Morning exercise is really rough for me because I’m so hungry when I wake up. Then when I eat I feel like I need just a bit to digest. Now it’s been an hour since I’ve been up and work is looming. What do you do in the morning to help you exercise? What if any adjustments would you recommend?

Dora C.
For me, everyday I wake up and drink a cup of water then I prepare breakfast after half hour of having breakfast I start my morning excersice….try to work out after a while of having breakfast not directly, do anything at this time like reading a book or anything you like.
I am still doing this everyday since 40 days ago until now .
Good luck
Thilo Z.
I tell myself it is literally only 8 minutes so I can definitely eat afterwards or squeeze it in before I need to start doing other things. If I know I am going to cycle or walk to work or take the kids to nursery on my bike then that’s my exercise done without having to plan time to do it. I struggle more with actually eating a good breakfast. I usually feel like just doing the quickest thing… but I have managed to not reach for sweet options since starting on fabulous which is a real achievement for me!
Christoffer G.
We do the breakfast dance party as a family. Gathered a play list of uplifting songs and dance around the kitchen for at least three tracks. It's light exercise for sure but when we're pressed for time we can dance while cooking or sometimes even while eating.
Malou G.
For my morning exercise, I try to get it done while I’m cooking breakfast. If I’m making oatmeal that morning, I will do squats or kick backs while the microwave is going!
Kelly F.
I think Time is the problem here. So you should wake up early in the morning. This way there will stay enough time for you between your work & your breakfast to complete your exercise.
Loeci S.
This may sound too simple but to help wake me up, I just turn on music and it makes me want to dance lol I’ve also learned to trick my mind in a way, to think of exercise as something fun; I LOVE to eat. And I eat A LOT. Even though I have a high metabolism, I still try to exercise.

Find something that works for you. Maybe go in another room where there’s sunshine. Get someone else involved, like a partner. There’s also videos, get some ideas from here; and make your own routine. That way it’ll be easier to stick to it.

Hope this helps!

H Seyin I.
Have a snack before bedtime. An egg or a sandwich for example. Then you have more energy in the morning. And even if you don't, push yourself to just start anyway and in a few minutes you'll be in a happier, stronger place. Then the food will be a reward too. Good luck!
Isabella P.
For me exercise takes many forms, cardio, limbering up, strength building – I find that being flexible with what the exercise can be helpful and allows adptation to how i am
Feeling. My goal is to feel primed for the day and that varies and can s ometimes be hard to predict. Creating a positive feedback loop is important to keep momentum. experimentation may
Be worthwhile to see what is helpful.
Oleg Rio A.
Either hold off on eating… or eat something quick & small before exercise. Maybe a smoothie or yogurt or granola bar or something. Then, eat more after exercise.
Gerardo A.
It was not easy for me either. But I found a solution.
* I maintain 14 hours gap in between my dinner to breakfast.
* When I wake up I used to drink a half a glass of hot water while sitting comfortably on a chair. Usually taking 1-2minutes to finish it. 
*Then I have to prepare breakfast. So while I'm cooking I play my playlist on youtube. Most of them are rhythmic songs. Example –
 So I'm moving my body according to the rythem. Actually, it does not dance just some of my own steps & funny body movements. I pause the music once I sweat & start to feel my mussels  are burning 😊
This is so worked for me. I totally forget the hunger.
*Usually I do this 2 hours before my breakfast.
* Secret behind this is, I changed my thought process strategically. So I don't feel hungry or tired in the morning with the reminder of doing exercise or workouts
*It makes my mind so happy & energetic too.
Wish you all the very best!
Jo C.
I think you have two options. One is to get up earlier so you have time to eat, digest, and exercise. The other is to simply ignore your hunger and get on with the exercise. No one ever died by eating breakfast half an hour later, and I’m sure it will taste better after exercise.
Barry C.
Try using breakfast as a reward for working out. I don't have this particular problem but I once did. I wouldn't let myself make breakfast until my workout was complete. It's better to workout in the morning for weight loss while still fasted.
Mattie O.
This is indeed a thing I struggled with at the beginning but luckly I found a solution that works for me. I drink my morning water (warm or at room temperature) with the juice of half a lemon. By adding lemon I wake up my body and maintain its pH balance. Additionally it promotes digestion and gives me the boost I need to get on the yoga mat. If my exercise regime is more internse in the morning I eat a banana 15 min after I drink my water. If you have a sensitive stomach or any other issues better consult your physician first before starting to add lemon juice to your water. Hope this helps. Good luck 🤞🏻
Diane E.
For that very reason I do not work out in the mornings. It would be my preference to but I work out after work and eat a meal 2-3 hours prior so everything feels digested.
Gereon R.
I would wake up maybe a half an hour early and exercise first even though your hungry. If I eat first it makes me want to be sick if I exercise right after eating. If you exercise first thing it makes you feel super charged. It gives you a more optimistic feeling.
Maureen C.
Hello fabulous friend. I wake up at 5:00 am I drink a glass of water, wait 15 mins and then I eat half a banana. Just one banana can apport 89 calories, 22 carbohydrates and about 2.6 grams of fiber. This is sufficient to get you through a decent workout. I do HIIT (High intensity interval training) and then weight resistance at 6:00 am and my half of banana is enough to get me through. I’m also a MD (doctor of medicine), it helps me stay on target with my health. What do you eat for dinner at night time? At what time? Eating properly for dinner is also very important. Not too late though, we want time for digestion to occur before we lay in bed to rest, about two hours before to not disrupt sleep pattern. Just remember, eating too much before a workout deprives your muscles from the oxygen needed to fuel you through the workout because the majority of oxygen is being consumed by the stomach for digestion. Hope this helps. Best of wishes.
Soraya E.
I get up an hour earlier to exercise. I usually will exercise when I first get up out of bed and then I eat. The adjustment that I made was I exercise at night before I go to bed.
Connor J.
Try eating after the exercise, or choose as an exercise something that would feel good after breakfast such as a walk. It doesn’t have to be too strenuous. Personally I walk with our dog. The morning dog walk use to be my wife’s job but it fits now to my morning routine as an exercise – before or after breakfast. I have an aspiration to bake bread in the morning – and while it’s cooling after baking go out for a run. Then when I arrive back it’s ready to be the perfect slice 🙂
Oc Ane E.
I justg for it after glass of water with lemon without thinking about anything. Throw out your day plans, your breakfast etc. Just exercise. You will understand after how helpful itis.
Gabriel T.
I know exactly what you mean about being hungry when you wake up. I must eat!!! Lol. If I exercise on an empty stomach, I feel lightheaded. I would suggest to drink a glass of water first thing when you wake up, then have a piece of fruit like an apple or banana. You will be good to go to start exercising without feeling too full. If you wake up 15 minutes earlier, that might give you the time you need to eat a bit more after your workout if you are still hungry. I usually have oatbran and blueberries. Keeps me full all the way till lunch time rolls around.

