Do you have a mantra for helping in stressful circumstances?

Eloida E.
I find breathing exercises bvery helpful under stress. A more sustainable way is being very focused to your target and only keep thinking of ways to achieve your goal.
Bertram Z.
This is where I lack. I’m my own worse enemy. I find if I do yoga or exercise first thing in the morning before there is any outside influences, than I’m much more successful though the day.
Olivia J.
Do I have a mantra. Yes, but I don’t always use it. I have a couple of different mantras depending on the situation. When I’m in conflict with someone I use the mantra, “he/she doesn’t need to agree with me for me to know I’m right.” This manta helps me to stop pushing my ideas and allows me to hear the other person instead of thinking while they are talking about what I can say to convince them of my position. Another mantra I use when facing a lot of tasks is, what is the best use of my time right now? This helps me to prioritize. I would like to start a new mantra for when I’m feeling overwhelmed, “breath, and be in the moment.

What mantras do you use ?

Ryan J.
I wouldn't say I have a mantra, each stressful situation is slightly different so there is no one way to deal with a stressful circumstance. Some things you can walk away from so they don't stress you anymore but some things aren't so easy to walk away from; family, job etc. My advice would be evaluate the situation, is it the whole thing that's causing you stress or one aspect of it (it's not my job as a whole but one colleague for example) and then find ways to reduce that stress – find a new job (also quite stressful though but potentially rewarding!!!) or talk to them about why they stress you! Don't go straight to avoiding something but maybe the stress can be managed and remember, sometimes stress can drive us on harder. Stress is not always bad stress and sometimes realising the difference will make the change!!
Petar G.
Take a moment to breathe. It may seem trivial but it's not. Just close your eyes, take in a few deep breaths. You'd be surprised how relaxed you feel after doing so. And then think of ways you can overcome the stressful situation. Instead of focusing on the negative aspect think in a more logical perspective.
Hope this was helpful
Stay happy 🙂
Gary R.
Not a mantra per se. I stop, think relax, belly breathe 4 or 5 times, try and relax my entire body. Think it's ok, I can get this done.
Scarlett U.
No I don’t have a specific mantra for stressful situations. I have a general “morning mantra” & routine that I follow every morning …