Do you find a difference in your energy during and after workout if you eat breakfast after instead of before exercise in the morning?

Lisa T.
I have more energy and push further if I have something small and satisfying like a banana before my workout. Afterward I’m not as hungry and feel more relaxed when I have breakfast.
Muhammad Q.
I have never tried to eat breakfast after the exercise. I didn’t know it’s possible. Currently doing the exercise last gives me that sense of being active to start with my day; studying, designing, working, etc…
Isaac O.
For me it's better to exercise light before breakfast. Or, if it'gsoing to be a hard workout I'll have a smoothie or something small for breakfast. It depends on yourself and the time you wake up…
Elisane N.
There is definitely a difference. If I plan on having a short, easy workout (mostly stretching) then I postpone my breakfast for after the workout because it stimulates my appetite and I have enough energy without it. However, if I plan on having a long and more difficult workout (3+ hrs of dancing) then I eat something beforehand to give me more energy; not anything heavy though, you don't want to feel lethargic or potentially nauseous. Best of luck!
Jocelaine I.
In the majority of my days I eat breakfast after my exercise. I find that exercise suppresses my hunger. Only on very rare occasions, that I feel very hungry, I might have an apple or a couple of brazil muts before exercise so I won't feel dizzy.
Klaus Q.
Hello! I am more energetic after my exercise program. I only drink water in the morning and I eat a good breakfast after my exercise program.
Sandra Q.
I become 10 times more saticefied when I eat breakfast after I have done the excersise, because I practice on my gratification. when I work out first, groom myself and so forth…first, the breakfast becomes so satifying afterwards. And that is precicely what gives me more energy than if I had eaten breaky before the workout. Hope that helps:)
Line Z.
Have not really noticed a difference in energy, however eating after makes my stomach feel better so I don't have indigestion during or after the workout
Katya N.
i usually don’t eat breakfast before and at least 2 hours after usually during my fasting window in the morning! best for weight loss 🙂
Ann Kathrin O.
I find it easier to workout before I eat anything. When I exercise first thing in the morning I feel lighter and more capable than if I eat breakfast first. I find it harder to motivate myself to workout once I’ve eaten my first meal and when I eat and then exercise I feel like I can’t give it as much effort.
Maria P.
Well if im beeing honest not really the energy for me comes for the productiveness of what im doing and its also important for me to keep a positive mind set through the day
Danae Q.
I don’t usually eat breakfast before a morning workout. If I eat anything before it might be only a few bites of something like an apple or some tree nuts. I don’t usually eat before, and I prefer my workouts that way. Energy wise I prefer post workout breakfasts.
Magnus W.
I try to get exercise first get a terrific appetite going every morning and afternoon after I exercise I have breakfast 🍳 I usually get a run 🏃🏻‍♀️ in the afternoon before lunch 🥙 an relax out back
Laura Z.
I used to do it after breakfast but I often got cramps and felt really tired after and I felt terrible the whole day. That didn't really motivate me much. But now I do it before taking a shower and I have actually been able to exercise daily for a month now. Taking a shower after relaxes your muscles and gets rid of sweat and exercising before breakfast means you don't have to lose your energy straight after eating to exercise. This was my experience but I hope it was useful. Good Luck!
Rus F.
Hi, I don't do exercise in the morning. I usually do it evening. But I think It will be better in the morning than in the evening. But I also feel so energetic when I do it in the evening. I hope I can help:)
Daria M.
I am doing short workouts in the morning to boost my energy and metabolism so it's more logical for me to do it this way. Otherwise, I would have to wait for some time after breakfast to be able to do a workout.
Tracy S.
If I eat breakfast before I have more energy during and after it however if you eat breakfast straight after doing exercise I don’t feel as fatigued
Aliciya E.
In the morning before I work out I feel like yea you are going to do this and you are going to do this great! After the workout I feel like yea you did it!!! During the workout, I feel like finish this workout like a boss! So to sum up your question yes it helps a lot!