I also am just starting to develop my exercise habit. I had to train myself to just get out of bed, drink water, eat and start exercising. The key for me is not to get distracted with anything else until these things are done. That’s been the biggest challenge and change for me but the most significant.

I hope my thoughts helped. Best of luck to you on your weight loss journey.😊

Hilda X.
I recommend you exercise without eating for a short period – day 10 minutes. Make this a habit and over weeks you will be more comfortable with doing longer periods.
Roger Y.
I suggest having a light snack that doesn't require much preparation as soon as you wake up. Like a fruit cup or yogurt. Then get your workout in and have a larger meal afterwards.
Colleen J.
That use to happen to me all of the time! And I have a short but sweet answer hehe… green smoothie, but mine is sugar or juice free so it won’t get you bloated anddddd it will give you insane amounts of energy! Here’s the recipe: half a green apple 🍏 6 dices of pineapple 🍍 1 celery stick (chopped) 1 lemon, 1 tsp of olive oil, half a garlic clove, around a slice of onion, a slice of beet, two leaf of lettuce 🥬 and into the blender! I call it the Green Bomb!! Full of energy my friend. Drink it, and have a cup of joe. And to the gym we go! Don’t make to much though, maybe half of everything I told you before for your stomach to get use to it.

Try it out! I bet it will work out for you hehe

Derrick P.
I normally give myself at least 30 minutes to digest before working out. Something as simple as 10 push ups can act as a workout. Also, you can do them at work as well. Anything that can give your heart a serious pump is the move.
Holly O.
I would try something light like a banana or yogurt. I usually find once I start moving I’m not as hungry as I thought I was. A banana you could even keep on your nightstand with your morning water. I’m still struggling with morning exercise and seem to do almost everything else in my morning routine first.
Perp Tuo Y.
I don’t think about it. It’s so ingrained in my habits that it’s not an option not to do it. It’s a rule. I do it everyday. It doesn’t have to be a huge Workout, maybe just a walk. But I never, ever regret that 30 minutes of just me time.
John X.
You could try eating something very small just to get enough energy to work out, then have your full meal when you get to work
Klaus Werner X.
Since most of my mornings are busy, i love the short work out routines. But I would love it more if there was a beginner exercise or an exercise specifically designed for improving strength, getting lean, etc. I miss the streching exercise that was here before. I hope they bring it back because that was very helpful especially for users like me who are new to exercise.
Randolf F.
I find because I get up so early I'm not hungry when I wake up at all its only when I sleep in late that I end up craving food.

