Do you use apps for your exercise tracking or do it in a notebook? What is your system for exercises tracking?

Morgan Q.
I actually use both methods. I have a journal I log everything in and also use the Fitbit and my fitness pal apps as well.
Marie N.
I thought about using apps but then I decided on getting a journal instead I like to write then type if that makes sense.
Astra G.
I use my Apple Watch for exercise tracking. In the work-out app I have the option for different types of exercises for tracking and I can choose my goal in time, distance, calories or choose an open goal. It will let me know when I’m halfway through my goal and will also let me know when I have reached it. I’m also able to track my heart rate throughout the entire exercise.
Garance Y.
I use apps. three of them. First I use the app from my gym. It allows me to sign up for class which instills some accountability. It also keeps a log for me of what I have done there, and how many calories I burned doing those activities. I like to see that! I also use a food tracking app which pulls those calorie expenditures in from the gym app. even if I don’t register every single thing i eat, i use that as a guide for my eating ha caloric expenditure.

i also use fabulous now and am building a separate habit of a quick morning exercise session daily in addition to my full sessions (2-3x per week) at the gym.

i am feeling stronger everyday.

good luck!!!!