How can you keep exercising every day?

Taher T.
Habit building is more important than the intensity of the activity. I started with "one" pushup per day 😀
And now I have an intense workout of 20 mins daily.
All that is required is consistency and the rest is secondary.
Amber C.
I find this to be one of the hardest to follow. There seems to be a thousand obstacles. I’m trying to remember that if nothing else, I can turn on music and dance around like a nerd to 3 songs. It’s far from perfect, but it’s not zero and good music makes you happy
Gillian N.
Decide your why? Choose exercise that you don’t mind doing or you enjoy and do at a time that works for you. And don’t give up.
Ir Na X.
Well, I never have long trainings. Usually short once – maximum 20 minutes, but several during the day.
The favourite music always raise the wish to dance. That is the great motivator in lazy days.
In overall I love having short 5 minutes workouts during the work – each hour to get a bit of move.
Ayden Y.
I need to not make excuses for myself. Unless I'm in a flare, one pushup won't do anything bad. It won't make me hurt more. It won't hurt. I have to rationalize the excuses I make with this. Ask what I'm really avoiding. Why don't I think I deserve this? To feel better? To look better? Remind myself that I can do this. Even if it feels impossible. Just do one pushup.
David R.
Cause my body deserves to be loved and feel that I'm paying attention to the things that she need, like movement, strength, flexibility.
Jo J.
I have had many false starts, and that's OK. It is all part of the process.
What's working for me now, and in retrospect has always been important, is getting it done and dusted first thing in the morning. These days I will often climb aboard the exercise bike whilst I'm still in my pyjamas. I put on a podcast or watch a favourite YouTube channel and before I know it I've done 30 minutes!
I started out telling myself I just needed to do 6 minutes a day. Then I incresed to 8, then 10. I'd often stay on for longer but it helped me to actually get onto the bike if I knew I could stop after x minutes without feeling like a big fat failure.
Now I do 30 minutes every morning (minimum) and 2 or 3 times a week I will turn up the intensity dial and really "go for it" for the middle 10 minutes. This isn't something anyone has told me to do. I just end up feeling that I want to. Go figure!!! I've really surprised myself!
So… start small, make it a habit you do without even thinking about it (like brushing your teeth maybe?) and you will find it less of a big deal and easy to go along with.
Good luck!
Desiree F.
My family's medical history includes a lot of heart problems like heart attacks and cardiomyopathy. We can though I'm not old enough to get these problems yet, I want to get into the habit of taking care of my body now.
Denie Z.
I am kind to myself and my body. I remind myself that exercise gives me strength and is a positive thing for me. I don't push too hard. I have searched several free apps to find guided exercises, then I take them slow, focusing on the movements and my form. I also modify the workouts frequently to make sure it is comfortable on my body. For example, when I do pushups, I put my knees down, so I can focus on keeping my core strong in order to avoid injuring my lower back. For Russian Twists, I place my feet on the ground and focus on my upper body, making sure there is no strain on my back. Finally, I always make sure to have at least one "rest day" where I focus on restoring my energy and caring for my body. This might be a walk or gentle stretching. Exercising shouldn't hurt, it should make you feel strong and confident in your body. It is about taking care of yourself.
Noa S.
I always think of how I feel after exercising and keep wanting to relive that high positive energy…. almost becoming like an addiction to the goodness I feel after a work out.
David Z.
I have found the exercise programs in the "Make Me Fabulous" section to be useful. Using those in conjunction with exercising as part of a routine is effective for me personally. I'd recommend starting with the 7-Minute Workout. It's short, easy-to-do, and effective. Good luck!
Jutta O.
The most important success factor is to get up at least 30 mins early. Once that time is earned, I drink water, roll out the mat and exercise, pack breakfast, and enjoy it while starting the day at work.
Barbara X.
Start off with quick goals and find something you enjoy doing. For example just get in the habit of stretching 5 minutes a day. Also, I found Supernatural an enjoyable Vr low intensity game to play every day.
Ingre P.
Start your day off with some light stretching! Or do squats during a daily routine like while your coffee brews or a wall sit while brushing your teeth.
Cory Z.
I've had to keep reminding myself that when I exercise I am doing it for myself because it's for MY benefit, none else. I need to always remind myself of that so that I don't give up on it. Because that would be giving up on myself. Starting small is also important so that you achieve each day instead of failing.
Alx C.
Forcing myself by knowing it's the least that I can do to not degenerate my muscles, some energetic music help in the moment, personally like hardcore metal or rap.
Liz E.
I think theres something to be said about doing it in the morning before all the daily tasks start to get in the way. It also helps if I wake up with my alarm and not snooze. Also, taking it slow is good too, because exercising can be a task that builds up in my head to be much harder than it is. The dishes are the same. Then because I avoid it so long it actually does turn a 10 min task into a much bigger deal.
Darciela I.
Tune in to what you feel like doing that day, put some great music on and dance, go out the front door for a walk, search YouTube for an exercise vid, get your yoga mat out, run up and down the stairs, go to the beach for a swim. Just get moving and enjoy it!
Shelly T.
By getting into my home gym before I shower without thinking each morning. When I’m away, do bedroom based push ups squats and prayer crunches.

At lunchtime go for a walk and in the eve take the dog out.