I do have water and coffee before a work out, I think over time my body just adjusted to it.

Tracey U.
My recommendation would be to drink a bottle of water when you wake up! It’ll help give you the feeling of fullness to tide you over until after your exercise! The key would be to exercise before you give yourself the chance to avoid it!
Taciane Q.
Do some bodyweight exercises in your room as soon as you wake up. Start with bodyweight squats for 30 seconds, push ups for 30 seconds, alternative leg lunges for 30 seconds, plank for 30 seconds. Repeat these 4 times to torch those calories b4 brekkie & kickstarts your metabolism for the day. Hope that helps.
Deolindo E.
I had the same considerations and debate. What I think is ideal, at least for me, is to eat a delicious fruit, to create a foundation, and get out the door immediately- jump in the pool or go
Walter J.
I started small with just 15 pushups every morning to get me moving, and I used my hunger as a motivator to get it done fast. I think it also helps getting water first thing to get your organs hydrated and functioning, it might even help put off the hunger for a little bit
Lenny O.
I exercise before I eat for this very reason. Also any personal trainer will tell you to eat immensely after exercising, not before. Oftentimes when we feel hungry it's really dehydration. One of the first three things I do when I wake up is drink a big glass of water. That will take care of the hunger pains so you can exercise in the morning.
Elisabeth F.
Are used to have the same problem. A big glass of water and a hand full of nuts is what I now do when I get up. Gives my stomach enough to keep quiet! Then I can workout first, then have a larger breakfast afterwards.
Rosi X.
I do my physical activity first thing in the morning to make sure it gets done before my sonewhat unpredictable work obligations take over. Black coffee with some herbs usually lets me postpone eating until after my activity. This doesn’t work as well with heavy strength training but the strategy works well for me for hiking and other less intense activities. It ends up being for me a daily 16:8 fast:eating window which I find very sustainable for long periods. Best of success with your own experiments.
Victoria X.
(1) Eat a heavy meal at night so you’re not starving in the morning. (2) Drink a cup of water when you first wake up. This will shock your immune system and wake you up quickly. (3) Get out of bed and exercise in your bedroom. A 7 minute HIIT will do the trick, gulp down a protein shake while your cooking breakfast. If you think about it, making breakfast and recovering from breakfast is longer than your 7 minute exercise. (4) Self-reflect and ask yourself, are you really a morning workout person? What about the afternoon when you get home from work? It’s the best way to relieve some pent up energy from a tough work day. Add the exercise task to your afternoon routine and then delete it from your morning routine ☺️. Tasks should be based around your lifestyle.
Allison F.
I wake up around 8, eat around 8 30 and do the exercise around 10! You dont have to do everything so quickly! You are right, You should not exercise right after you take the breakfast!
Norma P.
Whenever I feel hungry before an exercise I just take a banana and eat this instead of a huge breakfast because I usually reward myself afterwards with that 🙂
Sara S.
There are a couple extremes that I've found useful in the morning.

Option 1 is hyper-efficiency machine. As Fabulous recommends, sleep in gym clothes, hop into workout shoes first thing, have a *light, ready-to-go breakfast* pre-prepped (think a tiny amount of lean protein), digest on the road during workout, enact stoic discipline, ignore pain, tear through workout and blast off to work.

Option 2 is slow boat. As background, I hate mornings and have never been a morning person. I realized that this is mostly because I'm afraid of the morning rush. So when I started working out I shifted my entire schedule to wake up 3 hours before work. I still found it important to run out of the house first thing to avoid inertia (no food!) but I knew I'd be back in 20 minutes (Fabulous Run for exercise) and then I could leisurely eat breakfast and relax.

I know it can be hard to exercise on an empty stomach but it sounds like you're defeating yourself with this nibble-and-digest routine. You could also opt for something like an energy chew to boost your blood sugar without being so big that you need to stop everything to digest it.

Good luck!

