How do you excercise after breakfast? I feel so heavy I can’t get active

Nolan C.
You should exercise before breakfast because it feels better when you do it… And if you don’t want to exercise without eating, just eat an energy bar before exercising and after you can eat a heavier breakfast 🥞
Charly Z.
I have found that that's also been difficult for me. So I tried a couple of things that seems to work for me at least. The first one is to wait half an hour before exercise after breakfast. Another one is to do light exercise if I don't have the time to wait that extra time like walking, walk the dog, maybe exercise for hands or do a little bit of meditation before the exercise along with a few breaths. Lastly, a simple solution is to do it before and not after.
Victoria N.
I like to eat a lighter breakfast filled with fruits and veggies. Sometimes I throw a yogurt or a protein shake in too. Once I’m done working out I eat a healthy snack like more fruit or greens. I also found that I’d you eat natural foods it gives you more energy than processed food. Rememer that what works for one person might not work for everyone, but I hope this helps!!
Zoey N.
Hey! I wouldn’t recommend exercising right after you eat because then you might feel sick. Maybe wait a couple minutes or until you feel rested.
Odeberto Q.
Yes I am doing excercise after breakfast I am feeling fully energetic while doing excercise and also energetic after donig excercise
Victor J.
I either work out before breakfast to burn more fat. But if I’m starving and can’t wait I’ll have something light like eggs and toast. Or oatmeal. Then just wait for it to settle, about 15 minutes or so, before going running or something! ☺️
Colleen E.
I’d recommend waiting at least 20 minutes before exercising or just eat something small and exercise before you eat breakfast.