Do you exercise at home or go to a gym/outside? If you leave the house to work out, what motivates you to get there?

Mathieu U.
Yes I exercise at home. Mostly I go on the trampoline, although I really like making time for doing yoga! Once about two years ago, I followed 30 days of yoga and it felt great to complete something!!! Wish I had the motivation to do this again!
Cameron Z.
I mostly exercise at home, but if I was going for walk for example, what motivates me is the weather. If I was going to the gym I mostly go to the gym because I have trainer so that what motivates me. If you have best friend she/he could motivates you as well to go to exercise together. Also knowing that it's healthy and how my body will look like in the future motivates me more.
Adonilo C.
I used to workout at the gym but it's lockdown now so I can't and I feel really lazy. I wish I could start working out at home
Jerry Z.
Do you exercise at home or go to a gym/outside? If you leave the house to work out, what motivates you to get there?
This question you have has a very simple answer…
Yes I do exercise at home and I not going to a gym at the moment due to COVID…
But i get very motivated to see how I have changed and see how will I change into a much better person than I already am I believe in myself and I believe I can do it!😄😁
Marilia T.
I usually exercise at home because of the pandemic right now. Before the pandemic what usually motivates me to go out to the gym or just take a walk outside is that I get to breath in fresh air and have a bigger environment.
Mathieu U.
3 times per week i try to leave my house and go to the gym. I motivate myself and i try think about at how important is to exercise and do some cardio for your health
Amelia E.
I do all three, it just depends. I like to workout outside when it’s nice out. I like going to the gym because the action of going isolates the activity and I can just
Marilia T.
I stay inside and workout especially because of the pandemic. But what motivates me to do so at home is having the goal for a certain body figure. I watched my friend go through the same journey and now I want to take a journey to achieve my body goals.
Mathieu U.
I struggle with motivation, but the more I enjoy an activity the easier it is to do it. I used to work out with a friend and that helped, but I also like doing quick things like 5 mins of skipping or one of the 7 minute fitness things
Mathieu U.
Before the pandemic, I went to a gym, and I would be there by 6:30 am. My motivation to go was simply that my waking up early would have been for nothing if I didn’t go. It worked, but nowadays I just work out at home. I personally try to recreate a lot of my life before the pandemic at home, so while a few things have changed, for the most part, my previous effort is my motivation. I also like to ask myself if my future self would appreciate it more if I worked out now, or if I put it off.
Acilino P.
I exercise at home because its easier for me than to go to gym. I find my motivation in my discipline. I push myself to exercise every morning and every evening because it makes me feel healthy. Besides Im trying to shape my body so thats an extra motivation. Do it for yourself. For your own health. Your body is your home. If you dont take care of it, where will you live?
Mathieu U.
I usually exercise at home but sometime I jog in the afternoon. What motivates me to jog outside is bcs I have the need to get out of thw house and breath the fresh air plus see the environment outside while jogging
Malou C.
No, I don't go to gym I do all my workouts at home. I do get unmotivated every morning but I use my will power to reach my goals because I have always been failing in every way possible in my life so for once I sat down and thought about the times I have just wasted, cause time is a most valuable asset. You won't even realize how much you've missed it until you sit and think of it which happened to me. I was tired of procrastinating so I sat and thought and regretted of how much time I have wasted. Especially All my quarantine time. That's a different story…
Whenever you feel unmotivated just write it down on your journal and trust me it'll help you. Then think of the goals you have and wanted to achieve. Then the rest falls in place automatically. Always listen to your heart. Working out first motivating step is for you to get into your workout clothes. Secondly close your eyes and breath reminding yourself of what could happen if you complete this. Thirdly watch a YouTube workout video which will motivate and help you so much better than you doing alone. I highly recommend Chloe Ting's workout challenge. That's my only workout motivater because I tend to give up in the middle of exercising but doing it along with the video playing just boosts me up.
Mathieu U.
I am the person who hates mornings so for me its really important to get in the good mood. I like to play some really motivating songs or do one of Pamela Reif's gappy sweat workout cause they have that type of music that just gets you movin'. The reward I give myself is usually something sweet like my favourite chocolate or flavoured latte. It brings me happiness
Estelle E.
So the thing is that i exercise at home because i cant go to the gym everyday due to corona virus and also due to my tough routine. I think a better idea would be to go to a nearby gym, going there would allow your mind to just relax a little bit, you will feel good just getting out of the house, looking around at other people, feel the wind and the air,practice mindfulness and stuff. And you can motivate yourself to go there just by realizing the fact that "you are your own best friend" , you decide if you're gonna make yourself or break yourself. Nature kept you alive despite all the hard times, you are still breathing through your nostrils and your lungs, be grateful, nature has kept you alive till now for a reason! A healthy mind create a healthy body. Also did you know that the best way to tavkle depression is to do physical activity, all it requires is a little bit motivation and effort. Remember the first step is alwayss difficult but its WORTH IT! and if you cant go to any outside local gym just try working out at home, if you cant workout or do cardio, just try little meditation exercises and yoga, YOU'LL THANK YOURSELF FOR THAT!
Logan P.
my motivation to workout is the feeling i get after working out, i love that feeling. right now because of the situation where we are living í workout at home, but i personal prefer to workout with people because it’s much cooler and you don’t get bored or unmotivated because you have your friend that is motivating you. that’s my opinion!
Mathieu U.
I exercise both at home and outside to go for a 5km walk. Elvis Presley's dancing motivates me because I want to do that someday too!
Oliver G.
Sometimes I go out, sometimes home. When I go out usually what motivates me is my friends, me and my friends go on a long walk twice a week so we can keep up on each other and that's really awesome, and on weekends I like to go out to a close park to do a run or yoga.
Lillie N.
I go for walks outside or do yoga at my house. Mainly this is due to boredom and I want something to do or the knowledge I will feel better after I do it.
Josefine C.
I actually workout at home due to school work and lockdown but before all of that I used to go to the gym and what motivates me to get there is doing meditation and giving myself energy by drinking lots of water right before I wake up 🙂
Nolhan P.
I usually try thinking of what I can do AFTER I am done with it! I have two dogs so I think about them and when I can play with them! I also motivate my self for walks and some times little runs, I just take my dogs! Taking pet to go out and exercise is probably the best think for you to do!
Marilia T.
Right now I don't really have the possibility to go to the gym and I don't like to work out outside so I exercise at home, I also find it easier because you can start it at any time of the day
Mya Z.
I held a gym membership for the better part of 3 years.
I think I may have went 3 times. Maybe 4, but probably not.
I could never get over that energy needed to get over the hump of driving there and then walking in the door. I tried having gym clothes ready to go and already in the trunk of my car. I tried getting dressed before leaving the house and I even tried wearing workout gear under my work uniform (to then go to the gym after work)
Nothing worked.
I never could get over the energy needed to prepare and propel myself through that door and into that sort of social environment.
If I did happen to actually feel outgoing and confident that day, any and all initial urges I ever had were always way long gone by the time I turned into the gym parking lot; if I even made it there at all.
So now I try to work out at home. Social anxiety is a HUGE barrier and by getting rid of that I was like 75% of the way there.
I did go ahead and splurge on a NordicTrack incline treadmill, but it was well worth it. I get to skip all the unnecessary work and time associated with perfecting my bun or my outfit, packing gym bags, driving, etc. etc.
It has given me back some of my time. And willpower. Which makes it a little bit easier to do other hard things.