Do I have to exercise 7 times a week?

Michel B.
Little and often is the secret, don't task yourself with running or exercising for miles on end. A 10 minute workout can be just as good. Intensity is key but if your not feeling it on a particular day don't beat yourself up just take it nice and slow and pick up the pace/intensity another day when you do.
Esther E.
You don’t have to work out 7 days a week but it is important to move you body every day like doing a short walk, stretches and so on. I strive to work out 7 days, although sometimes you just don’t get around to do it, so I go for walks instead.
Rebecca U.
I have to because it makes me energised, keeps me away from depression, bad thoughts and overthinking and it keeps me fit.
Chelsea E.
No, you should have at least 2 days a week off as a break to let your muscles heal. The two days off will help you from harming yourself. Good luck and remember to listen to your body… If it hurts take a break.
Marisa Y.
I try to exercise everyday of the week but I usually like to rest on sundays but if it is nice outside I will do some kind of physical activity outside to get some exercise in that day as well. It makes me feel better about myself in the end.
Isabella Z.
No. In fact, you need to give your body and muscles a rest once in a while (I rest every 6 days). Health experts say everyone needs at least 6 hours of exercise per week. And if you're using google fit, it sets the goal for 150 heart points per week. You can accumulate that in 3-6 days. But not less than 3 days.