How do you build up your workout knowledge (what to do and how to do it)? Too much information makes procrastinating easier.

Rom O P.
I don’t actually do any proper workouts. I like to run for 2 minutes (or one. Always start at one minute) and give myself 1 minute of walking. This is possible treadmill or outside.
Raoul T.
It helped me to get expert advice. That can mean friends that do yoga a lot, or even professional, friends that work out with weights. Recently I started CrossFit, where I have access to great coaches that can tailor my workouts even more. Getting tipsand suggestions from them all has helped me a lot.
Heimo J.
First learn how the body works, how it burns calories, which are the macro-nutrients. So build a healthy diet. Then think and read on physical exercise.
Eva U.
I dont have much knowledge but i have noticed two things that worked for me.
1) Break it down
Working out consists of many topics of research that get connected and you can even stretch it to diet and lifestyle. Focus on one thing at a time and really get to know your facts on it.
2) Take it easy
I have noticed that small steps build concistency. Start with realistic goals,or even ridiculous ones, for example 5 reps of 3 exercises. You might feel like this wont do much,but next time you work out,add 2 more reps. By the end of the month you will have a full set.

Always hear your needs and dont push yourself too far.

Inaya Q.
My favorite thing is to watch TikTok’s of workout things. They are short but usually the creator has multiple exercises and sometimes even a YouTube channel with more in-depth routines. To remove procrastination, discipline is usually required. But I also think that you should modify things to get the proper form for your body and to make sure nothing is hurting more than helping. Workouts can be fun, so it’s not always about going to the gym, but maybe trying a dance class or a local run club. Being creative with it can help the overload of information. As well as getting in touch with people who are Knowles able and professional in the field. With that, also people who are mindful of your work ethic and journey. It can be a lot all at once. So don’t be too hard on yourself and enjoy the process!
Sherry S.
We joined a gym with a personal trainer. We needed the accountability and motivation to get into the habit of going and working out regularly. The money was initially a bit of a big pill to swallow, but I reframed to view it as an investment in ourselves rather than just another bill.
Josh N.
Start with the basics: find one bodyweight exercise for each muscle group you want to workout, and choose one cardio exercise. Don’t overthink it, just pick one.

The next time you workout, pick a different one. After a few sessions you’ll find the ones you like best, and stick with those. Plus you’re still working out the whole time.

Bridie Z.
I like to research first and learn about the muscles im attempting to target and then i consult my friends who are certified trainers as well as certified trainers who post on social media, those influencers post workiuts/q&a’s/ and offer personalized programs.
Teod Sio N.
So what I do is my mom has an exercise program and I sit in and watch her do her workouts. And the exercises I like when I see them I memorize how to do and then recreate them on my own time. That way it's no pressure and exercises that I chose to do
Sandra C.
I work out daily with small actions, choose is you what to work with one part of the body, I focus on the arms one day, and then legs the next and stomach to.. that helps not to overwork your body and you get to relax then you need it
Emil E.
I hired a personal trainer so he can keep me focused and give me workouts that's too much money or you're unable to afford one there are plenty of magazines and workout articles on the internet you can look up and just stick with a plan or program that interests you
Allison E.
I don't approach it from a knowledge perspective. Different people get different emotional benefits out of working out. Some people like the security of doing specific sets of specific exercises per day and checking off a list. Some people get a sense of pride from increasing reps, weight, and "gains". Some people get a sense of joy from dance, adventure from navigating extreme sports, camaraderie out of team sorts, tranquility from yoga, elation from running, escape from spin class. I get bored easily. So I found ten minute videos on YouTube for whatever motion based thing I thought I might find entertaining. I cycle through them at random. For me, working out is a low commitment fun thing that I do for myself. I can get serious about it later. But for right now, I just have to get off the couch *and enjoy it*. We spent way too much time and energy shaming ourselves for not getting off the couch. When we should instead be asking ourselves why we don't enjoy getting off the couch.
Rebecca Q.
I’ve been a sports girl for years but the idea of going into a gym and doing my own workout was overwhelming and shut me down. Group fitness is the easiest answer because someone else does all the thinking for you. There are gym classes, meet up groups, YouTube workouts, apps that guide you thru anything from yoga to weightlifting. I’ve learned from others, I’ve let them teach me, I’ve asked questions, I’ve targeted specific things I want (ie: abs or shoulder exercises because mine hurts from an old injury) and learned specific workout (and nutrition) to target where I want to grow.
