I hate exercise, how do I find the motivation to get out and do it? I know it’s important but the thought of having to exercise for the rest of my life is depressing.

Ramon Z.
Hi. Have you thought about walking? Or even weight training?
Odd thing to say I know, but I think they are great for people like yourself (I used to be exactly like you, hated the thought of sweating, hard work or even people looking at me)
You can walk to the shops, park further away from work or shops, visit a friend etc.
Go for a walk with a friend so you can catch up and enjoy it at the same time.

I use videos off you tube and use a app called hasfit.
They have all sorts of workouts and beginners programs.
It's a husband and wife team, they do workouts together in which the husband does the normal routine and the wife does the easier version. She will use water bottles as the weights and do easier modifications.
The videos range from 15mins to an hour.
Trust me when I say it takes some will power to get started but after a week or two, you will start to feel it and enjoy it.

Record what you do so you can look back on what you have done. Even 15 minutes is worth being proud off!

Good luck and have fun.

Lucas C.
Set small goals at first any sort of exercise can be intimidating try and increase your goals as your enthusiasm builds.

Johnni N.
I make it as easy as possible to start, I have my yoga mat out and sleep in my stretchy pants so I’m ready to go as soon as I wake up. It helps me to ask myself how I feel when I wake up. I usually feel tired, achy, and sometimes grumpy. All of those things are solved by gentle yoga!

Sebastian F.
I recommend going with somebody. They can encourage you and make the experience fun, so that the thought of going for the rest of your life isn’t depressing. You may find spending time with someone else will make you look forward to it!

Angela U.
I enjoy it. What it does for the soul, mind and spirit is phenomenal.

Running especially, allows you to view places like almost nothing else.

I look forward to this mindfulness and adventure for the rest of my life.

Wendelin F.
I found a positive and supportive friend to be an accountability partner and a gym we both liked to help start the process. Though visualizing the future and my ideal self both physically and mentally when I am 70 had become a huge motivator all on its own.

Vincent S.
oooh, i feel you bro/sis. i don’t have any motivation, i actually started doing a tiny little workout with this app. i wanna get in shape, and get back to yoga, it made me feel so much better and healthier and less anxious, i just didn’t know how to start. i’m way too lazy… but once you make the first step, you’ll find that making another is not that hard. and another, and another, and another… you’ll find yourself having fun and feeling gorgeous in no time 😉

Nathaniel C.
Find a way to motivate you to do that. For example, your job needs a good brain so, you need to do some exercise every morning ❤.. Be Bausitive ❤🌍

Bernward A.
Im a bit the same. For me what helps is doing 'real things' like swimming, playing a sport rather than the gym or repetitive excercises. Somehow there is a more important more fun goal of getting technically better, that's worth a sit up or two 😉

Joris T.
I do it as soon as I wake up, while I'm still half asleep. Just ten jumping Jacks, I say, or whatever, so if I truly hate it I can stop, but normally I do a whole five or eight min workout right away while the coffee brews, because I'm not awake enough to hate it. Podcasts/audio books help too.

Tobias U.
Multitask. Listen to music while going for a 20 minute scenic walk. Do something you enjoy and incorporate it into a walk or exercise routine.

Armand T.
I like to think about all of the benefits of exercising. Decrease risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, improved mood, likelihood of living longer—all of these benefits help me to make the choice to move. Also, maybe try to experiment with all the different kinds of exercise! Dancing to pop music, walking, cleaning the house, and kayaking are all forms of exercise that will get your heart rate up!

Marius Z.
Start with something short, like the seven minute work out or go for a run. It’s all about starting your workout. I promise it will make you feel good once you accomplish it!

Jerry T.
Try more different exercises, pick the one that is easy for u. Stroll, cycling, hiking, skating, skiing, surfing, table tennis, tennis, yoga, weight lifting, SUP blablabla and so on.
To start exercising, u could even start with do 1 squat, walk 10mins, just start small, so small that it won't give u any stress, and once u complete it, even it's soooo small, it's still a small win, reward yourself, and be proud of yourself!

