Is mediation a workout/exercise?

נועם סרוסי N.
While it is not a physical exercise, it can help you focus, feel better and boost your productivity. We can say it is an exercise for the *mind*
Raymund F.
In my perspective, although meditation may not require a lot of movement, it is still a form of exercise. Think of meditation as a warm down after a vigorous workout, it helps you to relax and calm your mind from certain things that you need to take a break from for a while. So yes, it’s a workout, but a less intensive and vigorous one! So don’t forget to meditate, it can be very useful at most times!
Connor O.
I don’t think meditation is a workout. The reason why I don’t think meditation is not a workout is because it is more of relaxing than working at something . You are basically disconnecting your self from the world and focusing on your self. You have about 48 thoughts a minute and that is a lot if you don’t give your self a break. It will get rid of all the stress. Stressing can do many damages to your body. Your body is mostly tense and giving your body some relaxation will get rid of tightness. Your body will thank you later!
Mathys E.
It's an exercise for your mind, body and soul together. You get pure within, get energetic, calm, confident and get peace.
Nikolai S.
I would not say that it's a workout because it doesn't require physical exertion. But it's still an important and healthy thing to do. Think of it as a workout for your ability to center and focus.