What is your go-to morning exercise routine?

Ricardo E.
My go-to morning exercise routine is at 6 a.m., I wake up, make myself a little snack, exercise for 10 minutes atleast, shower, brush my teeth, and DRINK WATER! No matter what happens, you must drink water! For you, I recommended switching things up, like maybe wake up at 7 or brush your teeth then make a snack. Make a routine that is suitable for yourself, not something someone else is doing. Make a routine that helps with YOUR personal life, and nothing else. I believe in you! Take care of yourself <3
Meszes E.
I stick with the 5 push-ups for the bare minimum, but when I can I do a 7 minute HIIT workout, there's some in the app when you open the routines, but I use an app called Seven.