Any suggestions for apps that are for exercising that are free or don’t cost a lot? All the ones I use to use charge a lot now and/or are no longer free!

Susan B.
I don’t use any app for exercise, I don’t like to have gadgets on my body when I’m exercising. I used to learn yoga 2 years ago but stopped the class after I moved home. Now I picked up simple yoga poses at the morning. Don’t make big change, just a small step of 10mins exercise will do good to you. Do some stretching and it will take you 10mins easily. And the most important is it’s no stress and free!
Fabiana Q.
Go to YouTube and do a search for Jessicasmithtv. She has lots of free exercise videos: strength training, aerobics, yoga, stretching to choose from and they range from 10 to 60 minutes in length. You just pick what you need! I love her videos and exercise with her every day.
Pauline E.
I just started using Runkeeper and like it a lot because it has interval training and a “coach” in your ear while you run. I don’t know if I’ll have to pay at some point but so far it has been free.
Fanny S.
There’s an app called Fitbit Coach,I’m not sure if it’ll work but it gives u recommendations and I don’t think it costs a lot
Paul Q.
I’d recommend Keelo – it is a paid subscription app but there’s a trial and there’s no commitment. If you have a Fitbit, Fitbit Coach is great.
Terry G.
There are a lot of apps available on the app store. You can choose based on the types of exercises you are interested in. Some of the apps are a Asana rebel, Adidas, 8fit Etc.
Ethan F.
There is a FREE Beachbody app called mychallengetracker app. You can log all your workouts and any supplements you use. You can even easily enter measurements and weight. Super quick to navigate. I definitely recommend it.
Meinrad A.
I’m not sure, but I know that fabulous is a great app. But since the app can help you through motivation, and many others habit from Duke University.

Since money can be essentially in economic. So in my opinion, it is necessary and will worth it to use fabulous.

Walter U.
I’m sorry I won’t be able to help much. The one I tried using also costs, BUT they do leave some free downloading exercise videos from time to time. Check it out: FREELETICS. I haven’t used it in a while so I don’t if it’s still free…hope it helped. But I know the frustration, I recommend YouTube because I gave up with the apps.
Coline T.
I use JEFIT. It’s very user friendly and a can be used as a social workout site, as well. (Although I don’t really use it in that way). There are hundreds of preloaded workouts you can follow, or you can build your own, which you can sort by day, type or length of workout, etc. It charts your workouts on a calendar, your progress, and you can add photos. Its also motivating to see the closing screen. When you finish your workout, it shows workout time (and if any was wasted), any new personal records achieved, and total weight lifted in aggregate form so you’ll feel like the Incredible Hulk. 😁💪🏼
Earl N.
So I really don’t have any app ideas because as you said, a lot charge now. But I do have an online site that costs $6 for a new workout daily and it’s an incredible workout. It’s
Hailey C.
Just download the PDFs from darebee and scroll through on your phone. Not perfect if you want meticulous tracking but it works
Marica O.
I take exercise class Once or twice a week. The teacher motivates me. and schedule 10 mins a day for the remaining days. 40 times around the dining room table is 10 mins. Then 3 sets of 2 strengthening exercises. I decide what I’m going to do the night before and write it down so I don’t have to decide on the morning.
Malthe Z.
I use the NHS couch to 5k. A jogging app that slowly builds you up so you will be able to run 5k and helps you stick to a routine of it.