How do you manage evening laziness?

Makenetswe A.
I made commitment with myself and that every day afternoon 25minutes to 30 minutes we are doing exercises me and my husband and we're doing so well, no matter what the tiredness or laziness we are doing it,and we're getting used to it.In the morning I'm doing only stomach exercises and so far I'm happy.Everyday in the mornings I pour 1litre of warm water in the bottle and I drink it while driving my husband and my child to work and school, then after two hours I eat my breakfast mostly I like eating cereals, my favorite is muesli cereals. Thank you and enjoy your day
Shane W.
Most of the time I actually don't. I know I'm really tired by the end of the day so I just relax. But in relaxing I actually read a book,sleep or hang out with family or dogs. I don't use a screen. Or I tell myself to do just ONE thing that is useful and then go back to being lazy 🙂
Pamela F.
Preciso lembrar sempre de olhar minhas anotações e checar os meus objetivos pra não esquecer de fazer e me afundar na cama olhando o celular. Com o tempo vai virar um hábito, assim espero.
Andrea C.
I try to get all the evening stuff/prep for the next day done while cooking and right after dinner, so I can enjoy being lazy! I love reading in the evenings – online or books.
Hartmuth E.
I kind of don't… That laziness leaves me to procrastinate before dinner, after dinner or both. This only makes me eat worse and get less sleep… I am looking for the way to solve it
Piotr Q.
I remind myself of what I’m working towards and how in this moment I am slowing my progress towards my goals. Do I really need another lazy night? Do I deserve it? Does my body need rest or am I being lazy?
If you think you’re being lazy why let yourself do it.
Abby E.
By making friends and riding a bike with them. You'll realize it's so much fun that you'd want to do it every day. Just talking and spending time with loved ones is one of the best medicines ever. Being crazy with them, dancing, riding a bike, talking, eating, filming weird videos, and more. To get the motivation to go out in the first place, go out for a walk, make a friend, and soon you'll start to make it a habit.
Tessie N.
Hmmmm. This is a great question. I’d prefer to reframe this question a bit, though. Instead of thinking of an evening slump as “laziness,” I find it helpful to use a more objective way of thinking. Using a phrase like “lack of motivation” instead of “laziness” automatically gives me more space to examine my slump without judging myself. That being said, when I notice that I’m lacking motivation and it’s bothering me, I try to sit down with my journal and make lists like the following:

What I should be doing (laundry, putting my phone away, tidying my room)

What I want to be doing (watching television, going out for a drink)

What my body is asking for
(To drink a glass of water, to go for a walk, to get in bed)

These lists often help me get clearer on what is truly causing my slump or lack of motivation. Once I have this clarity it is much easier for me to pull out of it, even if it’s just to accomplish one thing. I hope this is helpful!!

Myrto F.
I’m replacing it with meditation, so that it marks the second half of the day. Or sometimes just Accepting it and enjoying it.
Arthur P.
I take time in the evening to make sure I have things ready for taking care of my child in the morning. Bottles washed, clothes folded, diapers stocked etc. Then my husband and I usually spend some time talking through things after the baby is asleep.