Is it better to do light exercise for 90 minutes, or heavy exercise for 30 minutes? The goal is mostly weight loss.

Alice N.
I think it dependes on your pace, if you are not used to an heavy exercise routine it's better to keep it low impact, while it should be enough challenging to you. And remember that doing an exessive workout one day in hopes to lose weight as soon as possible, may leave you without energy and de-motivaded to continue on your fitness journey.
Anyway, good luck!!
Rose E.
In my own personal experience, as someone who's lost over 20 lbs in the past year, I've found that light exercise for more time is better than heavy exercise for less. Picture for example running for 30 minutes vs walking for 90 minutes; while running will feel like more effort, walking will usually burn more calories (specially if you're walking in a steep area like a hill or a treadmill with incline).
Plus light exercise will make it easier for you to go ahead and keep going the next day since your muscles won't be as sore.
Remember! You don't have to do everything perfectly every day, as long as you do it, even if it's imperfect, there will be progress.
Julie I.
Both are good!
HIT (high intensity training) burst training…meaning shorter and more intense workouts…are supposed to be as beneficial as longer workouts that aren't as intense.
But, I think it depends on what you do.
Maybe vary what you do…depending on how you feel and/ or how much time you have on a particular day.
The variety may have maintain the habit and varying your workouts helps you physically as well (for muscles etc.).
Good luck! You got this! 💪💪🎉
Karin F.
This is maybe not the answer you want, but your goal with exercising shouldn't be weight loss. Why do you want to loose weight? Is it to feel better about your looks? Do you not like your body and want to change that? If you have hard feelings about yourself and your body, you should work with that. I'm sorry to say it, but weight loss won't help you with that. You might feel better at first if you become slimmer, but those hard feelings don't just go away by themselves. The best you can do is start accepting your body, and feel grateful that it carries you through life.
Or is the reason you want to loose weight another? Do you believe loosing weight will give you more energy? Maybe you want to be stronger, feel less tired, be able to dance all night or play with your kids? Then THAT should be your goal, not the weight loss! Focus on your goal. If you want more energy, maybe some cardio is best, getting your pulse up for a longer period. Or if you want to feel stronger, do some weight lifting for a shorter period. I believe combining both is the best.
And don't forget the acceptance of your body. You are valid and loved no matter what your body looks like. Your body is amazing, no matter what it looks like. Because it is yours.
Eva X.
Well I say start small and build up. I feel like a workout for 90 mins is kind of long so if you do that maybe take little breaks in between. But overall I say start small first. Quality over quantity!
Karin F.
Heavy exercise for 30 min would be more beneficial for weight loss. Building muscles combined with cardio and pushing yourself to the “muscle failure” point, are what yields results in the long run.
Doris F.
For me it's better medium-light effort exercises for a short period of time, because I don't have much time on my day for 90min training and my body condition can't afford heavy exercises.
Mirza E.
When your goal is weightloss, it mostly depends on whether or not it's cardio or strength training. Cardio is great for the form and ofc also impacts your metabolism. But with cardio, you only burn during the workout and a bit after (depending on how hard it was, maybe around an hour after). Woth strength training you burn a bit less during, but it keeps going throughout the day and ends up being more at the end. So I would say, do more strength based training and have fun 🙂
Josefine Z.
Is better to do some exercise every day even if it is a little bit. The important here is to create a habit and not really the time that habit takes. I hope this is useful for you. If I were you I will start with 30min because if maybe you start in a really heavy way you won't make he habit because you will be so tired and you won't like to do it again the next day.
Anna S.
Depending on how heavy you are. If you are really overweighted I would say light excercise (to not overdo your knees or other joints) and otherwise heavy exercise. But most importantly you need to keep to it. And there comes the most important question, what do you need to make regular excercising turning into a habit?
Jonathan C.
Not sure but I think heavy exercise for 30 minutes because you will still be burning calories hours after an intense workout
Jean F.
I really don’t know. I guess, on the one hand, light exercise for loner is more awrobic and that leads to better weight loss.on the other heavy exercise is typically anaerobic. And that is more for strength building. But their her of these matter since it’s really all about whether you can do it again the next day. So let’s /say the best option is 30 minutes of light exercise three days ina row. Option C #kobiyashi-Maru