What do you do on a day when you’re not well?

Rebecca P.
It depends on how unwell I am. I usually feel good but in these past few months with Fabulous I felt unwell twice. Once, I decided to go to work anyway, so I did everything in my Fab routine as well. The 2nd time I couldn't do anything at all, even get up, so I just stayed in bed and didn't do my Fab routine. I didn't check the boxes in the app, so my count of positive strike restarted, but I'm ok with that. Someday you just need to give yourself permission to feel sick.

Candice Z.
On days I am not well and not feeling the greatest I start with mediation and observation and try to root out why I am not feeling well in order to see what I will need to pull from my Mary Poppins bag of go to mood changers. From there I go into self care mode. Make myself my favorite meal or snack, take a nice long shower, put on my favorite song, do a silly dance or watch a funny movie or tv show. I address why I am feeling the way I am feeling and then treat that emotion as if it were a child that fell and scratched it’s knee up. I give it some TLC, make sure it’s not too injured and then try to advert my attention to the healing process versus the pain.

Sarah Y.
Rest, drink lots of fluids and do things that nourish my soul like watching a movie I love or playing some stimulating video games.

Terrance C.
I take some time off to myself. I treat myself to something nice, food or some crafts, or a movie or song I like. I pray and meditate to calm my mind. I try to be mindful so I hurt myself less and don't sabotage.

Nolhan P.
I count as I’m doing it. Breaking it up into small pieces helps me do it. It also helps to have a plan and know what’s coming next.

Cherly E.
Self care which means I rest. It’s okay to take a day off and just journal or simply sleep. As a person with MS, I have plenty of days where I don’t feel well. I celebrate everything I accomplish that day even if it’s just getting up to take a shower that day.

Alice M.
It depends, sometimes I feel down, lonely and also bored…and most of the time I eat trying to feel better, but It doesn't work.

Le Laina E.
Slow things wayyyyyy down. Do my morning routine, but at a slower pace and checking in with what I need in between. And maybe shorten some of the rituals.

Mia E.
The next best thing(s). Cam you still do 1 or 2 parts of your routine? What are the things that will still ground you? Right now, your goals shift from productive work one to recovery ones – how can the new habits you're learning support goals of getting better?

Barbara W.
On a day when you’re not well, be gentle with your mind and your body. That day’s habit is, as always , the habit of self care . So, liquids, as much exercise as you want, your Vitamins and your coaching sessions. This is a day for connecting with your physician if you’re feeling poorly physically, as well as your friends. The fabulous is not a dream world of make believe : it’s a world sheet we grow, deal with the day’s realities and remain present to the need to care for ourselves . Rest , Hydrate and Breathe .

It S Me V E.
I try to get a lot of rest. I don’t do too much physical activity because that will just make me feel worse. I drink lots of liquids (water). I eat things that will make me feel better. Soup helps with sore throats. I just relax and try to do simple things to keep me occupied like drawing, watching tv, and journaling. Make sure to get lots of sleep! 😉

Sentient F.
I try to escape reality by going on my phone and browsing tiktok for hours. Usually a bad day for me is when I have a lot of anxiety or if I didn’t have enough sleep and a lot of work. I think I have adhd and I use my phone a lot as a way to stimulate myself. Recently I have been trying to not use it in the morning or when I go to the bathroom.

Shelly U.
I put my effort and concentration at keeping my routine up, because if I lose my routine (getting up, eating, going to sleep) I will only start feeling more and more sad/bad. And I am trying to be forgiving for not doing all the work I want to do.

Reinhilde T.
If it’s stress or something similar, I try to distance myself from whatever is making me feel unwell, not always possible and usually not the best thing to do, because then most of the time stuff won’t get done. If it's sickness or something else (also applies to stress and etc, just harder to distance from your own body) I try harder than usual to take it slow and measured, make sure to eat and move a bit (even if it’s standing up for a minute or walking from room to room a couple of times), rest or sleep if needed, avoid stress and constant loud noises if possible. But still do something, because doing nothing also tires me and let’s me slip down a slippery slope of complete apathy and unproductiveness. In short, try to take care of myself both physically and mentally as much as possible and not let the rest of my life light itself on fire.

Raymond O.
I move, exercise first to sweat & then yoga! If that doesn’t work I try another mini sweat workout. I’m always proud of myself after, the endorphins are flowing and I feel better.

Sophie N.
Whatever I need to feel better. I don't put pressure on myself to get things done. Sometimes, a rest is the best thing for us.

Saad E.
The day when I am not feeling well, I sit back and relax. I have come to the conclusion that a bad day is due to the body's urge to relax or take a break. So give what it wants. Meditate or watch something. Cook food or eat something that will cheer you up. Realizing that today is my bad day is the key.

Jackson E.
If I get sick, or am in deep thoughts…then I breathe and take time… if the situation does not get better… I take rest…acknowledge myself…and try to do better the next day

Dannielle S.
I write a list of the things that make me happy (lists are one of the things that make me happy). I then organise the list into things I can actively achieve, things that I can seek out and things that are out of my control (this may be due to circumstances). The longer you focus on adding things to the list, the more you appreciate the small moments of joy around you.