Jonathan E.
More information does not make procrastination easier. In fact, the more information I have, the better prepared and motivated i am
Noga X.
Try to start looking at some YouTube videos, or on TikTok and Instagram. You can type on Pinterest “workout routines for beginners”.
Cea P.
I usually increase my workout knowledge through YouTube videos as well as books but the tricky part is to recognise which one is legit and which one is not.
Serena F.
I've only recently started but I do think doing short workouts is best… go on Pinterest and search up for a 5 minute workout and do that!! Or even a few stretches is perfect!!
Reanna W.
I walk or run. And rn I’m in school so it makes it easier to keep in tracked bc I have physical Pe and I just do things I don’t really know n on weekends I’m gonna start going on walks in the morning or for a run or I can do sit ups
Johanne F.
It’s usually good to go and try it, practice makes perfect and the more you seek before you do, most likely you will be disappointed in your performance at first
Wanda U.
I have been in sports for a really long time so my knowledge is gather through trainers with the focus on techniques, nowadays I gathered my information by doing research sometimes by means of tiktok and sometimes by means of looking over the internet
Pau Y.
I started off reading articles and watching youtube videos about how to do certain exercises. I did that for a while and then I started training with friends and they would correct me if I was doing something wrong to make sure I succeeded. I also am currently training with a coach and she has been correcting my form and help me figure out when to work out what part of your body and which machines and exercises work each part.
Ser S.
Well I don’t know loads about workouts, but I tend to do more simple things. For example going for a walk/jog or following a workout on YouTube. I do quite a few sports like tennis and dance so I do extra of those because they make exercising more fun. So, to sum up, either go for a walk or do a sport you enjoy. I know I didn’t exactly answer the question but I hope this helps anyway.
Urs Y.
I just do what I know, and then learn in the process. I gain knowledge with workouts that works for me as time passes. It will change overtime for sure, but I will be let with something that better suits me and am comfortable with. I take things slow and just do it. I'll improve the more I do it afterall.
Emilie Y.
First of all you should know that workout and, at the same time, body image are really long processes, but not impossible.
With the time I discovered this passions for gym and food and I started learning more and more, searching information and watch videos.
Here, the important thing, is to distinguish the truth to the fake news (actually really easy to find).
I can't lie to you, I found lots of fake advice and followed them thinking they were the reality, but then I search for other information about that certain topic and I discovered it was false!
So, the advice I give to you is to meet someone expert in this area if you are really into this and start; the most important thing is to start, no matter where you are now.
Deise O.
I download training plans that I follow. I don’t have the time to come up with one myself, and loose motivation if I don’t have a plan to follow that will lead me to my goal. Even though I’m usually not able to follow it one hundred percent, it still gives me an indication of my progress and that I’m on track. I’m not trying to be an Olympian, so not required to be perfect or the best – whatever I can do is enough as long as I’m more or less on track with a plan that leads to my goal.
Oscar W.
I typically just use the Nike app to do workouts. Through this, and in reading the articles on the app, I find that I can learn new things about working out to optimise my efforts. I currently enjoy a combination of HIT, running and strength work to keep myself fit an energised. I also find that reading articles on Healthline can be useful, as attending running training. It’s interesting to try out different approaches to staying fit.
Leyla E.
Follow professionals, listen to professionals and if you’re highly unsure, get a trainer (at least for a week) to check your form and advice you
Michail A.
I have a dog that has to stay inside at the moment because of house renovations so I need to take her on walks. I’ve also got a gym membership not that I go to it cause it’s too small so now instead I have started going to an old friend who weight trains and I’ve been going with my mum and a friend which keeps me motivated.
Colleen S.
I like to keep it simple at first to build habits. I try and be creative like taking a walk in the park instead of going to the gym or working out at home. Watching videos helps a lot! I slowly add new workouts every once in a while to avoid overwhelming myself.
Julie C.
From time to time I have a lot of questions especially if i don't have have much knowledge about something. So I usually just search it up on the internet and read articles about it to keep myself informed in that way I’ll be able to know what I should do and what I should not do.
Roman F.
Start small, for example with something you know (a walk around the neighborhood or 1 set of sit ups). Or watch a short YouTube video from around 5 minutes (for example yoga with Adrienne or yoga with kassandra). Try different things to learn what works for your body. If you really want to build up over time (for example with running) I would recommend a schedule that gives you a plan per week. There are good options for this online (for free). Good luck!
