better and ready to my day.
Noah U.
I'm guessing you're referring to physical exercises to invigorate ourselves my thoughts went straight to invigorating the brain which will then invigorate the body so one might use visualisation seeing yourself doing the things you really want to get done that day seeing yourself doing them I've done this and it's been really successful and I was successful doing what I needed for my day and the other thing I would do to invigorate myself would be the walk or run and walk with a partner another person would be helpful. Other things would be to put on a bit of music that you really like and maybe even dance in your room to your favourite music
Marie J.
I sometimes do yoga early morning and I often feel great afterward. However, if I stay up late and wake up late, I don’t have time for it. Also, it’s a bit boring.
Alfred P.
i feel more awake after simply doing a warm-up. dynamic stretching and planking in several positions for 30 sec to a minute. i do my workout afterwards but i already feel awake at that point. if i don't, it's because i didn't sleep well.
Brandon E.
Mornings are hard for me, I have never been an early riser. I'm gentile with myself – the exercise I do in the morning matches where I'm at that morning.
I ways start with water first then then, I do either a 5 minute yoga I can do from the bed a 15 minute yoga videos for when I'm up for it (3 to 4 out of 5 mornings I do a 15 minute one).
When I'm don't have to leave early I'll drink water do yoga video then get some work done and later on, closer to 11am, I'll do an HIIT routine followed by my first meal of the day.
Martin A.
1) Deep & forced exhalation – a form of Pranayama that expels all stale air from your lungs and gives you an oxygen rush you won’t believe.

2) Surya Namaskars – At least 5 cycles.

3) A minimum of 11 yoga asanas to target the whole body

When I start the day with a cold shower and then execute the above 3 sequences, my entire day (not just my mornings) is invigorating and full of energy. I have often stopped to wonder why I was pumped up before I attributed it to my morning sequence.

Missing even one day dispelled all the doubts I had.

Roland Y.
Push ups. I gind it to get the blood flowing and since i can immediately feel my muscles it feels great. I do sometimes go for a run after or do some yoga stretches. Push ups are just for waking me up.
Lid Rio Y.
I start with simple stretches for both upper and lower body. Each day has different exercises involving different areas of the body. Thurs are my cardio day and then Friday's are the full body workouts. The other days include different types of sit ups, push ups, planks, plank jumping jacks, bridges, and light weights etc.
Lorena Y.
Sometimes I do some yoga or meditaions but usually lift weights. Seldom heavy cardio, perhaps once a week to get the feel for what the competitions will be like.
Luka Z.
3 sets each of overhand pull-ups, pushups, barbell squats, and overhead tricep extensions with a dumbbell. All done at home before hopping in the shower!
Lyam N.
Going for jog the first thing in the morning feels great! I follow it up with other exercises like sit ups and planks. Warm ups and warm downs are very important too! All the best!
Philip A.
I start with some stretches like Cobra and human bridge. After stretching out my body I might do a couple Frenchie pull-ups or push-ups. Maybe a squat or 2. I do the fabulous core exercise every morning and I usually feel pretty great.
Josefino E.
First YOGA; Sun Salutations. For waking up and starting the day as zen as possible.
After completing the morning routines a SONG. A happy song or a song that makes you feel stronger.

"Don't you know I'm still standing better than I ever did
Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid
I'm still standing after all this time…"

Delfino W.
7 minute Tabata workout. It's easy to do anther without any equipment, it downstairs take long, and it hits lots of different muscles. E.g. https://youtu.be/mmq5zZfmIws
Tom S Q.
I like to dance! At least it seems fun, so I don’t have to work as hard mentally to make myself do it. I’ve been picking up Cleo and dancing with her… but not sure she likes to be my dance partner!!!
Philipp O.
I do kettlebells. I have an app that will make workouts from 5 to 60 mins long. It perfect to get my blood flowing in the morning!
Alexandra S.
I walk for 20-25mins in the fresh air. The fresh air wakes me up, clears my mind, makes me more alert and focused. Because it’s a wooded area I walk I. I feel like I get grounded for the day and in touch with nature, plus the bird song enhances a sense of well being. Initially I’m not focusing on speed or abilities just the getting out to exercise
Emma B.
Yoga stretches starting on my back. Stretching hamstrings and back then sit ups and plank for one minute and increase over time
Julie C.
I love yoga, so usually ~3 sun salutations and a series of planks (middle and both sides). I also like to do chair pose and am working on adding a balancing pose (like tree). I sometimes run or do jumping jacks, but I like to use the time to get centered
Lonnie J.
I don’t prefer to exercise in the morning but I like to do stretches. I use work out apps like Sworkit to come up with the exercises
Guarani F.
Because I'm a 70 y.o. woman with prior injuries it's mostly walking with arm pumping and push offs (push ups but from the wall or the countertop) Using the basement community room area I walk mixed laps for minutes and then have some tea.