Christine F.
I have a goal set in my mind and even though there are days when I'm lazy and think it's fine to have a cheat day, I don't and I remind myself that something is better than nothing. Even if I may not hit my target step count or exercise time, I make sure that I do get up and move and complete atleast half of my goal. Today will count when you look back and see how quickly you achieved your goals!!
Vienna E.
I think back on my manta to live everyday like it's the first day to the rest of your life. Then I gather inspiration from others, "Just do it! Make your dreams come true" ~ Shia Lebouf.
"The hardest part is starting, the rest is easy" ~ Tony, creator of p90x. This app reminds me to anticipate it and start. Ask yourself, who do you want to be tomorrow? Let others or this app hold you accountable. Make the most out of every day. First thing in the morning is your prime time, get to it. The rest is easy.
Alma P.
I got a dog. It is really important that she goes for a walk first thing in the morning. So even the days I feel like not going out I remember that she cannot just to the toilet like human and that she actually needs to go out, so we go out 🙂
Rachel F.
To maintain a regular exercise habit I have to make it really easy for myself. I schedule in the time, I decide what I’m going to do beforehand, I leave my exercise clothes out before I go to bed. Also, I find something I can do that I enjoy. Then, when it comes to the time I don’t argue with myself, I just do it. I may have thoughts of staying in bed, or excuses why I can’t do it, but if I’ve given my word to do it I don’t break it. If I do break my word, I don’t use that as an excuse to break it tomorrow.
S O.
For me a good exercise app plan helps . They give a recovery period between exercises and you need not repeat Same exercise again and again. My recommendation is NIKE app
Ludwina Z.
I can stay motivated, do it at the same time everyday, and prepare myself for every excercise. I can create an excercise plan and stick to it
Meliha N.
Because I do make sure I find it enjoyable. I check my body for stress signs and I am very gentle with myself. I set my goal right, I am not trying to imitate an athlete or pro sports person 🙂 I exercise to keep my body healthy, so I get to keep it fun. Jump around instead of push ups, that’s fine too!
Marcus Z.
I try to exercise everyday when i had the chance, i change my usual routine of napping to exercise. If i cant exercise because of time or not feeling well, i usually just do a strech and try not to force myself
Eliza Z.
I look at it as setting aside time in the day to do something for me. I'm a very busy person (work 70 hours a week) but those little 10-30 minutes are mine 🙂 Eventually it just becomes part of your regular daily routine.
Arya N.
1. The key is to start.
And start small.
Take out time to understand and reflect what is it that you wish to accomplish by exercising? You need to have a strong motive and intention to do something. Without the motive, it will just remain a goal on the to do list. You can even Google the benefits of exercising and convince yourself about its importance.
2. It's okay to break the loop sometimes. Initially you require a strong will power to get started and stay on track. During the initial days, if you miss a day or two of exercising, that's okay. Don't go into guilt trip. Breaks are acceptable. But what is not acceptable is not getting back to exercise. So, even after those two days of break, start exercising on the third day. And keep moving ahead. Also, having a fixed time for exercise can help.
3. Eventually notice how your mind and body feel after exercising. Do you notice any positive change? Take a moment to reflect and feel that positive energy.
4. Set small goals and tick them off each day.
Keep a tracker and note down the days when you exercised.
Hope this helped!
Naja A.
I will keep exercising by doing my weekly run with Sharon. Working out with the FiiT app and walking on my lunch breaks in between. Days out with Alfie will be a chance to exercise also.
Albi V.
I try to go to bed around 11pm and wake up at 5:30am. During this time slot, you can have a very relaxing sleep and when you wake up, you don't feel tired. Then, I drink water, do 15min streching and then have my great breakfast, all this until 7am.
Sofie P.
By making sure my mind is ready for it before it begins, I know that I will go do this, instead of I should do this. Rewarding yourself and feeling happy afterwards helps a lot to. Taking small steps
Isaac O.
Some days I exercise hard. On other days, my body needs a break to repair my muscles. On those days, I may just take a walk. Or I might do some gentle stretching yoga. I still count that as exercise. Not every workout has to be really intense.
Anthony T.
I pick out my workout the night before, actually two, one thats longer and one shorter so I have choice depending on time and how I am feeling. I make sure I have what i need ie. shoes, yoga mat, ready so I can easily get started. I wake up early enough so I have time to workout. Like fabulous says working out in the morning seems to be the best before I get tired from work, or just dont have time after work. I may miss a day here and there but I always come back to it. This is the longest I've kept up working out and it feels good🙂
Laurete C.
You must be intentional with your time. If your first starting out schedule two different times in your day to exercise. Always make the first time your most tangible. The second is more of a back up. Also start out with goals that actually seem like a success. Exercise twice a week.. exercise four times a week.
Hoda N.
I bought a dark chocolate ice- cream for myself after a week of assiduity in doing a ten-minutes-yoga exercise.
Maybe the bonus would work.
Mary G.
I like keeping to a schedule in everyday-life, so I applied that to exercising as well. I have set Rest Days that I look forward to as a reward for myself 😊
Salvador Z.
I just do the basic “1-minute get moving” thing in the morning. Im hoping to move onto more stuff but im trying to start small
Alexis O.
I don't look at it as exercise. I look at it as just part of my routine to help me get my day off to a good start. Its the same thing as eating a good breakfast if I want to have a good day (and who doesn't) then I need a little exercise to help wake my body up and be prepared to take on the day. If I don't keep my morning routine I would feel unprepared and out of sorts. Just keep the routine. Its just a few minutes that will make a big difference in your success today in how you feel.