Ella P.
Well I use the YouTube channel “Robertas Gym” for my exercises actually, and I just force myself to exercise really. Even though I really don’t wanna exercise I look on the bright side and what might make a good change once I do start getting in shape again
Katherine O.
I look for a workout that is already done sometimes I use faboulous work out and and in the past I used other training apps
Andre Z.
i try my best to not get so much information because it makes me stressed and feel like my head is exploding so i only learn the things in going to do.
Jackybry Z.
Since too much information leads to proxastination,I simply just follow the steps in fabulous . That is because when I consider other very many choices I will be left with nothing to do hence procrastinating.
Allison T.
Don’t overthink it. There are exercises that don’t require any instruction like walking, running and biking. Even dancing doesn’t require instructions if you just focus on the movement and how it makes you feel instead of what you look like doing it. ☺️
You Tube has a lot of good videos as well. I love working out with Sydney Cummings and she offers courses/challenges. This option works best for me because there’s more flexibility and I can workout without anyone watching. Sometimes I’ll get together with another friend and we’ll do these workouts together.
If you don’t want to join a gym, which I can’t bring myself to do, there are class offerings through community education programs that can be a great resource without the commitment. Something to check out in your area…
Whatever you do, just don’t use lack of precise knowledge as an excuse to do nothing. Just move in any way because a body in motion stays in motion and you’ll feel more motivated in other facets of your life as well.
Bachir E.
First day i made a lot of push ups (100 hundred), but the day after i wake up late for the university then i realise that i can start small till i manage that, so i made 10. Now i m fixing 20 that i found easy to make when i wake up
Gaspard Z.
For workout, when I can manage 10-15 minutes of time, I search in youtube for various workouts e.g.( weight loosing workout, abs workout ).And for morning exercises it can be stretches, deep breathing, jogging, yoga etc. as light exercise in the morning can make you stronger and more refreshed.
Eva F.
Find a goal you want to achieve (such a running a half marathon, doing half an hour of yoga, or doing 10 pull ups) and break it down into smaller pieces. For example, if you want to do a pull up, try doing 5 knee pushups everyday that making it a little harder when that becomes easier. If you want to do a half hour of yoga, do 1 exercise. These little research’s into new exercises will slowly build up your repertoire.
Gabriel O.
Start simple. Choose three exercises (I recommend push-ups, pull-ups, and squats) and focus on doing a certain amount of reps of each(50-100) per workout day. Focus on truly mastering the moves, doing it slowly and recruiting every single fibre. K Boges on Youtube has all the info you need.
Randi Y.
I do research, try things & see what works for me, push myself without overdoing things, ask questions to allow me to have more knowledge for future reference.
Byron A.
Well to be honest I just search all my questions on google. I watch videos and read articles and try to decide what is best for me.
Aika O.
You can just download an app from your your phone and exercise every day and don't forget to watch your diet just promise that to yourself
Nikolai X.
Start with things you already know, then look to improve those before learning totally new things. Perfect the easy stuff, then give something new a *try*, don't look for it to be perfect or to be a part of your regular routine yet. Break it down into as many steps as possible and take it on one at a time. Essentially, if too much information is daunting, take in less information for more time.
Haneen R.
Take it easy and slow. Choose an app, youtube channel, virtual coach or even real coach or live class that you feel most comfortable with and can see that they’re professional and knowledgeable and can show you how to do each pose accurately and work with them. The point here is that you choose a suitable guide or coach and stick to their classes if you feel comfortable. Then, when you feel you’ve got a good grasp of how your body works and how to move to get the most out of every exercise without injuring yourself, maybe after a few workouts, you may want to change the coach or see what else is out there, maybe change the type of exercise, and explore more with the basic fundamentals you’ve learned, and learn more. Always try to learn how to get the most out of your workouts and how to do it right. Look it up on youtube, but choose wisely which instructor is most qualified and knows what they’re saying, and learn from them.
Aryan Z.
I usually ask my elders about this , for extra knowledge I would google it or watch an video on YouTube replayed to topic
Jamaya W.
