What is the best way you stay motivated?

Nicklas C.
The best way I stay motivated is to frame whatever I'm doing as not solely for my benefit but largely for the benefit of someone else. It's easy to talk myself out of doing something for myself by simply lessening it's importance on my list of priorities. However, if other people are counting on me, I am more motivated to do it. For instance, one day I might wake up and may not feel like exercising even though I know it's for my own health and energy, but when I remind myself that there are several people younger than me who have "adopted" me as their older sister, I am motivated to exercise so that I can be healthy and be around for them for a long time.
Clifton N.
A reminder and someone or something to to be accountable to is very helpful. Also, using apps like pacer to see how much I have walked.
Cireneu Z.
I think about how I’ll feel after I do the thing I don’t want to do. It’s a 50/50 I’ll do it so I most of the time just get up and keep going because once I’m up, I stay up. And once I’m down, I stay down. If you get my drift
Felix W.
Thinking about all the benefits of what I'm about to do will give me. And also thinking how great my life will be if I continued these activities.
Hazel E.
I think of my parents, grandparents. I think of my ambitions. I think about how lucky and grateful I am about the opportunities I have, and how wasteful it would be to squared them. I think of all I could accomplish if I simply did them.
Connor Z.
Start small.
Djalme G.
Music is a great way to stay motivated during an exercise, to keep envisioning what you want to get from the workout and your goal.
Franklin E.
Think how good would you feel in 3 months lookingbackwards and seeing all the process. In days that u do not want to work out are the days that you MUST. it creates such a powerful feeling when you finish. You can do this
Ann R.
Remind myself why I'm doing what it is I want to do. For me, I remember that exercising keeps me calm throughout the day.
Nora J.
To stay motivated, I have to stay mindful. When I am mindful I am aware of the goals I have set for myself and I'm actively thinking about the things I want to manifest in my life. How do I stay mindful? Little reminders like the notifications I get from Fabulous or the way I have organized my surroundings jolt me from the kind of zombie-like way I usually go about my day into mindful thought.
Caroline N.
It was very difficult for me to stay motivated….but every time I deviated from my routine, I just remind myself why I started this in the first place. When you think of that reason, it gives you a positive rush to continue and stay motivated.
Heidi S.
If I'm having trouble staying motivated in the morning and I really don't want to exercise, I make myself do it *just* to keep the streak alive. I know I'll feel energized by my goals later, and focusing on the extremely short term gets me through the rough patches.
Tanja Q.
I’m using an app called Insight Timer that has a zillion guided meditations. It’s helping me deepen my self awareness and access my heart. Opening up more to life keeps me motivated to be the best person I can be. Also seeing a therapist and doing a lot of journaling. A year of all that and Fabulous is really helping me. But I’m less interested in the doing part of it all, except for exercise, and more concerned with being. I also have time for this as I’m retired. Though I wish I’d done it all when I was much younger.
Antonin T.
Setting reminder alarms. It keeps me on task throughout the day
Armando E.
Find what works for you. I like medium-term SMART goals that have a bit of fun to them (like completing a race in a few month’s time rather than just trying to run daily with no ultimate goal) and I like to reward myself (by doing things like buying new running gear when I’ve completed mini goals) and I like to keep things fresh so I’m excited/interested by what I’m doing (new meals, new workouts, new running routes etc.)
Marianne U.
I usually think of the things i want the most,i think of people i love the most and i think of the day when everything will fall into its place as i try to find the ways to contribute something from my side.The thing which i can do will be being completely myself and doing whatever is in my hands right now,which i can mend or i can change and doing or being my complete best so that others may get benefited.That gives me the motivation to go ahead and do my best!