How do you handle stress from your job that makes you feel so wiped out that it’s hard to exercise?

Fauzia Y.
At this point in time, it’s not about exercising for you, it is about relieving the stress first. Meditation is a good first starting place along with CBD and other relaxing herbs.
Then, you can move onto adding stretching every morning (along with meditation and herbs).
Then you can move onto adding going for a morning walk and feeling the nice cool air on your face that’s refreshing.
Then add on jumping jacks only.
Take it slow and easy and start with relieving stress.
Good luck!
Heidi E.
No matter how tired I am after a long day, I make sure that I exercise. Although I have days where I just rest. That’s after I’ve done 5 days of work out.
Bernard G.
Don’t try to do anything intense, I usually just go for a little walk and move around a bit. Maybe do some like yoga or stretch’s so it’s more relaxing than exhausting