Is it okay to ignore their suggestions for exercise? I run in the afternoon usually twice a week. They have me exercise in the morning so I try to just do yoga to build up to a daily practice of exercise.

Chutkaew T.
I feel like everyone has their own way. I personally feel like forcing myself to exercise in the morning makes me tired for the whole day. It’s better for me that I exercise after work because that makes me sleep better.
Jar E.
Yeah you can! You don't have to practice daily just do it thrice a week and mark it as done! And running is also a exercise, you don't have to do yoga if you want. Just run and mark it as exercise. Is it helpful?
Ask me any other question if you didn't understand..!
Lance J.
I think that it's just a guidance and it's not required to follow the rules strictly. Doing exercise in the afternoon is as good as doing it in the morning, right? And the main goal is to incorporate new healthy habits in your life. So I personally think that you're doing great