Is yoga daily with a good diet enough to lose weight?

Gilian I.
Technically a good diet is enough to lose weight… But yoga has a lot of added benefits. The biggest one with regards to weight-loss is the awareness one gains of their body which can translate to mindful eating habits. Some yoga practices burn more calories than others (especial active hot yoga) and some focus on strength training in addition to flexibility. The intention of yoga is more about gaining awareness of the joys of living, but that does sometimes result in weight loss.
Giada Y.
A good diet contribute about 80% to weight loss where as intense exercise is less significant. Therefore a balanced diet and some moderate exercise should be enough to lose weight if it is consistent! Good luck
Danielle O.
For me, this is not sufficient. The diet is the more important part; however after being obese for more than 10nyears requires more effort than yoga daily. It also depends on the type and intensity of yoga for the impact.
Kathy Z.
Definitely! As long as you are consistent (starting off slow and gradually building up) and eat plenty of low GI foods (including vegetables, fruit and complex carbs), you’ll slowly start to see that you’ll replace the fat with muscle 😄 YOU CAN DO IT!! JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF🧘🏼🤩
Elusa G.
Yes but remember you're going to see progress very slowly so keep consistent. You're not going to see progress in one week or two weeks. but that's okay long as you keep consistent you will eventually get to where you want to be.
Gertrudes N.
Yes, yoga trains your mind to be mindful of the present moment and it helps you become aware of what you eat throughout the day
Elly J.
Technically yes – all you need lose weight is a good diet. Weight loss is created by a calorie deficit, that is, burning more calories in a day than you eat. Most women are at a calorie deficit around 1600 calories, but if you're short, it may need to be lower. Yoga and other workouts help to burn calories so you can eat more while still maintaining a deficit. High-intensity exercise, like heavy weightlifting, will burn more calories. Yoga is great for the long term though, especially if you have a history of working out for a week and stopping/forgetting/giving up! It's my favorite exercise too 🙂
Michael B.
Yoga as the main form of exercise can help toward the path of healthy living. It can lead to weight loss if it is replacing weight gaining activities. I would advise journaling about the experience of adding yoga into your regular routine and the difference it makes. It can also reveal if it is making the changes you are aiming to achieve.
Victoria Z.
I would think that you could definitely lose some weight by doing yoga daily and eating healthily. However it would be even better I think to try and incorporate some aerobic exercise as well, eg brisk walking or running.
Anthony Z.
A good diet and any type of regular exercise is enough to lose weight. Plus, yoga has the added benefit of improving flexibility and strength. That being said, it would likely help, not to mention speed up the weight loss, if you were to add some form of cardiovascular exercise.