Should I exercise before or after I eat a good breakfast?

Utz E.
It s a pretty difficult question, but i say try both ways. For me i feel better exercising after a great breakfast that gives me he energy that i nedd, but i know people who like doing workout before it, so they use their energy and refill with the breakfast. I recommend doing it after eating, but you can try what suits you better! Experiment and you ll see the results! Keep up the good work✌🏻🌸
Levan O.
For the purpose of weightloss, it is better to exercise on fasted stomach. For the purpose of feeling more energetic, it is better to excercise at lesst one hour after breakfast.
Daniel S.
I exercise before eating breakfast, it gives me a kickstart into the day and usually after eating the breakfast I feel lazy and I want to sit on the couch and relax. This is the way I do it and it works for me. I encourage you to try different things and see what’s that you like, because if you are building this habit you have to enjoy it for it to last long.
Dean F.
after!! breakfast will give you more energy and help you perform much better than you would without eating a balanced meal first. exercising before could also drop your blood sugar, causing dizziness. without eating your body may also start using glycogen found in muscle tissue as fuel.
Carly N.
I exercise before. Exercising on an empty stomach makes me feel like I am working harder. On a full stomach when I am trying to digest sometimes I begin to feel nauseous.
Kiki N.
I think that depends on how much you eat and how you feel afterwards. Usually it’s better to give your body some fuel to exercise but If you feel really full afterwards it’s probably not so great to eat first. It really comes down to what makes you more comfortable I think.
Dominik X.
In my opinion, it’s better to exercise before breakfast. After a meal, our organism starts to digest food and we may have less energy to get up and move.
Brooklynn X.
I think you should exercise before eating a big breakfast, many people choose to have a snack beforehand and have a big breakfast after
Katrine G.
i eat breakfast before i exercise because i tried exercising without breakfast and i got dizzy, although i think the right way to exercise is before breakfast.