How can I reduce my anxiety/self-awareness while exercising?

Mason J.
I do yoga daily which absolutely brings awareness – reconfirming with myself that I am in charge helps relinquish anxiety

Keshav X.
It's best for you to first let your absorb the feelings you are experiencing,it may be sadness,anger, anxiety whatever it may be , it's ultimately an feeling, it's who we are, that get the choice to give the feeling a meaning.i think ,rather than beginning excercise by doing something physically,just sit ,let your body relax and let the feelings that may the surroundings arouse mingle with what's on your mind ,simply being more vulnerable to the experiences of excercising , that's why i think it's great to excercise where u can let yourself be.also i do think that including music,others etc. is not always a great choice,cause things u indulge in would require your attention,and the more wider the range of such things to pay attention to becomes ,the more difficult it is to get in flow with your excercise, that's why , it's maybe better to allow yourself to feel the tiredness, exhaustion,hype you may be feeling while excercising,cause i think ,the more you try to avoid the feelings you have at the moment,the more anxious ness they may give your when u recall them later on .so take a place where u can be yourself,take time to just absorb whatever you may be feeling,and try to get into the flow of excercising,by keeping the attention on it ,you would notice that in the start ,you may be anxious,but as u continue with excercise and start enjoying it ,you may start to feel positive,and i think that's what the main benefit of excercise is ,to let yourself be and then grow yourself as person.