Is eight minutes enough?

Fuwuffu A.
Of course! Any amount of time you have free to exercise is enough, whether it's a one minute heart rate increasing cardio workout daily, or 30 minutes slow stretches. Starting small with short bursts of activity is a great way to build up to bigger periods of activity as well!
Ashee F.
Yes, eight minutes of exercise is enough. Do what feels right for your body, even these eight minutes are small steps towards a big change, as you get more proficient, increase the time or intensity of your routine. Good luck šŸ€
Lenita P.
I'm not sure what you mean 8 minutes of but I'm assuming it's exercise- sorry if I get this wrong! If it is exercise, then yes, absoloutly 8 minutes is enough! You can do as long or as little exercise as you want! So long as your getting your exercise in! Again, sorry if I got this wrong!
Kayla Z.
Not sure the question but it depends on what the 8 minutes is referencing
But I would say no I need more than 8 minutes