Quintino C.
Personally for me, I like to either drink coffee (which suppresses appetite), giving me energy to power through! If you must eat, I recommend waking up earlier to give yourself some extra time to digest.
Kaitlin E.
Start small like 5m work out, warm up or take a walk. There you got a kickstart for the day already.
Cardio exercises like walking is some proven light activities you can do before breakfast or morning hunger hits.
Wolfhard W.
If you're doing a big workout, maybe have a granola bar when you wake up to ease your hunger, do the workout, and then eat a bigger meal after. If you're doing a small workout each morning like I do, drinking water helps trick my stomach into thinking I'm full for a little while while I do the workout, and u eat breakfast after.
Micheal J.
I also feel very hungry as I wake up, what I do and would suggest is: consider getting up a little bit earlier, drink water in good amount and then wash your face, first things. Then exercise knowing that eating after that will be even better. Think about some reward. For me personally is coffee: I know it's not so good for you and I try not o have too much, so I see it as a reward for my effort when I feel so weak and I force myself. When I exercise at home I turn on the radio and open the curtains or turn on a soft light and do it. Sometimes just 10 minute, sometimes 30, it depends how early i have to go to work. Twice a week i go to yoga lessons and it' s a bit far from home so I do eat a little something before, anything just to have a little sugar, sometimes a little fruit but sometimes a cookie or a piece of chocolate, and after the lesson ( one hour) I have my rich and healty breakfast.
Xaver E.
You can opt for something lighter for breakfast that doesn’t take as long to digest. Or you could perform a shorter workout to same time (such as tabata). I stick with a short workout routine for the mornings, and focus more on things that will improve my posture for the day.
Duane P.
I’m just learning to exercise in the morning. I would have to get up at 4am to have time to do anything substantial so I do squats while I brush my teeth then I walk my dog. My dog is not going to wait to go out until after I eat so everything is always before breakfast. I take longer walks on the weekends and soon will start adding walks during breaks at work.
Lois Z.
I generally never overeat at any meal and always keep it low carb. That helps

But.. Maybe it’s just me but the moment I eat and top it off with a coffee or something plus vitamins I feel like I NEED to get going. If I don’t go out right away, I’ll fall asleep. So, maybe best to push yourself to go right away as soon as you finish breakfast. After a while you’ll get used to it

Kay U.
If possible, I like to wake up early! I go for a short walk after I eat, but if you feel you need time to digest then you should get up earlier and give yourself that time. Work may still be looming, but you now have extra time that you didn’t previously account for. If you can’t wake up early, perhaps do a short exercise like some push ups right before work and right after you feel you’ve digested.
Daniel G.
I make a cup of coffee using a Nespresso machine. The Nespresso machine is key because it is quick, so I can have the coffee shortly after I make it and get a quick caffeine boost to enter the workout. Otherwise, if I simply brewed coffee using a traditional coffee machine, I am tempted to go back to bed while it's brewing and then probably stay in bed
Christian G.
Try eating more protein rich foods at night so you don’t wKe up starving. Drink a full glass of water upon waking. Also try a small Pre-workout snack….100 calories or so. Almonds, granola, hard boiled eggs.
Richard U.
I do jumping jacks right before I even drink water. It is a good way to start the day. Then finish any workout you would like but 50 jumping jacks and 50 sit ups is very simple and does the job.
Mel Nia Z.
I think it’s just a question of creating an habit. Try to exercise for less minutes as soon as you wake up anyway (before having breakfast), then you can increase the length of the exercising session little by little. Your body will follow.

You can also eat dinner later in the evening!

