How do you build the willpower to exercise daily?

Emma J.
It makes me feel good! And it is a really good way to get in touch with your body so you can take better control with it. There’s a lightness that comes with finishing every single exercise.

Soham Q.
i'm not really succeed at these things, i still cant prepare my healthy breakfast, i can just remind myself to drink water and exercise

Kowsar M.
I exercised everyday some months ago but I slowly leaved it because of my few times before going to university.These days that Universities close for Corona , fabulous help me to be motivated and do it everyday. farthermore ,my former workout app had 15 minutes workouts.I installed a new app that has 5,7 and 8 workouts .

Leslie U.
I find the motivation to workout by making my workout fun and giving me time to relfect. I tend to think of all of the people that have injuries and can't physically workout so that kind of pushes me more. Also, when working out, I try to remember that this is for me and for my well-being and sometimes I smile when doing crunches or chin-ups. Try finding the joy in working out because when you like doing something, you're more likely to stick to it. 😉

Tuu O.
I get support, I personally don't get up until 10 if left to my own devices. My boyfriend is up at 6am however, walking to work. So I really distract myself from the walking/jogging together and focus on the morning chats we have. It a lot easier to convince myself to get to it that way!

Cris Q.
What I do is that right when I finish drinking my water, I force myself to get out of bed and do some stretches. It doesn't even have to be 7 minutes, I just try to increase as day goes by. I sometimes run in place, do jumping jacks, push ups, etc…

And then when I finish that I eat a healthy breakfast to start my day! 😁