I get where you are coming from. Sometimes all the info given about a workout is overwhelming. I would personally consider the YouTube channel “Little Sports”. Now it will look kiddy, but it’s a start. You must take baby steps. If you don’t want to use that source , Start with something simple like maybe 20 jumping jacks daily maybe even 5 and increase the quantity each time you feel ready.. it will get better, but you must put it in the work. It will not be the easiest but when you Look back at it you’ll be proud of you
Tilmann E.
I just do yoga and simple weight lifting. I have body image issues and wish I could be skinnier. I have never felt or looked better until I did yoga. I do about 7 poses in 10 minutes. It makes a short and simple workout to do and plan. I fit it into my schedule super easily. I will never look back to when I didn't work out.
Sabrina I.
I start with setting goals by finding insecurities that I can change. Then I search basic workouts for that part on google, by creativity and routine I create my plan the way I want it, also the app (seven) helps with some workouts
Audra T.
So simple. YouTube. It’s keeps my work outs fresh and new everyday. If I have a target I just search for it. Saves on gym membership and it keeps me motivated.
Noah P.
I use youtube and the internet to help me answer my workout questions and sometimes i get at home workout apps to help me build a routine.
Georgina N.
What I find to make a workout work and exciting is changing it up, that way your working your body more. You can also go swimming at the beach or something that works your whole body and it fun, or you can go running or walk up a mountain and take different routes each time
Elisah Z.
Beh ho cominciato prendendo ispirazione da tik tok e da altre app (Pinterest ecc.) Poi ho visto una pubblicità di questa app e subito l'ho installata, ho provato a mettere le cose più importanti ma semplici come bere dell'acqua, e ora continuo a lavorarci su avendo anche il supporto di molti amici. Spero di esserti stata utile 💞(translate)
Alejandra C.
My working out generally consists of doing stretching or the 1-7 minute exercises that are provided by the app or running. When it comes to running, I’ve done cross country and am familiar with what exercises I need to do so I don’t feel overwhelmed when trying to make decisions of what to do to work out.
Sheena W.
Join a gym it’s a built in family, join classes, meet people who will hold you accountable. Get access to personal trainers who have the knowledge you’d like to acquire. And fall in love with yourself and not quit on yourself. Make a commitment to you!
Neko C.
I always use a guide video, like you go onto youtube and you use a full body workout video to help you work out. In the fabulous app there is also built in workouts that are quick and easy to do.
Junior C.
I found it easy to find a routine to follow from someone else to start with. Once I got into the habit of actually exercisiyand enjoying it, I started to take more of an interest to learn
Figaro P.
It depends on days and my moods or the loads of works I have for the days.
On wkend i go on long walks
During working days I do 5 to 10 of workouts
And on days I’m really tired a do some yoga stretches
Dean N.
Just do things. Go through some short recorded workouts. Try different ones to gather a variety of workouts and work with what fits.
Micheal Y.
Building up knowledge about anything is really easy , I found most of my workouts online(I use instagram to find workouts.)

If you are confused about what to do then you gotta think about it(I wanted to burn my belly fat so i started doing abs workout then slowly i focused on other parts like the thighs or the biceps which were also not in shape) It depends on what is the best for you. So think about what you want to burn/build….

Too much info makes you procrastinate because you don't know what type of excercise you need for your body. First take some time and think why you wanna workout (like buliding a cool six pack or to get in shape etc.)then you think about where you should start from (what is the most important part that you need to build like the biceps,abs or triceps etc.)
Don't forget to eat healthy and also chose a time that is suitable for you to do regularly. This is from a mistake I made I choose the time which was not ideal and most of the time I used to skip my workout session.

Luna T.
Slowly try to learn a bit more about exercise and muscle groups. Why tension affects muscle tearing and how diet and consumption affects recovery.
Ilaine Q.
Kupila sam si multisport karticu preko koje imam pristup sirokoj paleti sportova. Okusala sam se u novoj teretani i plivanju. Takoder idem na planinarenje koje prije toga proucim na internetu glede informacija kako doci do miesta polazista, koliko je duga staza, koliko zahtjevna. Gledam youtube sa razlicitim pristupima vjezbanju. Idem kod fizioterapeutkinje koja kroz tretman prepoznaje u kojem je stanju moje tijelo, sto mu je potrebno i sto treba izbaciti. Bila sam i na rtgu i pregledu fizijatra zbog lijevog kuka koji me boli i koci u izvedbi.
Stanley U.
You keep trying new things. Find workouts you like and that motivate you to workout more. Take things slow and give yourself grace. This is a journey. You might not be the best at it when you first start, but you'll get better and better each time if you just stick with it.