Charlie Z.
I exercise with an empty stomach. I think I got used to it while practicing Ashtanga yoga, which recommends not to eat at least 2 hours before. Now, I couldn’t do it while digesting, I would feel heavy.
Ian Z.
instead of taking a vehicle to work you could walk. but maybe u should get up a lil earlier. maybe u could grab a smoothie instead of a full breakfast. u could still get some nutrients and it’s tasty.
Freja W.
In the morning I just do a quick 10 minute leg exercise (10 jump squats, 10 squats, 10 leg lifts on each leg, 10 hip raisers, and 10 leg lifts on all fours) or a quick 10 minute yoga exercise. Typically the activity doesn’t matter so as long as you feel you’ve exercised then you’re good. Find 10 minute wake up exercises on YouTube and stuff like that. I personally do those that I just listed because they help for circulation in the morning, which is the whole point of exercising in the morning.
Cameron E.
Get up earlier. I get up 5am, eat porridge and chocolate protein, meditate whilst digesting, then go to gym for an hour, shower and at work for 8.30am
Calvin P.
Getting up earlier and taking a walk around the block or something similar is the way that works for me. Also take public transport if you can. Walk to the train station or the bus stop. These things all help and leave you better off.
Nevaeh W.
What works for me is eating about a third of the entire breakfast first before exercising. This should be the protein dense part of your breakfast. After that, just keep the rest of your breakfast on the table and go exercising. I tend to do the 7 minute exercise that you can find in "make me fabulous" part of the app. After finishing your morning exercise, come back to eat the rest of your breakfast.
Lioba Y.
Sometimes I feel hungry right when I wake up too. I grab a granola bar and take just one bite to give me a taste of something good. But then I’m off exercising and I bring that granola bar with me. If I’m still hungry, I’ll keep taking little bites as I go, but I’m getting my exercise done too! Then, I’ll have my real breakfast when I’m finished.
Calvin U.
I understand, my stomach is always growling in the morning. After I wake up I eat, but only a tiny bit. I eat a cracker with peanut butter or half of a power bar. This way I’m neither full nor starving and I can do my workout.. And breakfast tastes so much better after a good workout
Greg W.
1) Drink a glass of water BEFORE you start working out as it'll act as a faux replacement for food and will help you push through the excercise
2) keep it light, no longer than 10 minutes. Working out without food is unhealthy.
3) make sure to eat a fulfilling breakfast no mattter the cost. You can slack off on lunch and dinner but breakfast is where you should pull all the stops to make it as delicious and nutritious as possible
Valdemar X.
I train with a protein shake combined with pre-workout. Training on fasted state has git benefits esp. if trying to lose body fat.
Yolanda S.
Dont forget to drink your water! Sounds like you may want to cut down on your breakfast size. Then excersize. Dont forget to celebrate. You can also save your extra breakfast for snacking till you eat lunch.
Bendita P.
The evening before have a snack with protein and low glycemic fruit. Maybe you won’t be so hungry in the morning.
If you are still hungry in the morning have a light breakfast such as a smoothie that you can drink at intervals. Start with light exercise like a moderate walk for 20 minutes or a good stretch.
Helmuth U.
I Just visualize my older self thanking me. It helps me to stay hungry a bit more, honestly about 5 or 10 minutes more. I keep my morning exercises short.
Benjamin A.
I would suggest you have a more filling dinner and then jalf an hour before going to bed, eat a small portion of nuts, an apple, something that is adjusted to your diet. That would help you to wake up less hungry. You can also have a small portion of nuts or fruit before you exercise and then eat a proper breakfast after. Hope this helps
Lillie J.
I walk my dogs for about 15 min around block. This helps me to get moving and I also observe others starting their day, look at nature, and try to live in those minutes as much as possible (almost like a little morning meditation) to help ground me that world around me is up and moving, wildlife included. Then I try to go back to house to get in some exercise time, squats at kitchen sink or even if just dancing while making breakfast for kids/getting ready for work.
Generosa Q.
Taking my child to school , a long walk is my exercise, no additional effort needed. You can take a daily routine to do as excersice.
L Gio P.
I find if I have a large drink of water and then a tea or coffee I am full enough to be able to exercise and do some chores before feeling ready for breakfast
Marinho Q.
I would suggest you to eat a banana every morning while you are getting ready for the excersise.Banana contains carbs and it will keep your energy level high.
Hans Wilhelm W.
I would suggest eating a piece of fruit or a handful of berries and maybe a spoonful of peanut butter to get your metabolism going and then going and doing your workout. You'll get a quick burst of energy from the fruit but it's light enough that you won't feel sluggish in your workout.
Another option is to make a protein shake with your favourite protein powder and take that along in addition to a water bottle wwhen you exercise. It will actually help you recover from strenuous workouts and provide protein without a solid meal sitting in your stomach!
Lton Z.
You could have a smaller meal before your exercise like a banana and some nuts which will make you satisfied and give you the right amount of energy.
If it doesn’t work for you I would suggest you to do something lesser demanding in the morning like going for a walk.
Altino Z.
Maybe you could try to drink a bottle of water right when you wake up and that will help to fill you in some way. Then do your morning exercise routine and eat breakfast afterwards.
Becky F.
Are you sure morning exercise is right for you? I, too, need to eat (and digest!) first thing in the morning; and with a workday that often begins at 5:45am, I don't reasonably have time to exercise first thing. What works for me is to do a series of stretches first thing in the morning — I stretch every limb before I get out of bed, and I do a quick Sun Salute yoga routine while my oatmeal cooks or my bread toasts. Then, I go in-depth with exercise later — on work days it means a powerwalk on my break, on days off it's a full-fledged routine of some kind. (Yoga and running are my favorites.) On workday evenings, I make sure I stretch again before bed — a full yoga routine if I have the time and energy, or a simple Mountain Pose if I don't. The IMPORTANT thing is to exercise and get moving in SOME way every day! (Though I will consider a Recovery Day as exercise if I had a week of heavy workouts — Recovery Days for me mean rest, and — you guessed it! — stretching.) Everyone is different and shines in different ways, at different times of day; so feel free to work with your body in coming up with your perfect exercise schedule!
Emmie P.
Maybe try having a juice and dribbling water until your full feeling or almost full feeling and then try your workout. Also maybe wake up earlier than you already are. It’s a great idea!
I might try it myself. Good luck!
Jill N.
It happened to me in the beginning but not anymore. I have been working out in the morning for 3 years now.
The key is understanding yourself, which you are doing that very well here. Understand the resistance that you are feeling. One, you are hungry, two, you think you need time to digest. Then the viscous cycle of work came in.

