Do you have a favorite exercise tool or app?

Rachel E.
Google fit works fine for me if you want to track your steps and calories burnt and for exercises you can do some simple ones you don't really need an app. Dancing is also a good way to exercise or as usual go to the gym
Mylan Y.
I have build over time my exercise tool Kit. I have reference materials saved from my PT sessions, on tiktok, on pinterest and in books. I have a basket and a shelf in my room that hold my mat, blocks, straps and weights. I have carved out a space where I can comfortably exercise adjacent to a large window for natural light. I enjoy different lighting when I exercise or meditate at different times of day. I also have a sound chamber I really like that subtly fills the space with my favorite playlists while I exercise. I have collected and crafted all of this over the last 5-10 years and it reflects me in a way that feels accessible and positive and not like work.