What exercises do you usually do in the morning?

Fingers N.
I wouldn't really call this an excercise, but what I like to do is go on a short trail on my property and play the ukulele. I usually play a song where I can make up the words to it as I go. It sort of opens up my mind in a way. Though if I'm not in the mood to do that I enjoy going to a little walk with a stray kitten that sleeps on my porch. He can't be inside because of the other animals in my house, but I do feed him and provide a place for him to sleep. I try to not just stretch in the morning because it doesn't quite feel like I'm making much of an effort to do something good for myself.
Gan F.
I chose core workout in fabulous apps. Coz it is short and simple. I think i will choose an exercise that is short and simple. Just to wake me up but not to exhaust me.
Asdr Bal Q.
I like to fo yoga exercices, or stretch
Yoga is pretty good, bc I can do while still in bed, and also makes me meditade, what is awesome
And the strech is also very good, cause I really feel like exercising when I do it
Amber N.
I usually start with a 15 minute stretch by Mary Morrison on YouTube, then I’ll do her full body beginner workout. This week I’m going to be incorporating a second workout into my days. This afternoon I’ll go for a walk and then I’ll come back home and do a second workout on YouTube. The exact exercises I’ve been doing consist of jumping jacks, squats, lateral lunges, moderated pushups, mountain climbers and planks. Sometimes I’ll also do a HIIT Routine. The Nike Train app also has some great workout routines. I hope this helps 😇!
Lola A.
Because of time and space restrictions, I do 24 push ups, and 24 curls, and make sure to take a 20 mins walk each morning.
Angel I.
In the morning I drink a cup of water in my bed, and i stretch for 1:30 minutes. I do 20s of plank, bicicle crunches and stretch my arms and legs.
Alison O.
I start by standing with my feet together. I stretch up to the sky slowly. Leaving my hands in the air I rock my torso side to side street hung out my love handles. Then I stretch down and touch my toes. I spread my feet and stretch to the center and each side. I straighten up again and get into a lung-like yoga pose (the warrior I think) and I repeat on both sides. Then I lay down with my legs straight and arms at my side and breathe for a few seconds. I then pull my knees to my chest and stretch. From there I gently kick forward and use the momentum to find myself in a seated position where only my back pockets are in the ground. With my feet in the air I do 10 Russian twists and finally stench my feet on in front of me on the floor. I reach my toes and then move into a straddle. I stretch to the middle and then to each side. Next I roll onto my stomach and place my palms in the group and lift my upper body to stretch my back. I rock back in my feet into a downward dog odor ion and the back into the first stretch. I end my routine with child’s pose as I breathe deeply and think about my goals for the day.
Olof F.
I want to try to always do something like a stretch or core workout, but the best is a run to me. It can be short or long
Lawrence U.
I usually walk for 30 minutes in the morning while talking to my sister on the phone. I also participate in a fitness glass at my gym.