Step two is to try new ways. If you feel too full after the meal, eat less. One banana is enough to get the workout started. With that, you won’t need time to digest, the idea of work will not show up. Then you get out of the house as quickly as possible before your mind can start thinking. That was what I did. No brushing teeth, no clean up, workout clothes are ready in the night before. Keys, socks and everything I need are all on the table ready to grab and go. Don’t let your habitual mind kicks in.

Yes it is hard in the beginning. The second key is to keep improving, do not give up. It is way simpler than you think. First day, i didn’t even wake up. 2nd day, I woke up but didn’t go to gym. 3rd day I woke up, went to gym but didn’t workout because I was surfing Instagram with gym wifi. Fourth day I did only light workout, like 5 min threadmill. That continues for a week. Then I already know I can wake up and head to gym at that hour and get to work on time. That is an accomplishment (regardless the workout is only 5 min). Slowly I add more load to the workout. And it is not smooth sailing after that. I felt tired after heavy load, cannot concentrate at work. So I tweak again. Change the kind of workout. In summary, 1. Understand the reason your unconscious mind doesn’t feel like doing and come up with a new way to make it say yes. 2. Keep doing no. 1. Give yourself compliment everytime you overcome one reason not to go, like “okay, I can wake up at this hour” “okay, I’m confident I can finish this workout on time” “okay, this is easy for me now”. You will be surprised how fast you progress by doing so little a day.

Alma Y.
I have a kettlebell by the door way into my kitchen so before I even get breakfast I have a reminder of my goal. It's almost like I guilt myself into getting myself into a little workout before i eat. Perhaps having something there to get that short work out in may help..
Valerie U.
Hmmm, I guess what I would recommend is that when you get up you eat while you do some work and then after an hour of working take a break and do 30 minutes of exercise. This will invigorate your day!
Norah F.
What has been working for me is to get up a little bit earlier to squeeze in 15 minutes of exercise before breakfast. Then it’s easier to exercise progressively longer when I have established a good routine.
Lia Z.
I'd suggest starting your day with a big glass of water and then maybe a banana and some dry fruits. Bananas are always eaten before or after a work out session and they shouldn't make you feel all bloated and tired.
Try it out, I really hope it helps!

Just don't give up.

You're brilliant and motivated and you desire change and I'm sure you can do it.