Green Q.
It’s easy you just find a program that works for your and try it out in the gym for example I have a program for 4 days and I follow it everytime I don’t have to worry about anything I just have to do it
Cameron T.
Type up quick questions? I’m not sure. Or just do what you know how to do. There is also a personal trainer to teach you. I’m honestly not sure…
Jocilene E.
I just do things that make fun cause if you don’t have fun with it you don’t have to do it . Your body will just accept it if you have fun with it .
Niya N.
Honestly I’m a bit scared to try weights so what I’ve done so far is treadmill and watch how the machines are used during the busier times. Then I choose a time when it’s almost empty to take pictures of the machines and research. I also have friends with this knowledge in case I do it wrong so I won’t injure myself. However, I do learn by videos and instruction manuals so I won’t be too much trouble. It’s best to just find a routine that works for you, even if it’s a simple jog or 5 minute set.
Rapha L Z.
Taking your time on the task and making sure that you’re calm and it’s not a stressful task but when you feel a bit upset or down make sure you change the subject or change the task because if you don’t then it might get more more stressful Xx
Meghann T.
Take time to start slowly. Basic squats, push ups, rows, leg lifts or mountain climbers go a looong way. Do something that feels ok in your body – challenging but not painful, and that you (at least moderately!) enjoy. Then do that consistently. Work on getting your form just right before increasing speed or weight. Do a similar (short at first!) workout session for a few weeks so that you don’t overdo and burn out, but by staying consistent you can see your progress over time. Talk to (and pay!) a certified personal trainer to get specific help. Give yourself time to build knowledge and good habits. You can do this!
Marshall Z.
I have watched many YouTube videos of inspiring people. To me workout is nothing but a healthy way accepting and pushing myself. To me, watching men in uniform is a habit to follow. I listened to enough audiobooks which talks about exercising daily atleast for 10 minutes, giving your body a treat is much pleasurable than sleeping around or procrastinating it. Start is important and everything falls in place automatically.
Steven J.
I usually ask my friends what exercises they do and how they do them, otherwise I watch fitness videos on YouTube or go online to find workouts.
Ana O.
My work out knowledge was built by trial and error. What works for me might not work for you. The goal at hand is what dictates the type of work out I am doing.
Mathias W.
I follow a YouTube workout plan. This makes it's easier for me because it's already laid out. It took me a while to find a channel I like but once I did, it's easy for me to go to her channel everyday and just click on the next workout in the list. She creates new playlists every month so I'm never questioning which one to do next. Her channel is growingannanas if you need a recommendation 🙂
Kaylee Y.
You just got to start, and it’s ok if you don’t do well at first everyone starts somewhere. I recommend to find something on you tube and type what type of work out you want like ab workout or flat tummy workout. Then do your best to do it . Just do it, I believe in YOU
Lillian N.
🤔, first ofall I don't do workouts that much bcoz of my laziness. But this time I want to make my body & mind healthy & i choose some random workout videos and go through it
Paisley G.
I have swim weekdays early in the morning. It is easier to get up and do it early so I don't have time to build any motivation. Find movement that you like, for some that is lifting and for others it might be dancing. There are so many kinds of movement.
Caitlan J.
Through trial and error, and as well researching through trusted sources and people. I find it’s easier to start small, like with the techniques, form, and stretching/warmup. Even just watching other people do workouts can be motivating and teach you important things.
Mathias P.
First I decide what result am I going for. If I want to maintain my current weight, I do light cardio and light toning weighted workout. I also opt for yoga rather than gym workouts as it is more suitable for my goals. I try to exercise 6 times a week. Ideal day is when I complete both yoga and a gym workout. Both in the morning is the best or if I don’t have time then I do yoga in the morning and workout in the evening.
Lena Z.
Follow group lessons or follow workouts on YouTube for example from Caroline Girvan she explains well and really focuses on form
Sharon P.
i just search for videos i can follow on Youtube which makes it easier to do and also i’ll search for kpop routines since i can enjoy my favorite songs while still working out
Imelda S.
So I stretch and I feel great then I bring a glass of water up to my room to workout, but I start with the easy exercises but then I move onto the hard exercises and you just get better and better, and a good morning routine would definitely help!
Luna T.
I think in the beginning I start with things that are kind of easy and then the next day something that is kind of the same but a bit harder and then continue. You can do it !! ^^
Sara H.