Sabino Y.
I too lack the motivation to exercise! Start with just little things like parking the car a little further away in the parking lot. Go window shopping at a mall. Do stretching. March during tv commercials (just gave myself an idea). Little things add up! Good luck!

Marcus C.
I FEEL YOU! I differ a little in that I don’t hate exercise, I used to be so motivated to go every day, but I lost that motivation and fell off the wagon. I’m currently trying to get back to how I was and some days I just don’t want to move but what gets me going is defaulting to a walk. If I don’t want to lift or do yoga or run or swim, I at least have to go for a walk. That is managable because motivation will not always come through for you, it’s impossible to rely on motivation to be there to get you out the door everyday. Routine and habit will, however. I havemade the habit of bear minimum, going for a walk, and I usually make it fun. Like I walk to a shop or for a coffee. Your daily exercise doesn’t have to be a big dedicated workout, it could just be walking to do errands and that’s just fine.

Alberte P.
I would simply look at it this way; nothing great comes without constant work and effort. And isn’t it more depressing to look at yourself in the mirror each day and not be happy with how you look or feel; not to mention the potential health risks we expose ourselves to when we don’t keep active and healthy. The benefits of exercising garb outweigh that of not bothering to do so; especially as we get older. When you can truthfully answer that question of yourself, I think the option to exercise seems like a much better option.

Tilde C.
I don't know if you like video games or Pokemon at all, but I've turned exercise into a fun activity I look forward to every day by using the Pokemon GO to encourage me to walk! It gives me something to do, so it doesn't feel like a chore.

If you remember Pokemon GO (Yes, people still play that), I have been going out and walking around town or the mall and playing it every day for at least an hour. I've been doing this for about a year, and I've managed to build up my stamina slowly and lose a few pounds!

At first it was slow and kind of tough, but now its getting quicker and its a lot more fun!

Hope this is a helpful suggestion!

Anna Y.
Do you like to dance? Dance is an exercise. Maybe every day when you get up from bed you dance a little to celebrate your life. Or during a TV show. During the intro to the show you do some sort of exercise.

Brian Q.
You don't have to convince yourself to do it all. You just have to promise yourself that you'll lace up your shoes and run for five minutes. Once you've done that, acknowledge reaching your goal! The motivation will encourage you to keep doing it.

Lucille T.
Don't look for motivation, look for something fun to do during exercise like skipping or playing badminton. FUN is the keyword here. And maybe change the word exercise to play, it makes more sense.

Nathan F.
I hate exercising too, in gyms actually, grabbing my running shoes and going for a run is not as bad. I'd say you should grab a friend and try a few different sports. I'm sure you will find something you like cause there really are a lot of different things to do. After a while I decided swimming for an hour wasn't as bad as running for half an hour so there! Good luck! You got this!

Jonas Y.
I think what would help the most is knowing that "exercise" comes in many forms! You don't have to be doing something you see athletes do to be doing exercise. Walking the dog, cleaning the house, and gardening are all things that are physically active. The most important thing is to move – the rest of it is up to you to figure out what makes you happy and won't leave you dreading the future!

Herbert P.
not again, now i cannot wait for sunday and every weekdays morning at least i do light exercise such as walking down the stairs

Fiona Q.
Exercising in an environment you like is a good start! Do you like forests? City scapes? Neighborhoods? I find that walking or jogging in an environment that I find peaceful and inspirational is very helpful. Another things that helps me to pass the time while I’m running is listening to pod casts I like! I tell myself to walk/jog the duration of the podcast and that also really helps. Apps that have running programs that tell you when to walk, when to run, and when to sprint help too 🙂

Fernando U.
It might seem depressing thinking about it, but once you start doing it you'll be amazed at how good it makes you feel. Most of us have negative feelings towards it because of P.E or Gym at school but find an exercise that works for you. Yoga, dancing in your room, walking. It doesn't have to be hard core gym exercising.

Isabella Z.
Don’t force yourself to do exercise you don’t like, Find something you actually like doing and make it social… try dancing, or walking, or hiking or some kind of class. I find social pressure is a huge motivator for getting out the door. I hate the gym, but like being outside. I make sure everything I do is outside and I never hit the gym.

