What kind of exercise can you do for your mind other than meditation?

Peyton S.
I love to listen to podcasts I think that is a great exercise for your mind as long as you are listening to the right one. You want to listen to one that gives you positive energy and it should also encourage you to be the best version of yourself. So definitely podcasts and sometimes just sitting down and watching/listening to nature. It calms my mind and make me think how can I help the environment. These are great mind exercises to try.
L Rke Z.
I recommend doing the 3 things method every morning in your journal. It’s 3 things Km grateful for, 3 things I want to attract and 3 things I already know (affirmations). I also recommended watching the Wizardliz and self help books and podcasts.
Kyle N.
Deep breathing exercises which help you to calm yourself down at the beginning and end of each day. You can also listen to light classical music which can help you calm your mind. You don’t need to always do exercises to calm yourself…. You can always do something that MAKES you feel calm and that will , in turn, calm your mind.
Rylan G.
Learning a language or eleven just a new skill in general is a great way to exercise the brain. Creating new neural pathways through learning new skills especially language.
Micaela N.
I personally talk to myself through a camera like I’m on FaceTime with someone so that I can get all of my feelings out without worrying about what the other is going to say.