Judith S.
Try to make a balance between not eating and eating to much. The problem may also be in whaat you eat. Search for healthy dieta you should eat right before doing exercise. Also, have some soft workout planned in those cases in which you feel the need to digest. Something like doing bicycle (if you have that) or lifting something with your arms. Maybe jogging
Karl Heinrich E.
I used to be the same so I was eating a banana right before the workout. Then I didn't have bananas couple of times so I just went to the gym hungry. But once started to exercise it's ok. I got used to it and now don't eat anything, but have a hearty breakfast after the workout
Lucy B.
I also find that I feel really hungry when I wake up. If I wake up and immediately do a small amount of exercise, like an 8 minute walk/jog or some light yoga, I can eat right after without being too bothered by hunger. However, everyone is different and some medical conditions may make it necessary to eat right away. In the case that you must have some food, a light snack with protein may help give the nutrition your body needs in order to exercise.
Atan Sio I.
I’m 14 so I go to school, and it’s also difficult for me to work out in the morning, but bc i have to leave at 6:30 which is pretty early so what I do is: do a 10 mins workout routine (a light one) some minutes after I wake up (when I’m fully awake) and then do my morning routine, or I work out at the evening. Just adjust it to ur day and ur routine. If it’s difficult for u to do it in the morning, do it in the afternoon or evening. Just do it
Cirlei Q.
Call these mornings as “Special Mornings”. You can just stretch for a bit rather than going for full fledged exercise. This will keep you on track. If It doesn’t then write down the date and the excuse you made to skip exercise today. Keep a check on your answers each day . You will understand this laziness is a simple mood that can be controlled with better focus on our objectives. Drive your feelings and don’t let them drive you.
Sebastian W.
Wake up, eat a sweet apple and maybe a few peanuts, then exercise. Eat your full breakfast after exercising. Do this for a month to give your body time to adjust.
Elzira Q.
I changed what I ate, I do eat porridge when it's cold, but normally I eat mussili and maybe have a smaller bowl do some exercise then eat fruit after and nuts afterwards.
Felix O.
Drink a lot of water and take a light breakfast like a banana and just go outside for a walk. When you're back, eat what you need.
D Rio Y.
I try to do like a really short exercise routine say 5-10minutes. If I plan a really heavy workout like a 30-minute routine I get tired just thinking about it. Maybe if I make small victories and I get that habit going I can aim for longer exercise time in the near future.
Victor X.
I prefer to do it first, that's my focus and stick to the plan. Because I want to form it as a habit. And it's good to do it first that made you energized for the day.
Tinita Z.
Put on some motivational music when you get out of bed. Something that makes you want to dance. It might distract your brain from food.
Raymond J.
I work my exercise into whatever i'm doing that day…I go for a run while my daughter has dance classes. I go swimming when my daughters go to swim class. I run at lunch when I work from home. I bring clothes to work and run at the track nearby.
Yolanda Z.
Why so hungry in the morni? Did you eat dinner the night before? Try a little bit of banana and some warm water. Put the exercise gear next to your bed so you have everything you need when you get up. Stretch, brush your teerh, put on the gear and get outside!
Rebecca M.
I’m not much help here because I never wake up hungry. If I eat too soon after waking, I get really nauseous. It’s about 2 hours after I’m up before I get hungry. Best of luck to you.
Maiara F.
I drink a big glass of water when I wake up and this it makes my hunger to be minimized. I have get used to feel a little bit of hunger in the morning. We don't have to be affraid of hunger. It is a natural state. Sometimes I drink a black coffee too…and after I start running. I eat after 1-2 hours from finishing the exercise. I don't eat right away because I want the fat to be burned.
Jen S.
Light breakfast then a few morning chores (make bed, unload dishwasher) while food settles. Then a short exercise video on you tube gets me going and feeling good and I’ll often do another short session in the afternoon.
Adrian C.
You could try having a protein shake, you shouldn’t need much time if any for your gut to settle. Then do your exercise and have your breakfast afterwards.
Tiffany T.
Hi there! I also took a bit to figure this out. I must say, people’s stomachs can be different so what works for me might not work for you. That being said, I’ve found if I eat an apple or banana (possibly with some sort of nut butter if I’m feeling like my stomach can handle it), that’s usually a small thing that’s pretty easy on my stomach and I can actually go running right after that and be fine usually. Also, I might try to drink water and then eat my tiny pre-exercise snack ASAP before I do other things like getting dressed or whatever else you do before exercising. That way you’re giving yourself as much time to process the snack before running as possible without actually delaying your run. Additionally, the snack doesn’t necessarily replace breakfast for me. I often feel hungry after I finish my exercise and whatever else I do in my morning routine and so I’ll eat a small second breakfast.
Theresa Q.
Eat a little later the night before-have a little protein right before bed. Lay clothes out the night before. If you wake and still hungry grab a protein bar or shake to eat on the way out the door or to the gym. I tend to use food sometimes as an excuse to not workout, or sometimes I think I NEED to eat more because I Am working out—both are lies and distractions don’t give in.
