How do you get over tiredness?

Fa U.
I usually alow myself to stop, to stop for a day and do nothing (just the essentials, a good yoga practice or meditation will always help). Then I try to be mindful of what's making me tired, too much partying? Too much Netflix? Too much stress? And work on that specifically, tackling one by one
Stefanie X.
I don’t get over tiredness. I accept it. I generally figure there’s a reason I’m tired and that my body is trying to communicate with me, and I don’t want to get over If I’m feeling tired, I tell myself that that’s okay and do what I can to help. I listen to classical music during breakfast instead of the news for example. I take some extra time in my morning flow to do a sudoku and let me brain and body get going until breakfast calories hit the system. I pick simpler tasks for that day at work. I make sure to make time for myself and meditate or do something creative like colour. I tell my body it’s okay and give it the quieter day it needs. I make sure it gets the sleep and good food it needs to feel better tomorrow. If I give myself what I need, I usually get it back, so there’s a sort of partnership.
Amit F.
From my personal experience,
1) drink a lot of water.
2) take deep breaths for 5 min in every one hour of working.
3) getup from your chair and talk a bit with someone, just to refresh yourself.
Thanks, have a great day!
Carley J.
When I get tired during the day I try to re-energize by drinking plenty of water, eating a small protein-packed snack, & then doing a quick exercise or going on a walk. If that doesn’t last I will drink some tea.
Dimitrios M.
I'm trying to be always motivated to do thinks, I'm taking a nap after lunch and I do some breathing sessions to energized my body.
Lidor P.
Mostly I don't face tiredness. I don't drink coffee or coke, I don't eat a lot of sugars and so I'm mostly quite energetic.
Sunshine N.
Chug down a bottle of water when I first wake up, diffuse some basil essential oil along with clary sage and bergamot oil bc those scents will awaken you, and make sure I have a healthy breakfast with good foods that are high in protein
Clyde W.
Take a close look at what motivates you, then take action. Doing something that motivates you will energize you. Take a sip of water, move your body a bit, then just take action. Once you've started, the fog of fatigue rolls away. Good luck!
Daniella W.
It depends on the cause. If it's an anomaly, like having guests over or the odd night out, then I just push through with coffee or exercise – anything to get through the day. If it's long term, i find the root cause and try to eliminate it. If it's physiological, like it's that time of the month, i give myself a break. Allow some rest and recovery and don't push too hard or feel too bad about taking it easy. Also: eat well. Fresh, wholefoods are the best.
Virginie P.
I know this sounds ridiculous, but I believe the only way to get over tiredness is to sleep properly. Many of us leave sleep on the bottom of our lists, when it actually is supposed to be our priority.
Alyy T.
Drink a glass of water in the morning right after I get out of bed. Your body is dehydrated after so many hours of sleep. Drinking water is a instant wake up for me!!
Sarah Y.
First order of business is to get a good night's sleep. Second is to eat a good breakfast and drink water throughout the day. Third is to exercise in the morning to jumpstart your day.
John Z.
Usually i try stick to a bed time routine because I'm up early I like to get to bed as early as I possibly can to make sure I'm getting enough rest.