What types of exercises do you do, when do you do them, and how much earlier do you get up for work to make time for exercise?

Lucas F.
Well I workout in the I think afternoon, I do exercises for a smaller waist, also a flat stomach or abs, and I also do medium cardio for slimmer and toned legs,
Emily U.
i do abs workouts and i run. i do workouts in the morning by getting up 10 minutes earlier before school then a run every other afternoon after school.
Mariana C.
My favorite exercices are walking and running. I usually wake up 1 hour and half before getting out for work. When I don't have that much time I just do a pair of simple exercises, I'm doing it for more than a month now and it really helps me trough the day.
Kesey Q.
I do HIIT and cardio, endurance and strength training exercises. I do them durning the week days and sometimes I walk on the weekend. I need to get up 15 minutes earlier every morning to start incorporation yoga into my morning routine