How do you find motivation and excitement throughout a stale routine that is unlikely to change if you don’t find that motivation first?

Randall W.
Maybe look up other people’s routines on youtube and see what they do. Sometimes you have to search for motivation yourself and you might get inspired that way.
Galya Q.
I try to think about it sort term, every day, week etc and I try to have rewards at the end of the day / week and mid term rewards to look forward to such as travel
Aggie F.
well for me, i don’t. i’m not excited to do much, but all i know is that the future me will reap the benefits of what i’m doing now. so in short the only thing encouraging me, is me. the me who will finally be able to live freely without emotional stress and bad self esteem issues (hopefully!). so i have to keep doing what i do for this one reason. hope this helped in some way. 🙂
Connie W.
Finding excitement in the little things! A lot of your emotions come from your mind and how you perceive things. If you make your routine more fun by enjoying the small, unique, and clever things that your special routine brings only you, that is what makes it exciting!
Martha U.
I try to see that same routine with fresh eyes and imagine myself doing that routine for the first time. Viewing it through new eyes as though I were a child can help me feel energised and motivated and enthusiastic!
Aymeric S.
I tell myself that I'll be happy I did it, and I remind myself of why I started it in the first place. I will admit, this is a lot easier said than done, but I've gotten a lot better at it. In essence, it is really all about willpower. I listened to this neurologist talk about changing habits, and how you can make it pleasurable to do things you don't want to. If you tell yourself that you are proud of what you've accomplished, your brain will release endorphins, and you might not know it or feel it, but that small amount of endorphins then gradually make you enjoy doing things you don't want to, because overcoming obstacles now makes you happy.
Karl F.
It’s a matter of taking a good look at yourself.

Making change is something that has to happen within yourself. Sure you can watch a Ted Talk, or watch an inspirational video, but that’s only short term motivation.

To actually make change, you have to better understand yourself, and what kind of ‘you’ you want to be. If you look at yourself and see goals and growth and endless possibilities if you start to make changes, then you’re all set to go! You just need to make it happen.

However, the sad truth is,
There are very few people in the world who have to kind of motivation. The kind of people you read about in the media as having insanely productive routines, and achieving new goals every week. That’s the special factor that makes it such that there only a few amazing people in the world. The motivation they have means they don’t have to motivate themselves in silly, short term ways.

They know what they want, and know they just have to achieve it. There’s no other way for them.

So you have to ask yourself, what do you want? How are you going to get there? How much are you willing to put in?

Dorien R.
My motivation is that I firstly choose a routine that i like and enjoy. Next I keep in mind that by doing this routine I am taking charge of my day.
Gavin Y.
Motivation doesn’t come from thinking about the work. Motivation comes from doing the work, seeing the results, and wanting to keep moving forward in the positive direction. Get excited that you are saying yes to life and being intentional about improvement. Keep going, go kill it
Jae P.
You have to find the un-routine in routine. I make eggs every day but some days I may use a different seasoning, salted or unsalted butter, or use oil or milk. Even other mundane tasks such as brushing your teeth, try it with your non-dominant hand for a day. You can choose to take a cold shower instead of a hot one. Life is what you make it Litteraly. You have to always remember the why which is why you should always live your life with intention.
Jip V.
By adding things you enjoy. Imagine you were building this routine for your eight year old self – it's much easier to do when you're actually looking forward to it. Pick foods you enjoy, create a playlist of songs that you like, pick out clothes that you love for the morning. Treat tomorrow like a special day, make it fun for yourself.
Nb N.
A couple ideas: I do what I want (or my body is telling me) as long as I stay within the parameters of what needs to be done. For example – if I need to work out for 8 minutes every morning but get up not in the mood, I might do a restorative yoga flow that is less intense. It’s still exercise! So I feel accomplished afterwards, and then I can use the recovery day to reinvigorate myself for the next day.

I also find it’s really helpful to plan in advance how you’re going to change things up and keep them fresh. In 2021 I selected different free-trials for fitness platforms/channels (spent January doing YouTube’s “Yoga with Adriene” Breath journey, February trialling Peloton’s app for free, and am doing a Pilates one for March) to keep things fresh and get the most out of my trials!!

C Lie T.
This is why Fabulous is amazing, it allows you to start little bumpy little and gives you the tools to build on and specifically show you that it is ok to skip a day here and there.
Tee N.
Well I think you can do things that you find enjoyable for you throughout the routine to make less painful to go through, try doing it a different way even if it's like driving in a different road than usual .. also start observing it makes it kinda fun cuz when we do something a lot we usually stop noticing the small things
Lester S.
La motivazione è fondamentale, se le cose difficili sono fini a se stesse si molla subito. Ci deve essere dietro un progetto, una immagine, una idea, un obiettivo che mi faccia ricordare del perché sto facendo quella cosa. Senza un perché non c'è neanche un come
Lalo P.
I make small changes, when we make big changes in our life, we can create endurance, so, we can make small changes without endurance
Devon Y.
By doing one task for at least 3 days! Listening to podcasts that interests me that help inspire me take action. Laughing and taking a break from my mind
Christelle Q.
I try to make each part interesting. For example, I change my breakfast regularly and I let go of preconceptions. If I want soup I have soup but it can be anything that would make you happy now while keeping you on the healthy side. Exercise is the same, some days I can only manage stretching, sometimes cardio, sometimes I want to do weights or I want to work a particular part of my body and I go with that. Last, with water drinking I change it up. Sometimes I have herbal tea or I flavour my water and other days I enjoy plain water or even broth made from fresh vegetables. The action is the same but the execution can be different. That's how I keep it interesting and I make sure not to beat myself up on my offdays.
Raissa S.
I think is because I want to be the best version of myself. And to be that I need to want it more than anything. Cause it only depends on me.
Quek Z.
Begin every day on a fresh page like a dog going on its routine walk every morning like it is discovering for the first time
Chandana X.
Sometimes one has to start with a small change in routine – find something motivating and the commit to it. Then, it becomes easier to build on that until changes accumulate and a new routine can be created. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu”
Jake G.
I have created a goal with my routine and always look at my routine as taking me towards my goal. So I don't focus on the routine, I focus on where the routine will lead.