An example of whats on my lists include:

Actively achieve:
Creating something
Playing with my dog
Dancing and listening to music

Seek out:

Out of my control: (to a degree)
Feeling appreciated
Hosting and cooking for people (due to current circumstances)
Witnessing the kindness of strangers

Once i have my list, i am usually feeling in a better mindset and I can consider doing (or planning to do) some of the activities within my control.

I hope this helps!

Debbie P.
I have not been good at in past but i need to take the time to care for myself and get rest, nutrition and restore myself. I tend to worry that i will let people down or tasks will not be completed that need to be and i will disappoint my team. Having the time to recharge is proving more important then ever.

Lee F.
Rest, drink water, and give myself a chance to recover. Clear any responsibilities that can wait, and take OTC medicine if it might help.

Iri Q.
Usually, i'am crying and laying in my bed:) and especially i eat all i am able to find in the fridge or pantry or anywhere:)

Ashley P.
It depends on what kind of unwell I'm feeling. If it's physically like with a cold or flu or even just allergies, I do what I can to relieve the symptoms and give my body a chance to rest. I have 2 children so this involves letting them do basically whatever they want within reason. Most of the time we end up doing a big movie day together. Obviously I still have responsibilities but outside of those I just take the day off to rest my body. When I'm feeling unwell emotionally or mentally, I spend some time to try to nail down what it is that's going on. I'll sit down and journal for a while and see what comes up. Sometimes the thing you think is bothering you, isn't actually what is bothering you. It's just a symptom or another straw on the camel's back. Depending on how that goes I either spend the day working towards a resolution if it's possible, or just recuperating emotionally. That usually involves doing something special for myself that makes me happy or feel good about myself. I take a shower and put myself together, spend the day crocheting or sewing; just in general a day of happiness and finding what feels good and not just going zombie on the couch in front of the TV.

Hilda N.
I listen to myself and if I can’t concentrate I allow myself a day of rest, curling up in bed watching Netflix. I make sure to do it without feeling guilty for not being productive. Rest leads to recovery.

Mary Z.
It depends on how unwell I am and what kind of unwell I am, however usually I just try and push through getting anything I need to done it's only when I'm feeling awfully dreadful indeed that I will be unproductive

Mads U.
I first have to identify exactly how I’m feeling, whether it’s emotional, mental or physical and the most effective way to make a positive change if that’s appropriate.
Once I have a plan, I usually act as if I am a very important person who takes care of themselves without hesitation.

Felix F.
I love to brew some tea/tisane for myself. Sometimes the classic black tea works or a fun mix of tisane really brings the mood.

Zhannat O.
My strategy of dealing with not feeling well isn’t an effective one. When I’m not feeling well (which used to be quite often) I’m not capable of doing anything. I just want to sleep so that time passes quicker till I start feeling better again. However, it becomes a vicious cycle since I don’t have energy to do any of the things that can bring me energy like cooking a nutritious meal, taking a walk outside or talking to a friend.

Amber Y.
If I'm not feeling well, or I just don't have the energy to get out of bed, I will take my time completely my new habits. Finding the strength and courage to rise up in spite of illness inspires you 10x more than completing your new habits on a day where you feel great. Ultimately if you do fall into a bad day and end up feeling unaccomplished or like you've failed yourself, you just have to make the next day you're feeling well again your new start and keep going from there.

George P.
When I'm not well physically I try to rest and take medication for whatever is wrong, but I also trt to keep spirits high by doing what I enjoy and make sure to have enough fluids and food.
When I'm not feeling well mentally, I try to remember to take deep breaths and take the day a bit at a time. And I try to keep away from my triggers so that how I feel doesn't keep coming back over and over.

Christina U.
I take something off my plate and try to reach out to someone I can talk to. Sometimes I'll order comfort food and watch a movie. Take a nap and reading and resting are good things to do too.

Samuel T.
I either listen to a song, talk to people within my inner circle, keep myself busy, take a stroll or simply sleep it off.

Alper T.
If I'm not feeling well which means I am sick, then I skip my list. I am not a slave to my habits or lists. They're just road maps to reach my destination/goal. Skipping and resting one or two days (s) isn't the end of the world. It is important to be flexible when the conditions or life dictates. So I can continue my journey the next morning. Since I am consistent about what I am doing, short interruptions won't affect anything.

Kristin F.
I be kind to myself and give my body what it needs. I still go through my list, but on each habit, I ask myself “is this what my body needs today?” If it’s drinking water, probably yes. If it’s a 7 minute workout, I ask if any sort of movement would be helpful. If yes, I adjust the intensity level to what will be beneficial to me that day. If no, I skip it. On the day after being unwell when I’m feeling better is actually the trickier time for me to restart the habit. I try to celebrate/reward myself extra on these days for getting back to my routine.

Leila Q.
I have yet to have a sick day this year while starting my fab life. I would definitely do things more slowly and be mentally cautious that I don’t overwhelm myself. I would still do my morning routine as drinking water and light stretches would make me feel better overall.

Tammy Y.
Self care. My most comfy pajamas, snuggled in bed until I’m ready to get up. Bath or shower. New comfy pj’s and fresh pillowcases on my pillows-feels so great. Music sometimes, but sometimes silence. Rest, sleep, or just laying still.

Luca C.
I will eat vitamins and fruits. I would also drink a lot of plain water so that I can make short runs to the toilet for a few rounds.