Karl Georg X.
I don’t really hate it I think I start enjoying my sessions it’s just it’s always not that easy to keep up but this time give up is not in my vocabulary laugh 😂

Heinz Q.
Well, you don't have to. Go dancing with a friend or join some group who walks around like sight-seeing or something. This can be a start. Zumba is usually cool thing to try.

Elmer Y.
Well, first start out small. Do something easy like 5 push-ups a day. This will slowly but surely increase your strength. As that exercise then becomes easier you could then either increase the number of push-ups you do or add another small exercise such as 10 jumping jacks. Continue to add small exercises to you routine as your exercises become easier. The idea of having to exercise may seem awful now but as you continue on with your journey it may just become something you enjoy doing daily. Will the journey be hard? Yes, it will be extremely difficult. But can you do it? Absolutely!

Filippa Z.
I like to find exercises that are fun and different. I don’t do the same thing everyday. There are dance workouts and classes at the gym that are fun and you still get a workout. I try to switch it up each time.

Jim T.
Motivation is good for the short term but it ultimately comes down to discipline. Now this doesn't mean being hard on your self or punishment or anything! It just means following through with what you resolve to do. It's best if you start small with exercise. Do you like going for a walk? Do that! Do you like playing physical video games? Do that! It doesn't have to be anything grand and it certainly doesn't have to be something you hate to do. In fact, if you enjoy the activity you're more likely to stick to it.

Emily P.
You dont have to run or go to gym. Just findl something, that annoyes you most less. For me its sterching and biking. If you implement them in your daily life, than it is not A workout but just life style. It gets effortless.

Valgi Q.
Try to use other words and framing to avoid negativity: "For the new me, moving is important. I can choose any solution, even a different one every day. Walking with my dog, travel by my bicycle or cleaning up the whole apartment – all of these matter, not just running or exercising. My freedom, my creativity, my new healthy life. "

Marius W.
I have money issue to go for fitness club. So I quit 2 months ago. Now I constantly workout once or twice a week. Do stretches in the morning. The idea of workout my whole life is wonderful

Marcus A.
First, your life depends on it. If that doesn't mean anything to you, then go get help.
But, all you need to do is one thing each day. Select something you are familiar with or that interests you.
Example: pushup.
Swear to yourself that you will get in a pushup position at 7am each day and count to ten.
The idea is to to make it so simple that you can't help but succeed, not that it will challenge you, but that you create a habit.
After three days of proving to yourself that you can win at a goal that you set, however small. Consistency is more important that what you do.
After three days, add one pushup.
I bet you can't do just one pushup for 7 days in a row at 7am without trying for 2…
Pick something that means anything to you.

Flor Ncia A.
I try to not think too far ahead, just for the day. I tell myself just 10 minutes of something for the day. Most of the time once I get going I want to keep going. But 10 minutes is okay too. Sometimes it's dancing in my apartment or just going for a little walk.

Albert P.
Find something you enjoy doing! It doesn't have to be grueling or boring. Morning bike rides or walks (with a friend is even better) are fun and even relaxing. The days I don't do that, I only do about 8 minutes of strength training (abwork, leg lifts, squats…) and after about a week I started to enjoy the feeling of strength it gives me, and I don't really feel like I have to do more.

Filippa E.
I like to find the joy in the moment. Maybe I don’t physically love what I’m doing, but when I feel like I’m accomplishing things, especially difficult things, it brings me joy to know I am capable of getting it done. Sometimes, when I can’t find the joy, it’s enough for me to know that my discomfort won’t last forever, and that’s I’ll feel better afterwards having gotten through it.

Celina E.
What I did to start exercising was think about why I wanted to. I recently decided that I was going to do cross country as a sport and decided I needed to get in shape, so that’s my reason. Find your reason and then find a good app or gym to start. I use an app because I’m constantly busy and it’s easier and faster(the app is called FitOn) You can start with 10 minute workouts and work your way up. Another way I started was to plan ahead of time what I’m going to do, and when. This faves me something to look forward to and helped a lot. Good luck, I know you can do it!

Kasper W.
It’s about finding things that are fun for you and starting small. Start by just doing short walks or going to a kickboxing class you’ve always wanted to try. There are also a lot of resources online for short yoga flows or Pilates classes! When you experiment and find what works for you, it allows you to find something you want to do, and not something you dread! Start where you are, do what you can!

