How do you stay disciplined and make sure to get the daily workout done?

Anne E.
I started with the app today so I'm not sure about how. But try to make goals that YOU like at not just an randomly one. like: i don't like pushups, but I love sit-ups and sqats. So i do that instead. I don't like to go to a training center, but I love walking alone. Do things you love to do<3
June U.
Personally, I become very enthusiastic at start to do my work.
All of us have those days in we fell very enthusiastic and get all our chores done out, sometimes vice versa.
I use the enthusiastic days to build rountine that will fit in my schedule, and once we dependent on habits we rather need no motivation,
Like you open fabulous every day because it's a habit.
Become dependent on habits for achieving everything.