What is the right time to do exercise. Is it is good to do exercise instantly after getting up from the bed.

Priscila F.
I know a lot of people do it right away but not everyone is ready. Some are not fully awake yet while others have dietary needs that may keep them from being able to engage in the exercise they will benefit from. But before you get busy is the main obstacle.
Yana N.
We are all different, so any time that works for you is right. There's some conflicting research. In the morning you lose more weight if you do it before breakfast. On the other hand, lunchtime or evening workouts are great bc you have more energy then! Try different times and see which one feels best for you
Nat O T.
Personally, the right time for exercising for me is in the evening before haveing dinner. However, it is good aato do exercise after getting up from the bed because it helps to energize me to do work and study for all day. But, I am too lazy to do it in the morning because I am a night owl and likely to get up late in the morning. As a result, I prefer to do exercise in the evening instead.
Mads N.
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Liv H.
I like to spend some time waking up before jumping in to my workout. I get up at 5:30am & drink a glass of water & make a cup of coffee. Then I give myself time to drink it & scroll thru the news headlines or my social media pages. I start my workout at 6:00am. I wear leggings & a t-shirt to bed so I don’t have to change – I just exercise in my “pyjamas” 😊
Kathy O.
I like tai chi. I choose too do this on Thursdays at noon at my athletic club.
I like to walk in the forest in Hendricks park and can go there if I would focus better on that 20-30 minute stroll up and down hills listening to birds and breathing forest air.
Jennifer P.
My favourite way is starting gentle stretch while I’m still in bed, then I decide to continue stretching or do some energetic exercises. Let your body decide
Amanda X.
I tend to wake up and drink a glass of water before I do anything. I start my morning exercise routine within 10 minutes of waking up if possible.
Wade O.
I'm told that the best time to exercise is the time you will do it consistently. If you feel better working out before you've had breakfast do it. Personally, I feel like I can't exercise as hard as I want to when I've been fasting all night; I feel like I don't have an energy. Definitely drink water either way. I don't think exercise is more effective in the morning vs the evening in terms of calorie burn. Do it when you'll get it done. Sometimes it's nice to do it first thing and not have to think about it for the rest of the day, but it depends on what works for you
Estela S.
I will try to do a morning meditation lying in bed than dance to my favourite songs straight after. I like to get it out of the way so try to wake up before the rest of the house.
Geraldine T.
I believe the right time to do exersice is right when you wake up, because you get motivated to keep going with your day
Michael N.
It not a bad thing exercising instantly after getting up from bed but the best of to drinks in some water and do a normal easy exercise before increasing it
Jessica Q.
Yes! I do it first thing after getting up. Even just a few jumping jacks or squats for a minute to get my heart rate up really helps me start my dat
Jade N.
I don’t because I think we need to stretch. My morning goals are to wake up, pray((working on making sure I do it everyday)), drink 8oz of water ( I drink half of a water bottle, which I put by my bed at night for when I wake up everyday), I stretch in bed or right off to the side, then I make my bed, (now this would be a good time to exercise. Then I sit on the toilet and listen to my morning scripture on YouTube, then I read 10 pages, and write my morning page or two about my previous day, then I exercise, then I get ready(shower, brush teeth, floss((working on making sure I do it everyday)). Then I eat breakfast 2eggs 2 pieces of toast and a fruit smoothie to snack on for the next couple of hours.
Hector N.
I personally like to do exercise right after I eat breakfast in the morning, but I know some people who exercise before they eat otherwise it upsets their stomach. I would try exercising at different times of the day (morning, afternoon and evening) and considering not only which one makes you feel the best, but also which one you find easier to stick with and integrate into a routine. Hope this helps 🙂
Kasper C.
It’s better to exercise within a half hour to an hour from getting up from bed. This is giving yourself time to wake up in the morning before your body goes through exercise.
Kenzi Z.
Yes and no. Personally I like to do a stretch right when I get out of bed and then do a better workout after my morning classes
Hektorite S.
From a motivational 'getting going' point of veiw i find it easier to just get up and go when it comes to exercise, but with chronic fatigue syndrome, I sometimes just have to listen to my body, only you know how much energy or pain you have. So I have planned exercises I do, but if I can't physically manage the whole thing, I always say I'll do the first minute, or I'll put 2 songs on and have a little move about to those. Sometimes that's enough, but sometimes once I've actually started moving a little, I'm fine to do a little more!
Sally Z.
The time of day that you find most convenient. This means, the time that you can make available chronologically, physically and mentally as well. That alert and assertive time would allow you the most focus to execute your exercises with the best form and energy, thereby improving your ability to gain the most benefit from the activity.
Important note: try to get that peak time to be consistent, as in the same time each day. That's your personal peak.
Takeshi L.
I do exercise after breakfast.
The first task after getting up is drinking water. And next, I cook breakfast.
Breakfast is the start button.
Xavier O.
For me, I like to do some yoga – not too strenuous – after getting out of bed. It energies me for the day and helps me to focus