Xico Y.
It sounds cliche, but you just have to get started. The desire to exercise and the ease to get up and do so is like a snowball effect. The more you do it, the bigger the desire gets to continue on the journey. Good motivation would be to start out with small goals and work your way up. Reward yourself along the way. Applaud yourself for taking a 15 minute walk. The following day, make it 20. It can also help to give yourself a goal date. Perhaps you are in a wedding or have a work function that you want to look good for in the future. Make a promise with yourself to exercise and look good by that date. Once you get into the rhythm and see how it has paid off, you will continue to exercise.

Irmhild F.
It’s your body and bodies need to move to keep strong and well. Find something —really anything — that you enjoy that involves moving. I don’t want to suggest anything in particular because your statement of negativity was strong, and so you will need to turn that around from inside. You are your own person and need to find out what that love or enjoyment would be for yourself.

Darren U.
It would help to keep the exercise easy at first. My motivation (it would be different for you based on your value system) is to have a healthy mind, and I see the exercise as a ticket for that day to have a calm and peaceful mind. Just for that day – tomorrow i gotta do it again to save the new day

Lise Z.
Well the hardest thing is to start. The first week really is depressing. You just need to keep going. May be easier if you do things you love doing, like riding your bike, dancing, swimming, hiking, climbing, playing basketball, football… Whatever you love. Also it is great if you have a goal, like lose weight, gain stamina, get better abs…This helps a lot. Just have real expectations. Know that you can't achieve it in a week. Not even a month. It takes time. After you get the exercise done, treat yourself with a healthy snack, a bath tub, or something that makes you feel good. After a month of everyday exercise it will get easier. After a couple of months, it will become a routine.
I had some problems with energy level/mood. I changed my diet and abandoned some bad habits, and it got easier. But do this in small steps. Don't do it all at once. If you don't like exercising now, start with healthy meals and walks in the park or in the woods. Connect with nature, clear your mind. Read a book about personal growth. This all helps. Pick a good habit, do it for a week or two. Then add another good habit to your day. As i said. The hardest thing is to start. Then every day is easier. I believe in you!

Lucien E.
Start small, a minute a day, at home. Increase progressively and think of what you will obtain in return, health, saving money for not going to the hospital, longevity to enjoy your life, the ability to go places, independence…

Georg U.
You have to start small. Even 5 min stretching is better than nothing. Set a reminder the previous night on your phone. Bookmark your favourite YouTube workout video so you can get straight into it in the morning. Don’t focus long term, focus on baby steps every day. Little victories

Louane O.
If you keep telling yourself that you dont like exercise, your concreting in your mind that you wont do it. What id suggest is starting small and do more exercise gradually. This way your not pushing yourself till your tired and youll gradually get better. I personally find exercising as a form of meditation, using all my focus.

Roy O.
Don't think about it that way. Try to think of exercise as an enjoyable activity that you get to do instead of having to. If that feels fake, don't worry about it and keep at it. Eventually you'll believe it.

Also, take a look at the intensity of the exercise you are doing because you may just be pushing yourself too hard. You may even want to look at other options for exercise. I enjoy running but someone else might hate it and would rather swim.

Frederic O.
Exercise is something that only sucks when you start. I won’t lie to you, it’ll be unfun initially. But soon the positive effects that come from it will spill over into other aspects of your life. Exercise is something that, once adopted, leads to more positive changes in your life. It’s foundational and the perfect place to build from.

If I could offer a suggestion, I’d say just do a minimal amount to get started. Do 1 push up or do 1 jumping jack every day. Then after a week add another to the day. After a month you’ll be at 4 a day. After two you’ll be at 8 a day. After a year you’ll be at 52 a day. If I told you to do 52 jumping jacks today you wouldn’t do it, or you may and then you wouldn’t want to tomorrow. Building a fundamental habit towards exercising is more important than actually exercising a lot.

Take baby steps and let the improvements come to you gradually over time. You’ve got this!

