Do you prefer the same exercise routine or do you prefer variety?

Teresa E.
Variety is definitely better. It makes sure that I dont feel bored by my excercise routine even though coming up or finding different excercises is a little bit difficult. It is worth the work.
Pauline O.
While I'm establishing the habit, I've been sticking with the same exercise. I have a stationary bike in my living room. It's easy to just hop on for a few minutes each morning. As it becomes second nature to exercise in the morning, I might start incorporating other activities.
Ellen O.
I’m sure for some people looking to achieve specific results, doing the same routine will provide those results more quickly. I hope that made sense. For instance, if they want to tone their stomach, they may do ab workouts daily (and rest 1-2 days that week). So I guess it varies or depends on the person’s goal. I prefer variety, because it just makes it more interesting.
Marcus C.
I prefer a variety of different exercise routines. My life is based on the go to I make everything I go into some form of exercise.
Agathe J.
I prefer variety when it comes to my exercise routine. Doing the same thing over and over brings boredom into my routine. But, as I write this, I realize that part of becoming more disciplined means doing the same thing over and over so maybe my boredom comes from the lack of discipline in my workouts. I need to learn to push myself regardless of how I feel.
Eliza X.
I usually stick with a routine till i get bored. I get bored easily, so… I'd say i stick with it for a couple of weeks
Constantin F.
I prefer variety. But I don't love a long session. I have a few 30 day challenge apps on my phone that I really like to use to help keep me motivated
Herbert P.
I end up naturally using a variety of exercise routines from day to day but I still try to jog on a daily basis.
Crystal F.
If you keep doing the same routine all the time then there is a chance of getting bored and losing motivation. If you vary your exercise then it keeps it fresh and exciting.
Gauthier E.
I usually prefer a variety of exercises on different days of the week. Otherwise I get bored if I do the same routine everyday. For example, my routine is as follows:
Florian Z.
I like the same routine for the first few days when I’m just getting started. After I’ve completed a few days, I’m ready for some variety.
Sebastian U.
I like to do similar exercises but alternate. For the habit I will try to do 10 push ups a day but I also want to go to the gym at least once a week. I work nights so my schedule on a day to day basis changes.
Kristin C.
i prefer the same exercises until i master them. I need to discipline myself to do it. I like being outdoors but when i get home it’s dark so It hinders the outside experience. I like arm weights and have got a iwatch to help motivate me to set walking goals too.
Leroy E.
I like ashtanga yoga which is essentially a routine however since the poses are so challenging each day varies so it's never monotonous. Each day an adventure of what my body will or wont do.
Lucila S.
I prefer variety. I have learned that doing different exercise routines targets different muscle groups as well as cardiovascular levels.
Diethelm X.
I switch it up depending on how I feel, the amount of time I have and what I did the day or two before.
Sean N.
I like a variety. Training different ways also helps to reduce injury/over-use issues which may cause a barrier to consistent exercise long-term.
Chris C.
Its good to have variety. I have a 7 day core and pushup workout that have different exercises everyday. Create a workout program that gets all your muscles throughout the week.
Luzie W.
I like to have the same exercise routine for a while, until my body get used to it and/or when it gets boring. Sometimes I'll mix in the old with the new to keep things fun.
Claus Z.
I usually do a combination of resistance weight exercise targeted toward my specific goal. So it will be the same area, but different specific exercises for each muscle. For example, I want toned glutes and thighs; I’ll do weight exercise every other day- I’ll do donkey kicks one day to target my glutes and I’ll do lunges the next weights day to target my thighs. I also do things I feel confident doing, ie that I do with good form to be more motivated to increase the intensity. I also want to lose body fat, so I do cardio every day. For that, I do the same GENERAL thing: dance. That’s because I feel confident doing it and have fun doing it so it keeps me motivated to keep moving and I can actually feel the burn. However, even though it’s the same general activity, I leave the music playlist open ended depending on how I’m feeling for more freedom.
Nolhan E.
I like the same exercise, when I find one I like. I fear not being good at new exercises and not making the best of them
Walter U.
I definitely prefer variety. I like having a weekly routine so I know what to expect, but something different for each day. For instance, I work out a different muscle group each day of the week on the same day of the week. Not only is it supposed to be good for progress, but it also holds me accountable. If I tell myself I might skip tomorrow, that means I skip for the WHOLE WEEK, and I have to be okay with that or make it up. I also like knowing once I do my workout for that day, that’s it for the week. I get to check off that box. I look forward to something new each day!
Candice Z.
I prefer to have a routine which consists of a baseline daily exercise (like hopping on the aerobic step for 8 minutes), and having a more intense rewarding non-daily routine.
Finn R.
I prefer a variety or else I get bored. Doing a different ser of exercises for a different part of my body each day makes me feel balanced.
Teresa P.
I prefer to have a small variety of exercises to work on during the week. Sometimes, I yoga routine or a run does it for me. Other times, I like to pick up my free weights and do something more intense. There's lots of value in changing things up.
Clara T.
I prefer same exercise routine but I will change the sequences
Lorenzo Q.
I prefer variations on my exercises, as it does not allow my body to rest and get used to the same motion.
I like to shock my body
Franklin G.
In a way, both. My favorite exercise is hiking—which means I do prefer the same exercise. But every hike is different. Even if I pick the same place, it is different every time. The weather changes, or I’ll notice something new.