How quickly am I supposed to move from the minimum exercise to something more difficult? Is it okay if I’m still not inspired/motivated to step up my game after a month?

Massimo C.
Your goal is not to be motivated, motivation is always temporary, you want to create an habit, and creating a habit takes usually 2 to 3 months. Once you have a habit and discipline, you will step up your game periodically. If you struggle with that, creates weekly goals and write them down, set reminders on your phone and follow them no matter what.
Jacob J.
It 's better to be slowly and comfortable . Don't push yourself to do hard things very fast . give it some time to find it's right place .
Joana U.
The key of the journey is lessening to your body at all times. Try to understand how it feels before, during and after an exercise, if your encouraged, or it's just part of a boring routine. So your body and your mind will tell you what to do in the precise time. Keep notice that everybody is different, and will react to exercise in its own time😘
Wendy J.
If you’re asking if its okay then definitely yes! its your body and your groove but in that case it also depends on the results you want to achieve.
Livio S.
I think so. We should listen to our body! All changes are hard to adapt to, be patient, remember why you are doing it, inspire yourself! Have fun, exercise doesn't have to be boring. I take a camera and go speed walking and then stop take photos and carry on….its like a rediscovery
Edvinas F.
It is okay if it takes time. You need to feel what your body tells you. And remember that minimal exercise is still better than non.
Katty F.
It depends, some people might take a week and others a year. The thing is to establish a clear goal. What do you want from these exercises? Get muscle? Lose weight? Or simply have a healthier lifestyle? Depending on your answer, you should chose the exercises that will help YOU achieve your goals more efficiently.
Evelyne A.
I don't know exactly but I have learned that building a routine needs patience and keep your self motivated to continue so make sure you know that your doing it well then think about making it harder
Betty P.
When you feel that you're accustomed enough to it and you start feeling bored. I think it's okay to take your time. Small progress is still progress!
Gomes E.
Of course it's okay! In sport you have to go step by step at your pace. Take your time! You can start with easy workouts and then go harder when you see that you can do this workouts without feeling tired. Or you can just stay with easy workouts. The most important is to move. If you want you can do it with other people so you help one another… Also try to make easy workouts but that take time (15-20 min or more if you feeling it) this can help you.
Nat Lio S.
It's perfectly fine if you're not ready for something harder yet, it takes time and everyone moves at their own pace, and so should you. Whenever you feel ready to take on a harder challenge, then go for it, if not, that's perfectly fine!
Marina R.
It should be whenever you feel comfortable and when you believe you're ready to push yourself to the next step. It's completely fine if you're not inspired or motivated that means you need to up the interest during your workouts like getting a water bottle next to you, having your gym clothes near by, changing your workout routine and doing things you'll enjoy more there's so many different ways to exercise like yoga, walking, or dancing. There's many things you can do to make your workouts more comfortable for you and something you'll want to do everyday just step by step try everything until you find the one that you enjoyed best.
Sofie W.
Moving from minimum exercise to something more difficult should be done gradually. I try to increase my reps/weights/ level every week when I'm regular with my workouts. It's normal to not feel motivated to step up your game because at least you're keeping up the routine. but it always helps to challenge yourself maybe with a friend/ accountability partner?