How do you motivate yourself to go to the gym when you really don’t want to?

Maryspy N.
Well, I am just thinking how am I going to feel after doing it. Also, I know that the hard part is getting the decision to stand up and get ready. Once I’m at out of the door, nature already motivates me with only breathing fresh air.
Billy R.
I don't go to the gym per say, but i exercise and stretch twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. I just try to remember how much better my body feels when I do the work. If i skip either session i dont feel myself or as fluid in my movements. That feeling is enough to make me follow through everytime. Once you recognize what you feel like at your best, it makes it easier to follow though and keep it going
Kari W.
Going to the gym is my time to myself, my only time to myself. I create a workout plan and do my best to stick to it. I try to create a streak and I picture it as a paper chain. If I miss a day I break the chain. Most days I stick to my plan but I have days when I go and do the bare minimum just to spend some time alone. 🙂
Britta R.
– A great playlist helps
– This is probably unorthodox, but sometimes you just gotta do the thing and complain dramatically as you start out! Like dang it I really don’t want to go but look at me go anyway! Get it out of your system as you drag yourself to the car and then you’re on your way
Kira F.
I dont go to the gym, I just work out at home but I just tell myself to just freakin do it the next morning and I get it done before I go to work. I know not everyone can do it like me but if you keep holding yourself to it and then eventually do it, it makes you feel amazing. If you hold it to yourself long enough, it digs at you and then I do it xD
Frank P.
I try to remember the sensation after the workout and how good and energyzed I feel. I prefer to make the effort to go even I don't want to, than have the regret of not going.
Ruben N.
Thinking, behaving and becoming a sports man, an athlete. That way I feel bad every time I can’t go to the gym (because I had to stay with my family or at work or whatever more urgent and impossible to move). Also, I had the tremendous luck to find climbing sport, which I love, and it pushed me to practise other sports, such as yoga and the gym, so I can became, little by little, a better climber.
Br Gida N.
•Can listen to a motivational video that will motivate you to workout.
•Think about the Fitness Goals you want to Achieve.
•Think about benifits if you go gym and workout and the consequences that you will face if you don't Workout.
Silje X.
I just ask myself 'Is not going going to help me in any way?' If I have severe cramps during my shark week, I give myself a day or two off. But if it is just lack of motivation, I get in my car, drive to the gym, and in the car, I just think about why to go back just because I don't want to gym 🙃. So I get in and get my workout done. (Also, thanks to fabulous, I get motivated much faster.)
Roary N.
I’ll say this, if you’re having ‘a day’ and you really dont want to go to the gym, go for a long walk or if you run or jog, do that instead! Sometimes we don’t want to go because we need to switch up the routine, be in nature, do something healthy but different.

If the issue is that you do want to go but just need to get motivated, I always ALWAYS motivate myself by reminding myself a few things: 1) I’m going to feel so good after I get a workout in; mentally clear and much happier, 2) I’m worth it to myself and this is the designated time I’m purposefully taking to just spend solely on me and my mental and physical well being, 3) I’m going to feel so good and proud of myself that I even though I really didn’t want to, I pushed through and went and I don’t regret it.

Lastly, sometimes I can subconsciously have an all or nothing attitude towards exercising which has been self-sabotaging! I have learned that it doesn’t have to be 30+ minutes or nothing! Some days, all you can give is 8 minutes or 10 minutes and that is still good! It doesn’t have to be an hour workout or nothing. Be easy on yourself.

Erik U.
Hello. I actually really struggled with this all the times I had my gym membership. When I had it, it was a huge struggle to go, but the most effective way to get me there was joining a gym that had relaxation activities as well, sauna, hot tub, pool, steam room and focusing on those enjoyable activities vs the unenjoyable ones. Outside of that, I'd say it helps if it's possible to have a few pieces of equipment at home like a treadmill. I've had mine for 15+ years, it's nothing fancy but it works and gets the job done and it's much easier to push myself to do that than go to the gym these days. Good luck.
Curtis P.
I think about the goals that I have for myself. I know that one day of completing my workout brings me one day closer to my goals. I also know that it’s okay to have a rest day.
Fatma F.
I think about how good it will feel to relax afterwards. And maybe what meal i can look forward to. And also i know how good it feels to feel like im living, experiencing a new day and getting to see life around me, it can be the life in nature or the people at the gym. Or maybe on the journey there. Getting to live life instead of watching TV all day with people living theirs.
Agn W.
I don't. But also I hate gyms in general. I do yoga or home workouts and so there's fewer excuses to not work out because it's all there at home. But otherwise try to substitute that with some other movement, maybe a walk or a short jog, just stretching at home works too
Penny Z.
I almost never want to work out but it's now become second nature. I get mad when I cant walk because it rains. I get more energy by moving my body and if I skip, I begin to feel sluggish. Whether you want to believe it or not, you just go and get it done and the rewards that come with your overall health are amazing!
Hollie I.
I'm struggling with this right now. I have noticed that settting myself up in the AM to be ready for my workout is the best way to get me going. If doing it is easier or the path of least resistance I tend to meander that direction. I will say my home work outs are much more likely to happen than a gym
Shelan E.
Raise the stakes by doing it first thing in the morning and making moving on with your routine conditional upon completion of the exercise task.
Kent T.
Remember how good you’ll feel when you get back from the gym and how much better you’ll feel going and how much regret you might not feel today but in a few months or years that you didn’t go… don’t keep saying tomorrow because when tomorrow comes you’ll regret not doing it today…