I need to get motivated again. I’m not sure how?

Guy E.
Sometimes I regain my motivation simply by taking a step back and observing the simple details of day-to-day life, for example looking into the sunrise even if you know it's going to be a cloudy day. Also, looking into memories sometimes helps (photos, past achievements etc)
Vincent P.
Choosing a consistent time and place seems to be good. BUT if that doesn’t work, don’t give up. You can sneak in a short yoga video anywhere, anytime. One favorite I just discovered is a 13-minute video from Brett Larkin, Kundalini Morning Routine for Women.
Tomothy Y.
Depends what you want to get motivated to do depending what the goals is. I suggest starting small with small tasks that will lead up to completing the big goal. Do those tasks for a while until they are habit then do more. I also find having an app like Fabulous or a goal planner in a journal is motivating because you really want to be able to tick it off and say yes i did it.