Kasper U.
I feel the same way sometimes. Once I get started I find myself enjoying it. Music is the key for me and mixing up the type of exercise. Doing the same workout every day is boring.
Being creative is inspiring!

Naja W.
The rest of your life is going to be boring if your considerations and actions are for your own health and life? Think about it while you do your breathing.

Victoria N.
My heart goes out to you. When I have to do something that I don’t want to do, I start small, like crazy small- a minute at first. And I reward myself for doing a hard thing. Then, when you have a pattern going, you can increase the time, slowly. Also, look for pleasure in your chosen activity. Exercise doesn’t have to suck. It can feel good just to move, or stretch, or dance, or swim. Find the pleasure, and then you will start to look forward to it. I’m sending you good wishes!

Horst U.
Hello there!

I know it can be a daunting task to do first in the morning.

I've experienced that too! However, one small tip I can give to you is to START SMALL.

Don't think like I will go for a walk half an hour, or 15 minutes, starts with just 5 minutes! Hate to go outside? Don't worry! You can just choose to do push-ups 5 times or even a little stretching could do. What's important is you must have the feelings of accomplishment when you do something. And trust me, even if you start your exercise small, it's still an accomplishment worth to celebrate for!

So, start small, start with things that's most easy to do.

You can do it!

Micael T.
The motivation for me is to be pain free. My body is under stress due to being overweight and from all the other health problems that I had this past year. I dont like being sick. It's always good to start small. Dance in your livingroom or bedroom for maybe 15 minutes. Let it be a little dance party for yourself celebrating that you are awesome and that you totally got this! Go for a little walk around the yard then neighborhood or complex. Where ever you may live. Small steps are best. You don't have to start off at the gym. Try small routines like 20 situps or 15 push ups but remember to listen to your body. Dont over do it and hurt yourself. Moderation and consistency is key. Find something you like and do it!

Travis C.
Cming from my part, it's hard to relate, I love exercising but I never found time to do it.

Every day we can exercise, by doing what we love most.
Take a long walk when going to do your shopping.
Join a dance class or simply do some stretches when you get out of bed.

Secondly, don't plan to do more than you can cope with. Life is very busy and things will get in the way and make you tired , that's why you should always start small. Run for 5 minutes or do 5 minutes stretches, start with a short workout, and once you incorporate that into your routine, it will cone naturally.

You have to prioritize it. Leave a 5 minute slot in your day to do some sort of exercise, if you don't treat it as something valuable, you will not commit.

Don't forget, exercise is great, but hydration and good nutrition go hand in hand so! Be happy be healthy and don't give up!

Matthieu Y.
I wish I had that magic answer myself. At the moment I’m just about starting small by setting a regular habit. 10 Once if feels natural I will start increasing duration and intensity min yoga every morning and 5 min stretched at night,

Elias Y.
This is when I listen to music. The only time I can just listen to whatever I want. On days I don’t want to go this makes it better.
Find something you like to do. A sport. Roller skating. Swimming. So many fun active things to do . Find something and do that.

Caleb W.
You need to look at it as part of your everyday routine. I wasn’t thrilled about doing exercises every day either. But now I look forward to it every morning with Fabulous. The music, the goals reached and the celebrating are so rewarding!

Kimberly C.
You need to think of it as investing in yourself and your own health. You brush your teeth, not because it is fun, but because they need to be brushed. You need to exersize because your body needs you to. Try walking around your block every morning before coffee.

Helen P.
I am new as well and thought the same thing when i started but then i realised that i dont have to suddenly start doing 2 hours a day and be amazing at it . I started by doing 8 min every time i was free not nesseserily every day i told my self i had to do it and pushed laziness aside. After a while i felt good after each session and started extending the length of my sessions
Remember start small and choose healthy e.g take the stairs and walk to work instead of driving ( if you live far then park your car 5min away from work and walk from there) a step counter may help. Im no time you will start enjoying yourself and feeling good

Cory E.
You can try a low intensity exercise like yoga (which is not only a valid physical activity but will also make you feel more relaxed). Or you could try incorporating physical activity in your day to day life. A 20 minute walk to the bus stop is routine for me, just for example. I make that walk brisk and I have my morning exercise session sorted.