Does it help to give yourself a deadline for when you need to finish your morning ritual?

Ronnie E.
Yes , from my view , giving yourself a deadline gives some sort of pressure to complete it like getting homework from school . Not giving yourself a deadline will give you no pressure , making it easy for you to push a task to a later date instead of doing it now , the human brain would always go to the easy path if possible
Waldemar Y.
Yes, because setting a deadline gives me a set timeline for my morning. I can always count on being done by that time. That knowledge helps me to start because I know I'll have the rest of the day to do whatever I need or want to do. I don't have to feel as though I'm pushing something back constantly and I enjoy my day more as a result!
Harbar Q.
A definite yes for me because I work very well with deadlines. But someone may have a different opinion on this, but I personally feel that deadlines help you form some discipline in your life. Once you set a deadline to something and hold yourself accountable for your actions to that particular task, you will see yourself falling into a more disciplined routine. And this discipline will help you in forming amazing habits and you will also see your days becoming more productive and fruitful. Atleast this is how I plan and execute things for myself.
Bee J.
For me it does. When I have deadline its presing me to do it, but also its more disapointing when I dont do it for any reason.
Susan Z.
no. Sometimes I do my exercise later in the day and swap things around as long as I do all of my actions throughout my day that’s great.
Alyssa P.
Personally, giving deadlines is counterproductive. When I set deadlines, I end up putting too much pressure on myself and then I stop everything because I am overwhelmed. What works for me is being gentler on myself and setting realistic goals with the uncertainty of the day in mind. I don't bite off more than I can chew and I am teaching myself to be okay when things don't go as planned and maybe certain goals go unfinished. The important thing to remember is that I tried my best and that is all we can do.