I keep trying new exercise types (hiit,yoga,cardio) and I listen to my body while doing It so the next time i will know what my body needs
Luca Z.
Instead of looking for follow along videos, look for those where coaches instruct another person so that u can learn from their mistakes. This will also make it more clear
Mason Z.
Well…You usually just search it up even tho you can allways ask a profesional or ask friend that workouts some questions about the stuff that interests you.
Elissa E.
First you need to recognize what type of body you have. You can research online about it. After understanding what body type you have look up what type of exercises you need to do that will help your body. All of our bodies are different and need certain exercises to really work it. If you don’t know where to start your workout journey, you can go to YouTube and look up low-intensity workouts that are fun/ uplifting. After 2-3 weeks bump up the intensity. Working out doesn’t have to be a burden, just make sure you get your body moving💪🏼
Ella O.
Well i’m lucky enough to have a small gym down the road from me and i usually ask them but i also have two older brothers in the military and a dad that used to be really buff and stuff so i ask them but i also research research research and i think that a nice balanced diet helps me have motivation to get up and workout. Whenever i finish a workout and a healthy meal i feel really pumped and happy and if i eat before my workout i feel really ready to go tackle the gym!
Julian E.
Start by looking at a simple workout routine on YouTube or Google. Just look at the video/pictures and copy the movements. As you do it, think about which muscles in your body are working. Start small, keep things simple. Don't try and optimise every small thing, just focus on getting comfortable with that basic routine, and build from there.
Lola C.
what works for me is figuring out one workout to try for a few days (try some workout challenges on YouTube) and if it is not working for you or you feel like you just cannot push through with it, find another. Then just repeat untill you find ones you like!
L Rke B.
To figure out my workouts i first looked into what i wanted out of it. My goals from working out is shredding. Some might go for bulking or muscle building. Depends. Then i figured out where i wanted to shred. For me it was legs. In terms of diet i went for intermittent fasting. For excersises i use a combination of shredding workout vids and a few excersises i learnt from playing basketball in freshman year. I dont give myself too much knowledge on it bcz then id be overwhelmed.
Ella P.
Cardiovascular activity. Start by doing an aerobic activity, like walking or running, for a sustained 20-30 minutes, four to five times a week. Strength conditioning. Start by doing one set of exercises targeting each of the major muscle groups. Flexibility training.
Hailey Z.
Start with simple things like jumping jacks or planks. If that is still too much you can start off with dancing to a song you like or something like Zumba or just dance. Hope to is helps!
Sophie N.
I’m not really sure. I started doing weighted exercises from youtube because i wanted to become stronger and less weak. Cardio should always be implemented in workouts I believe, it’s gets your heart racing and pumping. Depending on what results you’re looking for, search up exercises that work out for you in those departments.
Brittany X.
I look through videos and online posts to learn from experienced trainers and athletes and try to follow how they approach the gym. I also went to college to learn about sport so workouts and fitness was heavily involved so I have gained small knowledge from there.
Chiara E.
If I understood correctly what is asked is how I built my workout. I started rhythmic gymnastics a long time ago and I have learnt how I like and how to do a workout. Anyways I start from a ten per ten (10×10) thing, ten exercises done ten times. I usually create like three sequences and i repeat them three times then I take a break and I start from the top or I change exercises. I usually do something for abdominals, then for the back, squats , planks, Some glutes and finally arms. Cardio is also important but I’m used to do it before anything else.
Cleonice Q.
Honestly? I just listen to my body. Do a little of everything, not pushing my self too hard, i will get there. Focus more on the parts i want to work on
Johanne P.
I just watch some videos on YouTube and follow them. They also have some tutorials of workouts on this app, for example today I did a 7 minute workout and abs. I hoped that helps.
Jonas R.
In the morning I do 10 minute of stretching and workout in my pijam: I found a video on YouTube that provide 10 minute of easy exercises so you don't sweat and you don't need to take a shower. Then in the afternoon I go for a walk with my best friend or I do 30 minute of workout. All the exercises are without equipment so you don't need to buy nothing. This is the link of my morning workout:
Sascha J.
I ask people with experience like trainers and people who've been working out for a couple of years or more about tips and and the correct Teqnueic etc.
Sophia C.
I usually like to take a stroll followed by Suksham kriyas of Yoga , which are a set of slow stretches that includes all body parts .