Does it need to be the same exercise every day or can you mix it up a bit?

Florent Z.
It does not have to be the same, you can mix it up a bit. It's actually best to mix it up a bit to work different muscles and not get used to the same thing. But if you like something and that's what you choose to do repeatedly better that than nothing at all. Do what you enjoy, and you'll enjoy doing it!

Isabella W.
Differing the exercises is important to make sure that I keep my whole body fit. For my sport, I need to balance cardio with strength training and flexibility

Eli Zer Q.
Do different exercises each day this actually is more beneficial for your body

Consider yoga walking running dancing roller blading swimming kayaking etc just make sure you move and do something for at least half a hour

Andrew T.
I think it depends on the exercise. I personally I have chosen yoga to be my exercise routine so I like to mix it up and trying different yoga flows every day so that I moderate the body areas I need to exercise and also depending on my energy levels. Not every day is the same but as soon I acknowledge that, I am flexible to change exercises.