Amelia U.
For me, exercise is 2nd to sleep, I need sleep or I don’t function. So exercise is fit it in when I can at any time of day as long as I hit my goal, I’m happy, my body will be happy, life is good.
Heinz G Nter T.
I always eat something before my workout, otherwise, the body starts to burn the muscle because it needs something where to get energy. I drink a shake of protein and oatmeal right after I wake up, then I get ready so my body can digest the shake. Then I’m ready to workout. Once I’ve done my workout I do my breakfast.
Carl Z.
This is my own question lol… I still haven’t really figured this out but I’ve gotten better. 20 mins of yoga seems to be the right thing
Ethan Q.
I enjoy walking first thing in the morning and you can do this too, just take a portable breakfast with you, such as a bagal, banana, cereal or protein bar, hard boiled eggs or a milkshake or protein shake. That way you get to do both and will feel great for achieving your goal 😊🙏🏻 you can do anything you truly want to do! Believe you can and you will! Sending love to you xxxx
Astrid B.
Eat a light breakfast and I walk on my machine for 8 min. If you don't have a machine try stairs or around your house even. Walking helps with digestion and usually won't make people sick because of exercise just after eating
Tracey J.
It’s the same for all the habits, I’m starting from something easy to do and 2-3 weeks enjoying it a lot, but then, in one day, it’s not something tough to do, I’m just forgetting to do, like it never existed in my life. We can’t live with apps forever, creating habit means switch on some inner reminder. Do you have some trick for reminding, or a process of moving from app to your own memory?
Marietta T.
I drink a glass of water first thing in the morning which curbs any hunger pains, long enough to get my exercise done. I’ve also discovered I eat less and have more energy when I do exercise. One day last week I only put half the energy and time into my exercise routine but still ate the same breakfast – I was dragging all day and ate more to try to keep going. When I started exercising I did the one minute routine in Fabulous. Can you wait one minute to exercise before eating?
Bruce J.
Maybe you can switch up to other lighter breakfast items that won’t make you feel like you have to take extra time to digest. Before going to the gym in the morning I usually have coffee plus something small like some fruit plus a protein source like a hard-boiled egg or some Greek yogurt. You can try a few options and come up with some combinations that agree with you.
Julie J.
Maybe split your exercise so you do a bit in the morning and some later in the day. Are you a night person? Maybe do the harder part of your routine in the evening when you are at your peak. But do some in the morning to start your day off right and soon you may enjoy it!
Melissa E.
Rey reducing what you eat to a snack, and don't forget sometimes thirst feels like hunger. Make sure you drink water. If that doesn't work perhaps you need to rearrange your schedule to work out later.
Hope this helps.
Stanley F.
Why are you so hungry every morning? Have you always been hungry in the morning? I have recently retired so my mornings are free. I do not exercise first thing because my husband and I use that time to sit and drink coffee. We then eat breakfast. I have set aside 9:00 as my time to exercise. What I have chosen to do is tai chi which is not really strenuous. Maybe doing stretches in the am and find a time later to do whatever exercise you would enjoy.
Tommy F.
Before you workout you should consume a small amount of protein, and if you want to you can include a slow-digesting, complex carb. For example, a single hard boiled egg will sustain you and not need to digest. Another option is a whey protein shake which you can sip as you workout and this will also help maintain your energy levels. If you are waking up hungry that means that you’re not consuming enough protein (1 gram per pound of body weight). You may also be consuming far too many carbs. Use apps like MyFitnessPal to track your daily nutrition and make sure you are consuming adequate protein. (macronutrient ratios should be 40% protein, 20% fat, 40% carbs for a beginner)
Monica C.
I am exactly the same! Im never ready to exercise at home. But on my college days, I have to take bus in. So i just get off several bus stops earlier and walk the rest. Don't beat yourself up, start small. If you work from home, is there a shop not too close? Go pick up milk for your coffee or newspapers first thing in the morning. If you drive to work, park a bit further from your usual spot. If, like me, you have to take bus, get off couple of stops earlier and walk the rest.
Laureano A.
I split the breakfast in two. Before excercise you should eat carbs which give you energy and are easy to digest, like fruits and cereal, I usually eat this before getting prepared for the gym, so my stomach can have some time to process. After excercise I eat my protein, like eggs, bacon or vegetables. It works really good for me. Protein before gym doesn’t help with energy or digestion. I hope it helps.
Daniel Z.
How do you deal with staying with, and further developing, an exercise habit when you get sick (say, having a cold and a soar throat) and can't exercise? I find it very easy to slip out of the routine and having to start over.
Anita Y.
Is this because you eat too much in the morning or your breakfast is too rich?
Regarding exercise I am not consistent but sometimes when I don't feel like it I try light exercise like doing some squats or abdominal exercises. I don't like doing the same thing over and over so that's why I find it hard to stick to exercising. So I try to find different ways to exercise.