The best way to sustain your good habit is?

N Rio Q.
Repetition day after day. After the first weeks if I don’t exercise or do any other habit it feels like something is missing. I really need to push through the first weeks then it becomes part of me.
Nik C.
To do it no matter what. Doesn’t matter if you’re late or it’s not exactly how you wanted to do it. Make sure it’s something that adds value to your life and you’re not just doing it cuz you “should.”
Katelyn F.
When I'm not feeling motivated to complete my habits, I usually just have to remind myself how good it will feel to check the boxes when I complete each habit. I'll feel more accomplished in a few moments when my habits are complete. I also like to think of long term impacts of keeping up with my habits. For example, I have acne, so drinking water in the morning helps me to have clearer skin.