How do I motivate myself to get up and exercise when I’m feeling lazy?

Linda N.
Find your favorite playlist. Put on Sports wear that you feel good in. Fill your water bottle, and just Start with some dynamic Warm up, or some goood stretch. That should motivate you enough. Enjoy your Endorphines!!
Laurine A.
You’re only feeling lazy because the mind quites before your body does. Think of how good you will feel afterwards!! I believe in you!😁
Pearl Q.
Up till these past few days, I wasn't exercising at all. Meaning to say, this goal is still new to me. And one of the things I do to not lazy out as I do my little exercise is to do it in dance form. I would put my phone or computer on and search guided dancing workout so it would be more enjoyable for me. Besides this, I find that having a good night's sleep (by sleeping early) and waking up early helps a lot so you wouldn't feel sluggish in the morning and really have more capacity to do your goals.
Aevin G.
Exercise should not be just motivated, it should be disciplined. I recommend setting a goal and establishing a schedule to train. This makes the workout habitual, gives you something to work for and keeps you on track.