What do do you tell yourself that makes want to go back to exercising after not doing it for a while?

Ma Ly T.
I look at me in the mirror or think about me in my jeans, clothes I could wear if I were more comfortable, more confident about me
I tell myself that I want once in my life to be healthy, I also heard you feel different when you move when you’ve lose weigh, I just want to feel that too haha
But staying right in front of a screen or being a couch potato won’t help me.
(If I didn’t do any sport for some times I tell myself: that’s ok I’ll start from scratch again but giving up won’t help I change the I might fail again by I won’t fail again)
You have to stick to even a 10min workout a day even a 5min would be great as long as you workout, there is always a day you feel sore or just so tired in that case don’t overwork
Overwork will disgust you and this is how you give up Quite a lot of blabla haha but you can do it, believe in you cause I do whoever you are !
Shubhra Z.
Everywhere i read it says that if you don’t feel like exercising think about your purpose and why you started. But if that doesn’t help how do i force myself to exercise regardless of what my mind says? Cause sometimes thinking about all the exercises and routines it feels like a lot to do
Jeremiah Q.
After not exercising for a while I had sat down and looked back on when I was exercising that I was a much happier person and so I then became determined to exercise and look back on how far I have come
Daisy H.
it's ok if you cannot keep doing it. we don't have to be regretful about skipping routine. it's always important to be aware that we can restart anytime.
James J.
I tell myself that it will help me. I also find it good to put on a motivational song and that will get me in the mood to do exercise. I also think of what could happen to me if I don't do exercise and that encourages me to start.
Nadeschda F.
You tell yourself, " If I do this ill be fit! Ill be able to do things I can't! I am enough!!!! ". By the way buddy good job!
Ryan O.
I tell myself I have to, that the longer I wait the harder it is going to be and that I'm not a quitter, that I can do whatever I put my mind to.